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Be honest, this is a judgement free zone and there is certainly a lot of content out there


01:06 <Anonymous> do NOT sexualize the friends


perverts... disgusting perverts...


No I'd never play "cop".


We've got 3 liars on kissu! Emperor Penguin is a friend and I know you've seen those images!


Huh?... The only penguin image I've seen, and I don't think it's related to Kemono Friends, is one of a cutout penguin girl in a zoo enclosure. I don't think it was particularly lewd. I believe it was just a normal girl.


That made me sad remembering


kemono friends with benefits


File:[kemono friends][gentoo pe….jpg (382.96 KB,619x800)

It's related. The show itself was a promotion for the zoo, mobile game and just animals in general and the zoo in turn had little cutouts and posters for the characters for each exhibit.
I don't remember if it was gentoo penguin of humboldt penguin that Grapekun was focused on


very nice


File:fb2fe01f0e6bd1b67a53a84599….png (506.41 KB,557x1000)

No. Never. Of course not.


stop! pervert!! peeeeeeeervert!!!!!!!


Can't do it. Even if you flooded me to raunchy images, just can't do it.


shoebill's p*ssy


why did kaban-chan masturbate to kemono friends

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