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File:77587.jpg (15.29 KB,360x360)



hate wordfilters


Do it, pissumin.


mad because otamin ruined his epic youtube link meme


stop getting mad at kids


hate memes too


c_o_o_m is word filtered

sperm lole




File:mendokusai.jpg (875.7 KB,1920x1080)

filters are homogay
creative acronym interpretation in a form of reply is a better choice by far tbhqwyfam


File:cygx1_ill.jpg (1.46 MB,1728x1224)

The yes camp remind me of the Quebecois Government who has their language inspectors fine businesses because their menu said Pasta instead of Pâtes. Language pride, national pride and any other pride is a joke.

Be as bright as a blackhole, devour the stars, but stay small. Our weight is in our bottomless pit of knowledge.




File:[Nep_Blanc] Hyperdimension….jpg (323.78 KB,1920x1080)

I think word filters are good and we need more of them. It's a somewhat passive way to force people to assimilate and not bring their buzzwords from social media and kuso places like gnfos or 4chan.
The reaction to seeing your post getting word filtered should be "Wow, I'm a shitty poster and I should adapt to where I'm posting instead of forcing a bland reddichanbook monoculture everywhere"


Even if I were to do this instead of actually try to moderate doing it globally except for the worst cases is forcing my opinion onto others. A quick way to get hated.


I don't think it's too hard to reach a consensus on which words are pollutants to a good imageboard atmosphere. The most controversial change I'd make personally is filtering 'weeb' into something like Japanaophile or 'anime lover' (the latter is preferred on Nairaland which is cute)


Unless it were proven that the word has no valid usages or there exists a relevant established replacement term, filtering could have a range of side-efects such as rejecting people based on where they come from and not the substance of there posts. Policies of racism trying to seep it's way into the site.

The sperm to c00m filter is nice because this allows the poster to be accepted into the group regardless of your software tribalism and bigotry.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (220.8 KB,1920x1080)

You're making it sound so grandiose when it's just a silly filter to change stupid words with the side effect of assisting assimilation. I don't think people substantially object to ota's word filters, and the website Fark still has its same filters as it did in 2002.
It's silly, it's stupid, it's funny, yet also useful and non-confrontational


On any board, the word most worthy of filtering is the local term for someone who doesn't belong.


Here, that'd be "frogposter," but you'd be hard-pressed to actually find support for such a filter precisely because most people here find them unwelcome.


I believe he meant something like calling random people from reddit. The site doesn't have a term like this as yet because no one has taken the initiative to promote the site and messed it up.


I've seen various terms that fit the bill, but I don't think we've converged on any particular term.


File:definetely.jpg (502.46 KB,1280x720)

>just because vulgarities jar zealots binding kissu visitors arbitrarily nullifies burgeoning natural growth without baseline gains yielding keyphrase no filters
I'm glad you got my point Anonymous


Wordfilters are good, but only if they're funny


Wordfilters that are silly, harmless, and increase the FUN of kissu are nice.


I think it was on 8chan, "tbh' turned into "desu" and I loved that. Seeing all those people in serious talks/arguments end their sentences with "desu" was fun to watch. But "Please tear my butthole" is just vulgar. I wouldn't want to see that every time someone, out of habit, writes "tbh", tbh.


I think 4chan did it first, unless I'm mistaken


I've never really had a problem with tbh tbh.

It feels more forum-y than a lot of other modern slang; less "overbearing 24 year old who posts about politics on twitter all day" and more "chill guy who puts effort into his posts but uses abbreviations to keep things casual". It's along the lines of lol, imo and iirc.

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