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File:2500dfc7aae25618fccaecb245….jpg (631.76 KB,1272x1403)


I've thought of adding a +1 counter exclusively and only to /megu/ or any other imagedump boards that come up in the future.
-These are the kinds of boards are hard to get feedback on.
-Image focused boards have low risk for misuse.
-Low effort way to gauge response will make it easier for people to post what others want.

If no majority won't do it.
If yes majority might do it in like 3 months or less.
Replies from people are also evaluated into the perception of majority.


I'm fairly certain I know what you mean, but define "+1 counter."


Like button, rating a post, giving it a score value. This kind of thing. Closer to youtube's system perhaps though what I had it mind was just

+1, you click and it increments a counter


Would this hypothetically carry any thread ordering weight, or simply be a metric for the sake of OP and others?


could if people wanted it, but that would be more work that I wouldn't do without reason


Gonna vote yes because might as well, if it's not a bother to code it can be interesting to observe.


File:443329c84998a5fc9006cdace2….jpg (185.55 KB,1280x1787)

Yeah, it's probably worth trying. There's not much feedback or real discussion there so maybe a quick way of saying you like something could be neat.


Not sure if this'd be easier or harder to implement, but what about adding a way to sort by score? Kinda like what you used to be able to do with pixiv, so that people can find the pictures most liked by the community more easily on the board and in a thread.


i'd be able to answer that question more easily when I implement post ordering and hiding


woah didnt know kissmin was into orange soda


File:0161e2cfb9.png (100.1 KB,614x509)

since it's seemingly unanimous and it's a feature I want I've thought about what it might take and is probably something I can add in a day to vichan.

The biggest problem is that I'm where to put it and how I want it to look.


File:510402bab8.png (59.11 KB,575x260)

putting it around the other clickables might be better


I like it better on the post info line. Also I'm not sure it should stand out that much. You could probably merge the increment button and counter too, like what Futaba does. Maybe it could change from 243 to 243+1 when you hover over it.


would work better merged.

I liked the second one too. It makes more sense.


since I can do it fast and I said it's low priority, I'll use this opportunity to start moving things like the polling and this scoring feature over to golang and mongo servers since there will eventually be a rewrite of this into that techstack, gradually working on it a bit every day.


File:af39d0e255.png (39.53 KB,622x251)

something like this, 3 states style decided by css that will change through scripts.


tomorrow I'll get vichan to create the containers on set boards and assign listeners to non existent services.

I might end up having this feature be a part of php vichan and begin considering the port of features into golang and mongo after this is added.


containers set up and request from server found a way to get it with /all/. Tomorrow I'll set up the database and have it fetch from it.


Soudane x 1


Counter is up on >>>/megu/

made it as unobtrusive as possible so it's just a colored box with a number. Hopefully it's function should be conveyed by design.


The white color makes it pretty obtrusive on dark themes when almost everything else around it is dark.


well, i set it for blue. I guess I'll use a dark gradient as well


/megu/ needs more than a +1 counter to be a functional pr0n browser compared to boorus
eh if only those weren't infected with homos...


Sorting by score maybe and more gay porn to scare off the norms.

I've put boorus in mind for software 2.0. I haven't activily try to copy things, but I think it should give off a booru vibe


why not implement an option to sort >>/megu/ based on score but leave the default sorting to be default

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