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File:Oekaki.png (2.78 KB,500x250)



meh option


File:Hidamari Sketch x SP - Ep0….png (1.09 MB,1280x720)

a board would be fun, the ability to submit a doodle in any thread is another option too



File:[SubsPlease] Non Non Biyor….jpg (184.7 KB,1280x720)

I don't think a whole board for something people aren't really doing here is a good idea.
Maybe see if you can get this MS draw thread more activity? >>>/qa/67182
Though, the oekeki script thing that 4chan took from futaba (or whatever) is certainly cool.


A board would be good, but an oekaki applet for the entire site would be better.


I'd love to see a dedicated Oekaki board. It's not something a lot of imageboards have, especially not nowadays.

In the event that it does get added in, I hope it uses something more powerful than the standard Vichan wPaint. At the bare minimum I want layers.


Unless someone commissions me or points me in the directions of something free + is open source non-GPL licensed. I've said before that I'm not adding more things to the UI for the purpose of focusing on the server.


There's Tegaki, which IIRC is also what 4chan uses. It's pretty good.


Don't feel like opening MS paint when I can use something better. Oekaki is different because it's right there in the browser.


Free, open source, I don't see a license so it's not GPL because the terms of GPL say you must include the text of the license alongside the source code.
It's in Japanese, but you can see how to include it in a HTML page by opening index.html and viewer.html in the 'sample' folder after cloning the repository.


well, these are some options. I guess I'll have to see how to work this into plans in such a way I'm not sacrificing on server design


File:98926736_p0.jpg (985.9 KB,2048x1536)



do artists really look like this


The mitsudomoe one pretty much

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