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Pretty much everything is over by now, so it's time to decide on what the most /qa/ anime of this season was!


I don't think there was much talk about any of the fall anime...


yeah it felt like there was posting about most show initially but then everything sort died out about halfway through and was just the occasional post or two when the show aired but even then that sort fell off too


Heike monogatari was the best anime of this season and it's ashame that it's not in the poll.


For some reason I completely forgot about its existence after a few episodes, and it slipped my mind while adding stuff that it wasn't a TV anime.


I kind of just drifted away from watching stuff for this season. There's some enjoyable shows and I watch them in the seasonal stream, but nothing drives me to make edits or threads about them.
The Senpai show is very, very cute and enjoyable. It's my healing show of the season I think.

Part of the reason I lost interest in this one is all the names and locations thrown to me that I couldn't keep track of, so I don't actually understand what's going on with the political intrigue. It'd also be more appealing if you understand the history of it, but it's not something I'm particularly interested in there, either. It was cool to see the warrior monks since I knew about them and I imagine that's how the audience is supposed to react to things, but it's all Greek to me.

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