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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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File:Bubblegum CRISIS 2033 - Ep….jpg (122.3 KB,956x720)


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So I'm the same person that streamed Genocyber and MD Geist before (and also Bubblegum Crisis more than a year ago if anyone remembers). I think standalone OVAs are the best thing to stream since they are not too short and not too long in length, so I want to stream more of them. Please vote on which one you want to see next. I'll be doing it after the Utawarerumono (2015) stream ends. I don't have a specific date and time for it yet though. I'll post it on /jp/ once the poll is done.


Honestly I really don't have any preference. Do all of them?
Well, actually, I've been meaning to try that Birdy one...


Oh huh, the only other vote was for Birdy. That's weird.


File:birdy.webm (2.92 MB,640x480)

I've seen most of the others already myself, but I think that Birdy's really fun and would probably be enjoyable in a stream so I voted that.


File:Bubblegum CRISIS 2033 - Ep….jpg (118.16 KB,956x720)

So why is barely anyone voting? Do you not know the shows or are you like me and can't decide between them? If it's the former then just read their synopsis on MAL/anidb and see if it looks interesting to you or not.


File:[ASW] Tomodachi Game - 10 ….jpg (364.06 KB,1920x1080)

But please don't pay attention to their scores. Both MAL and anidb are populated by teens who rate older shows badly because they want their more modern shows to stay at the top. This was very apparent when NGE went up massively in score after it aired on Netflix.


Huh? I thought it was Anilist that had MALshitters, not anidb. Anidb looks so old you'd think it would be a filter to those types.


about the insanity I expected.

The shows are rated lower on MAL because the demographic(who likes these things) is older and rates things on a more critical scale than the younger crowd gives most things a 10/10 because they don't have as much knowledge of media


File:[ASW] Spy x Family - 06 [1….jpg (207.29 KB,1920x1080)

They rate older shows even worse than MAL. I was mad at their BGC score. It's clearly populated by hipster youngins who think they're too cool for MAL.


Not true. Fanbase wars are very common on those places. Just read their forums and you'll know what I'm talking about. The battle shonen tards downvote (modern) moe-focused shows for example.


Hmm. It's odd since Anilist also seems to have those kinds of people on it as well, which is why I stopped using it. There's people who alternate between it and MAL. I think anime ""review"" sites end up having shit userbases regardless.


I posted and read MAL for like a year in some period after 2012. I didn't notice any of this. I did notice however that there were a lot of people who give everything 10s and then the more hardcore fans are regularly giving things like 5


>why is barely anyone voting?
In my case because I'm not completely sure I can be there (depends on the date/time), and I would feel bad about breaking a tie when the majority who show up might have preferred another show. I don't have a strong preference either way. These OVAs are all fun.

This is why I always ignore aggregate ratings. Just glance at an anime's top reviews, dismiss the ones with a 1 or a 10, dismiss reviewers with battle shounen profile pics or a username/pic of the show being reviewed (fanboys), and read the reviews that remain. That usually gives a much more accurate impression.


I saw a guy there that fit your description indeed, but he also gave 9s and 10s to older shows/movies that the typical MAL shitter wouldn't.


what are you even ranting about


File:[SubsPlease] Shokei Shoujo….jpg (168.97 KB,1280x720)

To not pay attention to stupid public scores. That's it. It's not like the videogame situation where public score is more reliable than critic.


File:1445280829652.jpg (40.47 KB,1280x720)

For someone advocating against caring about public scores you sure seem to let yourself be aggravated by them...


File:[Judas] Jashin-chan Dropki….jpg (276.33 KB,1920x1080)

It's trauma from seeing Nurutu have a higher rating than some of my favorite shows.


File:C-1655909912182.png (610.65 KB,750x687)

Narutaru is a pretty neat manga full of dread and hate for growing up. It's understandable why you might hate it


File:point.png (2.67 MB,1920x1080)

I like that manga actually. Never watched the anime but it's rated fairly low on MAL, only a 6. MAL's manga scores are more agreeable in comparison to their anime scores, aside from some things like them overrating Berserk, Jojo and One Piece.


Nobody's score is "reliable". All it reflects is the opinion of the person/people the score came from. At best, it's a semi-okay heuristic for whether or not you should purchase a thing, but there's better ways to find if something will interest you, and nobody here actually buys anime so it doesn't matter anyway.


File:1649395529911.jpg (400.91 KB,1280x720)

Yes, I agree. It doesn't really matter for anime, but I kinda have to pay attention to manga scores to find good stuff to read, and luckily they're not too disagreeable most of the time. The people who are into manga know their shit better than people who are into anime. Anime has way too many casuals who never venture past the surface level.


File:[Drag] Utawarerumono OVA -….jpg (230.12 KB,1920x1080)

>So why is barely anyone voting?
You should give it some time, but also a lot of people simply don't vote because they're fine with anything because the fun part is to watch things with others.
Though, I would point out that a thread getting angry at people and calling them tards and shitters is less likely to inspire voting as well.


File:1531962934500.jpg (30.66 KB,294x336)

I dunno. It looks like it helped. There were only two votes before I started ranting about 'review site' scores.

I sure hope the average kissu user isn't like the average MAL user. They would avoid an older show simply because it's 'dated'. Being like Otaking is bad, but being like that is too.


I've seen Iria, CCO808, VGA, Gunbuster, Megazone, before but they were all quite good oldies so I wouldn't remind a rewatch even.


the tardshitter vote

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