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File:overboard.png (1.41 KB,403x47)


Do you use the overboard?


Yes! I started using it after that message appeared. It's much more convenient than having several tabs of the same site open on a site as slow as this. The only inconvenient thing is that the quick reply feature doesn't work and you have to click into threads to reply, but that's not too big a deal.


I probably wouldn't have seen this thread without it, it's a useful feature


Man, I might be the only one not using it. Feel like an old coot.


i mostly have it open when there's nothing going on and i'm not posting, since it's easy to keep track of stuff from

also it tells me whenever someone makes a sage post as well so that's useful


I do


I tested quick reply and it works, what you have to do is select the board you're posting to in the bar on top of the panel.
Huh, you get notifications from sage? It's also got infinite scrolling now which I hadn't noticed. Does seem neat.

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