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What should kissu translate first??


File:80251516_p2.jpg (144.71 KB,768x768)

I completely forgot I mentioned the Tsukuyomi one. I think that one is the best choice due to the whole kissu theme and the fact that the later chapters have been sitting there untranslated for so long


File:5df64fd0ed.png (9.73 KB,1370x386)

judging from the info it inserted the wrong thing into the db.
This is the first time something like this has happened...


File:We're not worthy.gif (1.87 MB,480x500)

The website gods have spoken, they want Tsukuyomi Moonphase to be translated.


I suggest doing the #000000 (Nyoroko no Namahousou!) first because it's short and looks like it'll be a simple manga to start off with. We can use it to see what we can do, to test our abilities. The last thing we want is a poorly done Tsukuyomi Moonphase translation to be the first translation done by Questionable translations (仮).
Then we can go on to Tsukuyomi Moonphase and/or anything else.


Oh, that's a good idea too...
but I already voted.............................


I'll do a manual adjustment to fix it, but let me test on the copied one first




I agree with doing Nyoroko or something else first due to it being the first try.


File:fixwot.png (6.21 KB,289x132)

Not entirely...


can you not live with that...sigh... fixed


you can change your answer but if you voted for moonphase then that would make it even....


My vote (the very first one) can be changed from Tsuki to Nyoroko. I agree with a test run


then we'd be split 50-50. hmm how to break this tie


Tie broke.


But now we gotta choose between the other two options!
Unless we count every neither as Nyoroko, it's still a bit of a pickle.
I voted neither but I'd go for Nyoroko if it speeds things up.


I voted for neither but that was when the third option was still numbers. Can I change it to nyoroko or what?


Bleh.. I'll see about vote changing today or tomorrow

Then you can change votes


File:1a5736b7a4.png (12.3 KB,606x308)

You can change your vote now.
Tell me if I messed anything up.
E:It's working as intended


Werks on my machine.


File:[HorribleSubs] Re-Creators….jpg (391.83 KB,1280x720)

You did good, it works


arigatou admin-kun :3 >o<


ok! its been a few days so i think im going to call it there. going to make a post in the /qa/ thread


Epic. We'll be communicating through that thread? Or make a discord server or something?


If kissu subs is being coordinated over discord then I'm backing out


I can provide the Nyoroko no Namahousou! raws if required...


Why though?


I don't want to lose my anonymity just for a translation project


god no
We have normal IRC and anonymous IRC if needed


Thread or IRC. Use trips if you have to.

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