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File:luckystargurren.jpg (108.35 KB,1015x299)



Well that was easy




File:fucking gar.png (1 MB,840x950)

I knew moe was obviously going to win by the way. Most people here probably have no idea what "GAR" means: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=gar
I was on team GAR back in 2007 though. Lucky Star didn't interest me with its incessant food talk.


I think most of us know what GAR means, moe is just that much better.


File:[SubsPlease] Shachiku-san ….jpg (131.23 KB,1280x720)

I can't say I get the desire for GAR stuff much, although I have always hated when people dismiss stuff as "chuuni" as if it's a bad thing. I really do love it when something can do the beauty of male friendships and strength right. The traits that make it good are very different from cute girl stuff and it generally requires a serious atmosphere that I generally have much higher standards for before I'll try it. I'm not really exposed to it much since I'm generally much more eager to try moe stuff.
I can look at a screenshot like this and it's extremely cute and perhaps heals my soul a little bit, but the requirements to create a good manly character takes hours of buildup.


File:1641070012136.png (3.93 MB,1500x3132)

The only time /qa/ chose a GAR show as their favorite was in Summer 2020. It's intentionally chuuni and ridiculous, but that's what made it good. The 2015 and 2016 ones don't really count though.


guess we need to do an update for this chart...
didn't realize we were behind almost a year and it's better to do this poll right at the end of the respective season
sleep first though


File:[CsS] Sora no Woto - 13 [B….png (2.71 MB,1920x1080)

It's always been moegar.

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