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Decider Poll for the new spoiler thumbnail.
This is used on images which can spoiler stories.

Due to limited competition this thread can also act as a place where people can put in competitor designs


File:1636340969882.png (361.2 KB,255x255)

#1 Mewkl ? (Low Saturation)


File:1636314887490.png (279.11 KB,255x255)

#2 Mewkl ? (High Saturation)


File:1636530920076.png (101.12 KB,255x255)

#3 Looks like the old but different


Not really very much in this category. For this one might have to consider the old one. Or people can still throw in contributions to this thread and I'll remake it later.


I think cool-admin wants to add text to the mewkl one so if he does and no one has any other suggestions it will be a no-contest winner.


uh, i'm pretty sure that's a spoiler pic i made that's one of those jokes where you put an image spoilered and when it goes down you have an anime girl looking at you
either way i don't really know which i want... the old kinda works


File:bitmap.png (72.08 KB,255x255)

I made this


Can't say I like any of these much. The first two just look like standard reaction faces, not spoiler labels, and the third only really makes sense if you are already familiar with the original. This is a no-vote for me.
Yellow text on pink background is pretty hard to read. Also you removed the transparency from the background so it doesn't look right on the alternate themes. Other than that I don't mind it (at least I prefer it over any of the other choices) but is there any reason the 'spoiler' label can't just be put on top of the characters at the bottom?


File:bitmap.png (74.13 KB,255x255)

I made an alternative version with black text...[str][/str]


File:bitmap1.png (90.85 KB,255x255)

...as well as a version that uses transparency.


File:spoiler.png (65.06 KB,255x255)

I liked the frame in the Miku one so I copied it made this.


i like that it's thematic with the nsfw spoiler and the audio thumb


like it


nice font


File:spoiler(story)-with_text.png (290.01 KB,275x275)

Not very good at this but I think something like this would be good.


File:spoiler(story)-with_text-t….png (313.5 KB,275x275)

With transparent BG.


File:spoiler(story)-with_text.png (256.66 KB,255x255)

Forgot to resize to meet requirements.


File:spoiler(story)-with_text-t….png (277.64 KB,255x255)

Forgot to resize to meet requirements.


Yeah, that one's quite nice. The image has the more secretive feel of a spoiler whereas the confusion in the Mewkledreamy one feels like it would be more fitting for a 'file not found' image or something.


maybe they're wondering what's behind the spoiler


File:1638748952269.png (276.07 KB,255x255)

pastels are hard




File:spoiler(story)-with_curved….png (316.8 KB,255x255)

Sticking to the saturation theme and (a little bit of) Mewkledreamy's title theme, came up with this.


voting this


It reminds me of the graphic design you'd see in kids stuff from the 2000s. I'm not sure I'd personally vote for it but it looks really neat


A third design would be great, but there's no issue with 2 and plus a bunch of variants.

I'm considering the possibility of an issue where multiple variants dilute the vote for a design, but since it's not an issue yet I'm ignoring it.

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