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Where's the option for more relevant questions?


This is a bit of a strange place to voice an IRC concern, but I've told people to limit it. #trivia is an existing channel where the bot is setup, so people can use it if they want to play. Also, there's a superior bot with Jeopardy questions called Trebek, but the guy who briefly visited #qa a few months ago with it has been gone since then. It uses "ruby" or some other language and you have to run it yourself, so it'd be up to some programmer guy here to use it.


I'm not sure I "enjoy" it, but I don't think that necessarily warrants wanting it to be banned either. I just set myself to away so I stop getting alerts, so it doesn't really bother me that much.


File:[deanzel] Angel Beats! - 0….jpg (218.5 KB,1920x1080)

I don't see the problem with it, it's not like it affects sageru #qa....


I vote for not caring and using sageru as the alternative


thought that channel was dead


both have been very active lately for some reason


yes....for "some raison".....lole.....


why did you think that?


I'm not sure if I'm thinking about the right channel, but if it's #qa on rizon iirc the last time I checked it wasn't in the list. it was a while ago though, like two years ago


If you meant by using the /list command, the channel was set to private for quite a long time for a while. This was because there were some spammers who would come in to any channel that showed up there with a certain amount of users.

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