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You need at least one post on kissu with your IP to vote. Multiple choice of course and your votes can be changed later. Keep in mind that every approved show adds 23 minutes and we're at like 18 shows.
Shorts are excluded from voting because they're 2 minutes. What are you going to do with 2 minutes?


That's a LOT of anime


File:[SubsPlease] Onipan! - 01 ….jpg (184.82 KB,1280x720)

And it's missing Precure and Mewkle this week


Mewkle ended, Anonymous...


the subs are on episode 16......................................


File:1436166178601.png (304.27 KB,500x500)

Tomodachi Game WAS going to get at least three votes. There was a bit of bias in removing it.


File:[LoopSubs] Machikado Mazok….jpg (307.48 KB,1920x1080)

tamagotchi game SUCKS


sucked way better than the other sucking


File:(clipboard)1650195449698.png (66.04 KB,691x686)

Just watched the stream and caught up.

Tomodachi is something you enjoy on your own without any friends around


Thought onipan would be a hit on kissu but I guess not....


I thought it was cute, but it definitely kinda shows that they're all new VAs. It just feels a little off. That said, maybe the results would've been a little different if it was more than just the first episode that was shown.


File:(clipboard)1650421103890.png (145.69 KB,319x313)

Why is she a 2/10 ?

Add it later if anything sucks. Kunoichi Tsubaki is another one of Cloverwork's trainwrecks in progress




where do you get the 10 from?


File:[SubsPlease] RPG Fudousan ….jpg (182.09 KB,1280x720)

Everything is looked at a bit more closely when there's 17 shows to whittle down + shorts + Precure + occasionaly Mewkledreamy + Magia Record's 4 episodes at some point (they were all released at once)
I'm surprised that RPG Real Estate wasn't a huge hit since I like how cute yet sexy it is and it's quite relaxing to watch.


stream standards have gone up. sign it's a good season


*penis life girl


>Why is she a 2/10 ?
I just don't like it that much... My best guess as for why Kissu doesn't like it that much is that it seems too reliant on modern teenage humor to really be relatable to Kissu. Kissu is also in some respects a rejection of modern teenage humor so it makes sense.


Yeah, I was surprised to see some people not like it.


File:[SubsPlease] RPG Fudousan ….jpg (186.41 KB,1280x720)

My guess is that there were a lot of romcoms and the newer stuff was novel whereas kaguya was more of the same. I don't really object to it at all, though as you said I can't relate to it much. The real humor to me is how elaborate the animations become as it seems to have a pretty substantial budget. I did find my attention wandering in the first two episodes of this season, though, so I didn't vote for it.
Well, or at least that would be the case if the other romcom stuff other than Aharen-san didn't also fail to pass. I thought the superhero/villain romance thing was going to win, but I guess not.


File:e7a74976a57fc51884e973399d….jpg (440.88 KB,2352x1723)

Kissu has some strange tastes, especially for Kaguya-sama, Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Shachiku-san, and Honzuki no Gekokujou, which hugely differentiate from rank of 2nd, 10th, 13rd and 20th in Japanese rankings.
Other than these they largely conform, with Spy x Family both have a huge lead.


File:1438903975797.png (440.4 KB,1600x901)

Too many shows were cut in my opinion. Could've made this stream longer than the other ones since there's a lot more stuff that's worth watching watch than usual.


File:[LoopSubs] Machikado Mazok….jpg (243.72 KB,1920x1080)

I'll cut you


File:[SubsPlease] Shokei Shoujo….jpg (168.97 KB,1280x720)

Please consider adding back Virgin Road. Five votes is too much to drop something. The poll was extremely messy anyway, with votes being discounted and added randomly.



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