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New doesn't look that different anymore, and it's 10000x more convenient than old.


main reason i use the new is because i've gotten too lazy to keep clicking switch to old ui
i tend to prefer the old UI on my eyes


I stopped using incognito for Kissu so I wouldn't have to do click switch all the time


it's not the default method so that extensions won't break, but https://original.kissu.moe exists for that reason


it's fine, i'm using it and have no problems with it
a bit different but that's not always a bad thing


I prefer the new UI because of how much denser it is. I never really noticed it until I started using the new UI, but the classic vichan interface has a ton of empty space.


have no reason to switch from old


why do people switch between them? Is it because of the cookie issue?


Kind of used to hate the new you I am mobile but after using it a bit it's actually a lot better than I had previously thought.


only because I worked to make it better.

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