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I'd like to visit, maybe, but I don't like being around crowds of people so realistically I can't


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I want to go and visit all the nice tourist-y places. Like Himeji Castle, or Asakusa Kannon Temple, or Kyoto Bamboo Forest, or Mt. Fuji, or! There's so many places I'd like to see! Of course, I'd have to ride the Shinkansen, and local lines, and all of the other trains too. Not to forget, I'd also like to visit places like Akihabara, although I heard someone mention that it's become a lot less otaku in recent years and become more commercial-y...


Once this covid shit is over I might go.
Don't really have any aspirations to do more than the basic tourist shit though.


I think if I went I'd be too overly self-conscious about standing out as a tourist and it'd make me really anxious.


File:94481840_p0.png (82.38 KB,532x805)

I want to go to Sapporo during the winter, but I don't know anyone who would be interested in coming along, and travelling abroad solo sounds a little scary. I would probably miss my flight home while trying to figure out how to get to the airport or something like that.


I was there about 2 or 3 months before covid started being a permanent fixture on the news. I'm going to try and move there this year or next.
You'll only stand out as a tourist if you go out of your way to do so, acting obnoxious and so on. You'd only passively stand out as a tourist if you went into a very rural village.


I'd like to attend a major con at least once. Or going to MOGRA. I have no interest in Japan as a country other than that.


Isn't mogra just a gaijin club at this point? I usually try to avoid tourist traps when I am abroad. Although I suppose most of Tokyo is just one big tourist trap.

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