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File:15030370_p0.jpg (1.22 MB,3262x2329)


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Why does school competition swimsuit expose more skin than all the other ones...


The others are supposed to be at least somewhat modest for school, whereas that one is meant to make you able to move more freely or whatever so you can swim better in competitions.


It was a tough choice between Competition and School Competition, but I think the latter wins out in the end for how emphasized the curves on it are.


File:smooth.jpg (408.35 KB,1600x900)

super old fashioned and old fashioned


File:c0cc481e148067471bd80c57bd….jpg (1.67 MB,5124x3476)

Old fashioned. The crotch window is my favorite part.


never knew about this part of the mizugi....


File:454d345ed9467169b05e779d60….jpg (876.13 KB,800x1154)

that's the whole point of it you baka


Is that the equivalent of a male swimsuit having a pee hole?


File:1620351218950.png (2.11 MB,2048x2048)

which are for セックス?


File:(clipboard)1620351402006.png (594.56 KB,714x1000)

possibly competition because it can be pulled down from the top and pushed aside on the bottom

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