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Do you want /jp/'s bump limit raised?

1 day poll, 5 posts on site minimum



- As with all polls it's a census not a decision.
- Conversation in the thread has more weight than a vote.


File:39.gif (1.71 MB,500x362)

Would it be a bad idea or a good one to allow for a higher post limit on /jp/. Say for game threads that require posting about hosting

(Thread moved from /b/)


pls increase bump limit for sokuniggers


I don't think it's necessary, it's not like the board is very fast.


Heeeeeeey, moving a thread into another thread. Cool feature.


I'm fine with it as long as it's for people hosting games and wanting visibility. A bit cautious though about if it may promote a general culture or not, those are cancer


I agree with this, I don't think letting a general take up space in page zero for longer is a good idea.


This, pls get rid of generals as soon as you see them, especially one with an irc or discord.


why is it telling me not enough posts


I meant to say I agree with the latter part.


I thought I posted 5 times on this site by now.


It's IP based


now you have


The "problem" is that bump limit either stays the same, potentially prompting users to continually make new threads after they get far enough back in the catalog, or the bump limit gets raised meaning less thread creation.

At Kissu's size generals shouldn't need to form since the speed of the boards are pretty low. Whether or not people will still make generals regardless is another question... At any rate, hopefully threads like >>>/jp/3779 aren't encouraged and that was just a one off.


The current thread at the bottom of /jp/ was made twenty days ago, there isn't any pressure for new threads to be continually made. Raising the bump limit would be done solely to keep that general at the top of the board and I don't think that's a good reason.


The above is a good point.
I don't see why no one has decided to make another thread as well if visibility is the main concern here.

Even someone in your thread is saying no to an increase... I don't think this is unanimous at all among any group except qa's who's likely voting overwhelmingly no(votes are anonymous even to admin unless I look at the SQL table).

People expressing an opinion in favor of this have only been the unofficial-representative of the thread and our local devil's advocate, with one of Kissu's stronger supporters flat out rejecting it(from what I gather).

So I'm uncertain at this point in time if supporting the notion of a limit increase will benefit anyone here.


Where's the option for decrease in reply limit?
The soku thread can be made cyclical or something.


Cyclical might be the best option after all


As a sokunigger, i believe increasing the bump limit is not needed and this is just an overreaction from some of our peers that are used to much higher bump limits (of which previous boards used had from 450 up to 750+) which was outrageous for such a niche topic of a thread.

I also don't mind the idea of turning the thread to a cyclical but i also do not believe it should be needed either, as we could just rather adapt to the already standing board culture and posting standards instead of creating the issue of the precedent for a general-like thread. It feels like we're threading the line with wanting to ask for too many accomodations from the staff rather than simply rolling with what's already given.


As someone related to the niggers and part time nigger myself I'm for raising the limit simply so it doesn't shit up the catalog and I can see more than just soku threads.


I think cyclical is the best compromise.
Since no one's made a new thread yet I'll apply it to the existing.


File:[crossover][enoshima junko….jpg (476.45 KB,800x800)

Honestly with the amount of people on kissu/post rate, if we had bigger bump limits it would keep the general threads up on the top and leave the rest floundering.
But if we don't, the board can get flooded with the same general over and over and over and over.
If we keep it cyclical for like, a set rate (5-day rotation for example) then autosage/bumplock the thread, that would work much better.
Or have the thread automatically delete itself after said allocated days.
Vern master flex, cyclical threads end having posts deleted to make room for new posts, correct? How would that work out for archiving? Do we even have an archive system or are we using archive.is?


Cylical threads don't have a dedicated archive. Thus far, in the case of the happenings thread, people have been manually archiving the thread to archive.org every X number of posts.


Cyclical isn't as much a compromise as it is steroids, now the thread can permanently stay at the top.
The issue of being swamped with threads never was an issue, generals in /qa/ aren't remade until archived and they continue to get posts after the bump limit. There's never multiple blog, music or pout threads. The only exception is the translation thread, whose second thread was made 120 posts past the limit to clear up things. Even if they're out of bumps one can see notifications, check the home page or look at the catalog while sorting by reply count.
I think it would be best if the thread did stay bumplocked for a while before being remade.


This, cyclicals are usually cancer or mod created shitfests


Okay, so again, spitballing shit here.
How about timed threads and have them be for generals so that way they don't clog up the board, if the board is doing generals that is.
So like, if someone made a general for let's say...
Mewkledreamy, the thread would automatically prune itself (if the user indicates that it's a general) after a set amount of time.


People can't be expected to behave correctly. It's not a good way to approach things


I don't think that would really serve a purpose. There's no point in pruning a thread in page 5 just because it's a general, anything beneath page 2 doesn't affect the visibility of new threads. To me, the problem is not taking up space but specifically taking up space in the front of the board all the time.
That's the equivalent of saying "people won't immediately assimilate, so we shouldn't even try". The thread can easily be made with a disclaimer in big letters to wait before making another one after the limit is hit.


But they want the thread to be seen and currently there's no index sorting or full hiding (remove thread from index). I don't think these guys even know about 4chanX's thread watcher or it's compatibility with vichan.

Even then, any option that doesn't give it exposure is less than satisfactory since they want people to know there's games happening now


>The thread can easily be made with a disclaimer in big letters to wait before making another one after the limit is hit.
Of which, how many people will see -- and above all. care enough about to respect -- if the thread is pushed a few pages down the catalog?

I think people are also forgetting that the "generals" Kissu has are by no means high traffic and typically only receive 3-4 posts per day at most. Likewise, once the blog thread hits bump limit, for instance, it typically sees a significantly drop in activity until it falls off the board and is remade. The soku thread by comparison has been averaging about ~20 posts per day.

If anything, I think the best compromise would be a "pin to page X" feature alongside making it cyclical, so that the concern that the thread will monopolize the front page won't be as big of a concern, if it's stuck within the bounds of page 2.


Really, it's no different from /qa/'s OJ thread lobbies except that it's contained to Steam nowadays and it's an ingrained part of qa culture


Sure, but OJ games can barely even find a fourth player, let alone receive daily posts about playing...




That's understandable, but I don't believe it deserves that much exposure.
>the "generals" Kissu has are by no means high traffic
Exactly, and that's why there's no reason to do anything about them.
>"pin to page X" feature alongside making it cyclical
That sounds alright.


pinning means it's a mainstay of the board, but cyclical just means it's an approved thread... in my opinion


Yes, but if it were pinned to page 2 then it'd be impossible for it to push down newer threads. Plus all the usual important pinned threads are always at the top of their boards, I'm sure the impression would be different if it weren't the case.


If not pinning, then bumping to page X instead of the front page.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (207.36 KB,1920x1080)

I think cyclical might be okay as a temporary solution, but in the end new users need to assimilate and acclimate to how things are done here and not the other way around. In the future the soku players can bookmark the thread, use 4chanX's threadwatcher, or simply learn to tolerate seeing other threads for a few seconds while they search for it in the catalog manually.




File:4059cd76621ca3318e08c3021e….png (354.24 KB,605x588)

Why don't people just use sage when posting in the soku thread? Seems like a lot of the posts are just asking for hosts or something similar anyways. As long as it gets bumped before falling off the board there shouldn't be any need for one of these complicated solutions. That's just how I see it.


because that requires thinking(or a change in behaviour) and that can't be expected without enforcement


Thinking is good and we can just bully each other to enforce it.
There's taking it easy and there's everything having to be convenient and simple. Know the difference.


Do you think that the people around you would rather be a stand in moderator or would you think that they want to talk/play video games?


File:24dc6e1b478b00f33128e18090….png (1.03 MB,1504x1012)

I think new people on /jp/ who aren't use to the way the site is should be bullied or at least understand the etiquette on the website lest we fall into the traps of becoming /b/ with anime images.
I adapted, why can't they?
Just fucking, have sage and noko on and everything is daijoubu literally.

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