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Decider Poll for the new NSFW thumbnail.
This is used on images which could be not safe for work.

Most of this is variants on the same image.


I don't know which variant is which...


jesus christ be patient child


File:1636038178400.png (6.5 KB,255x255)

#1 Megumin


File:1636185178835.png (119.81 KB,255x255)

#2 Elfriede+Hazuki (Red Black)


File:1636185264267.png (118.67 KB,255x255)

#3 Elfriede+Hazuki (Red White Text)


File:1636185277268.png (118.27 KB,255x255)

#4 Elfriede+Hazuki (Red Black Text)


File:1636185304496.png (119.96 KB,255x255)

#5 Elfriede+Hazuki (Red White Black Text)


File:1636225344132.png (120.41 KB,255x255)

#6 Elfriede+Hazuki (Red White Red Text)


File:1636230331855.png (118.5 KB,255x255)

#7 Elfriede+Hazuki (Transparent)


I don't get how the Megumin one is supposed to work as an NSFW warning. Can't speak for anyone else, but if I saw that for the first time I would have no idea what it meant.


In certain cases I might make adjustments to entrants better fit their roles, but for the sake of voting, the level of effort that entrants put into their submissions are what people are voting on.


Hmm, hard to decide on the Megumin one when one doesn't know what "adjustments" entails, and the Elfriede+Hazuki ones look very Nazi but if I had to choose I'd say #2.


it means I don't want to bother doing anything to it, but if for some reason you like the idea then go ahead. But I recomend you pick your favorite variant of the other one and not that.


File:1607242007009.png (8.15 KB,216x300)

I'm sorry for not saying this earlier, but do you think we could scrap the Elfriede ones? I'm the one who made them, and I agree that they look very authoritarian. And one is even (accidentally) outright nazi. Even the least "nazi" one still has that propaganda look to it, which definitely doesn't fit the overall atmosphere of Kissu.


you should just redo it with different colors


File:waterfox_UYhRHJoCJ1.png (141.52 KB,280x287)

Yeah, It's true that it does, but you could easily switch the background color around, no? The transparent one I made very crappily looks fine to me in my kissu theme. Maybe a less rigid font would work, too? (although I don't know how they work at angles like that)


You're being a pain in the ass.


You have 24 hours to add a 7th variant to the poll.

Notice how I use the verb add. I'm not removing anything.


File:Untitldddded.png (131.63 KB,255x255)

just add some gradient or a pattern behind or something. it's true that red didn't work that great but it doesn't mean that it was a bad idea at all


I asked for that poster to provide me with his additional design that doesn't trigger his obsession with looking for nazi iconography in everything.

You had until the 3rd of December to add submissions and the only one which is still open is the story spoiler, not this one.


that looks good


There's hardly any much resemblance anyways. Doubt anybody's silly enough to get upset over a color combination. Any of these images should be alright


File:NSFW.png (118.15 KB,255x255)

Here's my attempt at something different if anyone wants it


+1 to this


that's just a mock up it's not even my image in the fist place


Oh, but yeah, just remove the nazi-ish coloring and it's good.


like this one


NSFW: Not safe for Wehrmacht


Yep, definetly this one


this one if someone can make the transparent base it was built on cleaner

and this one if we ever decide to do this again in the future


alright, in an unset number of hours(less than 24) I'll remake with

>>1702 (consider improving the quality)

For >>1666 I'll look at the IPs to see if no one revoted and add those to the total when making the final decision. If an IP in this current thread voting for >>1666 has 1 post and did not vote in the next thread I'll disregard it as "noise in the dataset" to prevent cheating.


Locked. Poll will be closed shortly.

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