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I like having a place to put all my crappy threads without having to worry about pushing down actual good threads


It's good. I don't really have the motivation to type paragraphs right now but it's a good place for me to post stupid threads without worrying about displacing the ones people spent time on creating


these two posts


                _                           /⌒ヽ
               ̄   ̄  .                       (;;)ハ´(:;) >>>/qa/
        . '            ヽ                   ;;;、`;。;`ξ
       /                                    //
      /                                  //
           ,-( ヽ         i               /
    /       メ、ヽ ヽ          |               /
          /  ヽl  |        |            /
        /    // /        !          ,
       /∧_∧// / < here's my two cents
     / ( ´Д/ / 
    /   γ    /         /
  θ     ヘ /jp/ |        /    .;:*
         )   |       ,    .;
         /     |
         /  ヘ   |   /
        i  / |  |  /  /   , '    _/  |l
       /  /   |  |    し',;;、'。.;;/     / ̄/
      /  /.  /  | ;;ヾ#丶;;、;。;` (     /  /   〃,
     (  /   /  l  と と )  て ̄          /
     し'   /__) (_(_,J


[sjis] !!!


yea I saw but it wont let me delete it for some reason


the heck you're right...


just noticed that the password for deletion are different on /all/, the board, and the thread; got no idea which one was the right one. oh well


I can do mod deletion if you really want, but doesn't seem like a big deal


can't you just mod edit it to be the correct tag




There are benefits to having one board.
/all/ helps to fix this, but it does slow the site down.
Though slowing the site down is not problematic to some, the people who are offended by the site becoming slower are easier to win back then the people who are offended that it's too low effort/quality.

Kissu has 3 main boards, but the boardlist is not easy to represent these divisions and the description of what they are does not yet exist.

The other boards such as /b/, /poll/ are meta while /f/, /megu/ and /trans/ are functional.


In the end, people will be more offended if a site is bad/unauthentic than if it's slow

Slow just means that people don't know how to use the site as yet. That can be resolved with more people or more posting


i've got a problem with /all/, it doesn't include the best board, /megu/


Pornographic content shouldn't be default, but opt in. Boards that contain unsafe content are a different matter.


waiting on dat /all/ dream to be realized


it causes me to have existential crises because i dont know what board my posts should go on now


>Poll Transfer Error
/jp/ is a tad too much 2D and too little random for me, also I don't like their IRC channel. Keep it as is.


just post everything on /qa/, the purpose of /jp/ is more for things that you wouldn't post on /qa/ yourself
/jp/ isn't #jp



I like that on /jp/ you don't have to worry about your thread being good


File:a2530a21c291604b5347d872e1….png (1.94 MB,1300x1750)

right now I'm barely keeping up with /qa/
going from last page to first at best I'll end at 4th before I have to take a break so I can't handle another board at this point


File:1494742673490.png (96.67 KB,744x748)

Looks like you don't need to worry about keeping up now

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