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File:69215797_p0.jpg (946.91 KB,922x1806)


Instate freedom time


busted time


say no to freedumbs


Time is going to be letter based rather than numbers. That way you get your time MM/DD/YY and I don't have to get a brain hemorrhage.


April 12th, 2020 (Sun) 20:45


ISO 8601 or bust


File:1920px-Date_format_by_coun….png (229.42 KB,1920x974)

In America's hubris, though they've managed to increase the usage of the 12 hour clock, they completely forgot to export their date format!


File:1583720510248.jpg (248.29 KB,960x684)

the usa is NOT a free country


People complaining about how, "Japan isn't some 'promised land!' It's a corporate bureaucratic Hell!" always amuses me. The US works more hours per year, has a productivity 50% higher than Japan, and has just about none of the social programs that Japan has.


People mostly say that to get obnoxious weebs to shut up. If you've been told that, it means you're being annoying and they're trying to get you to cool off about japan.


Just do it like the Polish or most of pre WWI Europe and write the month in Roman Numerals

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