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The tabletop game would be played with GURPS rules, the pdfs can be found here: https://tiny.cc/5sb5tz
I'll hash out what books you'll need and what rules we'll be playing.


What would the game be about?


I can only answer with a "Maybe" or "It depends" so I didn't vote, but I'm interested to see if other people are interested.


I don't know how to play tabletop RPGs.


I would like to learn


I would also like to answer with "it depends". It sounds fun and I would like too but depending on the time and session length don't know if i can fully commit.


I would like to answer with, people give you too much attention


Would there be ERP?


File:R-1655689525712.png (226.02 KB,750x1091)


General premise is that a system has been placed upon the world, and its up to the party to get really powerful but starting at 100 points (that is basic adventurer tier). So the general idea is like the party has to fight monsters and at first try to escape from a city.
The big goal here is that we get to kill big God-kami-sama.
I'll figure out what books we'll need in a bit.
Main place would probably be either here or irc/learning how to port using a thing called Maptools... I'm not good at roll20 wwwwww
Also another thing that'll work is having the character sheet maker thingy
It's called GURPS characters sheet.
Again I'll figure out what books you'll want to grab later on
I don't think that would work with the demographics here :^(
Not enough honestly, I get like, one to two (You)s now and then.




Did you hit


I think you forgot to put 'dice' in the front?


Lets see if this works


One last time


timezone: no


So the general idea would be you start off with 100 points, and you can build a character and I will judge it and I will see if your character passes my abiritary judgement, I can help you over on #qa irc on rizon if you need help. I don't know where we'll be hosting the game, if Vern would be cool I could make a thread on /qa/ and everyone would have to have a name and we can roll.

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