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Decider Poll for the new spoiler thumbnail.
This is used on images which can spoiler stories.

Takes ideas from the previous thread.


File:1638756805263.png (65.06 KB,255x255)

#1 Patchy


File:1638762257994.png (256.66 KB,255x255)

#2 Mewkl Solid


File:1638762292913.png (277.64 KB,255x255)

#3 Mewkl Transparent


File:1638755670452.png (74.13 KB,255x255)

On request, I'm adding in the pink variant .
#4 Mewkl pink


>>1717 wasn't picked huh...


there's so many copies of the same idea...


Yeah... though I posted >>1748 and >>1749 just as possible inspiration for someone to make something better, with my actual candidate being >>1717. It's understandable if you don't want to update/recreate the poll though.


I don't want to be negative, but I'm not sure I'm really a fan of any of these options... so, um, a vote for none of the above.


how 'bout you draw one then lol


I actually did submit one....................


we could combine all mewkle votes and then vote on a winner out of that, but, well... the poll is pretty one-sided (I don't vote since I'm kissu staff or whatever)
I was going to make something but then I didn't


Gave you guys way too much time and asked for a third design which never manifested. There's so many mewkl variants that if you don't like any of the ones above then you wouldn't be happy with all the votes being combined together to go against Patchy.




File:1639544451322.png (Spoiler Image,65.06 KB,255x255)

congrats to the creators of #1

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