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Just a quick poll so I don't have to make a thread on /b/ to kvetch, you guys play tabletop games?
If so, what systems do you play?


I'm very interested in tabletop rpgs but have limited experience with them. I've dont a handful of sessions, mostly dnd and 2 sessions of gangbusters.


File:[crossover][group][artist-….jpg (444.92 KB,600x1257)

Oh and as OP, I suck cocks and I play GURPS because I have a special autism for point-buying and making characters.
Which version of dnd, the newest one? I like Pathfinder/3.5 in all honesty.


its a heavy homebrewed 5e, havent gotten to play it in a month or so since my DM hasnt been motivated to run it. part of me fears its because we are bad PCs and hes the only one with real rpg experience. I also played 2 sessions of what I think was 3.5 back in hs but non of us knew what we where doing and it was just 2 games of murder hobo.


>part of me fears its because we are bad PCs and hes the only one with real rpg experience
Nah don't fear that shit. I once basically phoned in playing a friend game, it's called Wyzzards, and I was the "Eh, fuck it." guy who moved the plot and stirred the pot. Kinda the lancer of the group.


do you play online or in person? online is much more convenient but I've been getting into mini painting recently and now in person seems more appealing again.


Online for like all my games nowadays. Mostly (when I'm not in a manic state writing books) I end up running a game where like it's one-on-one where I'm the GM and the other is the player.
But it's also because I do lewd games too because I'm sexual deviant and I don't know anyone who would want to GM my fetishes like I do for others. But I'm not really doing that right now.
I'm a fucking weirdo anon and I hate it.


played a few rounds of urban shadows once
was a ghost who wanted to take it easy, play cards and watch over his daughter
then the gm sicced tibetan monks on me and I ended up a wraith with a katana


what kind of deviancy


Oh you know being a cute boy in a party of girls and getting teased/fucked into submission but acts as like, the party support/healslut
But at that point I could just play a tabletop game by myself and turn it into a book :^)
One game I end up running was some futa plowing cute trap asses and knocking them up (fren has an mpreg fetish apparently.) It was pretty fun.


seems like what I'd expect of the average discord. I was expecting some sort of orc breeding slaves


>I was expecting some sort of orc breeding slaves
I mean, it's kinda the same, but instead of orcs it's gay shit so I mean...
It is what it is, I like writing so it's a good excuse to type shit out and all that.


I only know of them. The stuff with a dungeonmaster that determines outcomes sounds like it could be fun to play with /qa/, but I don't know how people do that online, or IF they do it online. It's fun to chuuni out with ridiculous fantasies and doing it together sounds like a blast


Yes I am aware of tabletop games; never played,though, I don't know anyone into that irl. I'd be interested in a oak tree table system in the winter and maybe marble in the summer


I haven’t personally used this but a lot of people use Tabletop Simulator to run games and most often they are also use discord in conjunction.


File:[crossover][enoshima junko….jpg (476.45 KB,800x800)

>but I don't know how people do that online
Well if the people here weren't hyper autistic about discord, we could use that and just theater of the mind the game. That's how I do it for my adventures (most of the ERPing ones but I digress).
We could use IRC, have someone set up the bot commands and everything should work out fine.
Could use Foundry too but that's like, $50 USD
Could also use Maptools if you know how to port forward shit.
There are lots of ways to play it, I'd have to think on if I want to run a game, because if we're running it, I'm teaching you guys GURPS because it's a really good and simple system (literally 3d6 plus whatever modifiers you're rolling), with a heavily customizable character creation.

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