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Had to re-add because I set time as hours when meant days

This poll has barrier of 3 posts on site.
It covers the discussion of how to handle threads that generate creative content that eventually go to archive. In general the topic of boosting interest in creating original content/culture.

- Cool wants to have old threads that still have value maintain presence on the site in some sort of way.
- I'd be fine with adding more archive functionality since it currently is just a cosmetic item with not purpose. Have votes to resurect and readd them
- At the same time my current interest is cutting back on vichan features and bloat rather than adding to it. .

If there are any more possibilities to the question of "How do we encourage more creative content", then leave them bellow and I'll consider them

I'm giving it 7 days since after that I'm releasing the next big update to Kissu.


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maybe should have added image...

multi-select because I lean towards more than one option


File:1510061223599.png (43.6 KB,402x418)

I think it's wrong to call them "dead", I meant slower threads that are focused on longer, more serious discussion/contribution that don't always get rapid replies. For better or worse, I think there's a fair amount of people on kissu that just use index or maybe the first page or two of catalog. This means that silly, dumb threads (which are great) have a habit of pushing out the slower threads into purgatory.
As kissu grows I think it will be harder for these slower threads to stay alive, but creating a new board that people can create threads on is a bad idea; we don't want to pull a tohnochan and divide activity unless kissu gets really big suddenly.
The risk is that it creates a general-like atmosphere in threads, but I think people have enough opposition to generals that this won't happen. If it does happen it will be dealt with.


I think he's talking about threads that fall into the archive but were good


File:1510061192459.png (37.04 KB,418x336)

Oh, yeah, they are indeed dead at that point


File:1510059271748.png (38.87 KB,387x312)

Oh, and also it's easy to ignore and will have no effect on /qa/ itself. Threads will still eventually die on this board proposed, but not in 10 days like on /qa/. Most threads might not receive any new replies, but they will be there if you want to still contribute to it


what's wrong with screencapping?


People forget to do that


You don't interact with them.
Did I describe this badly? This is so people can still participate in exceptional, albeit slow, threads


it might be kind of off putting to restart a thread nowadays but people used to repost stuff all the time, that or you could continue a thread with a next #
simple bump might not be particularly interesting but it does allow a thread to stay for longer
or you could extend available pages so that threads don't vanish so quickly (kissu is blazingly fast for me at least)
whatever the case I think making a separate board in order to promote OC/culture is misguided because that's what the main board is supposed to be doing

on one hand I understand the desire to nudge people in the right direction but on the other I know that features of board software aren't the factor that bears effect on whether a healthy creative imageboard community can be reared


One possible way to deal with this problem without moving threads to another board is what I've called fractional stickies. The idea starts with the observation that ordinary threads are sorted by the time since they were last bumped, and stickies are positioned as if their time since last bump was zero. We can generalize this idea by assigning every thread a number, which will be 1 for ordinary threads and 0 for stickies. Threads would be sorted by the product of that number and the time since the last bump. Thus if a thread was assigned the number 1/2, it would spend about twice as long on the first page and take about twice as long to go from the first page to the archive as it otherwise would. I'm curious to see how well it would work in practice.


If we are talking about dead-dead threads and archiving, I like the idea of keeping good dead threads around, in a separate archive-esque board or a straight up archive. I consider it more reliable and comfortable than keeping screencaps (ignoring a scenario where kissu dies out of nowhere), it should also be better for lurking newcomers than ocassionally having a screencap thread.
Imagine a board like /poll/ where you can select a thread currently present in another board, and if enough people agree to it the thread is permanently archived. Like in 4chanarchive or sup/tg/ (which is still active, it's had 20 threads added this year).
Although this would mean adding features, which is unwanted.

If this is about slow threads, then maybe a catalog sort which uses average post length? It would give priority to a bad thread with lots of words over something like >>>/qa/33109 , but it should help those >>147 mentions. Maybe mash the sort with reply count and inverse bump order, but that'd get more complicated and I don't think it'd help.
I dun geddit. Say thread A is at the end of the first page and has a value of 1/2, and then thread B in page 2 is bumped. If all other threads in page 1 are normal and have a value of 1, would thread A stay in place and would instead the thread above it be moved down to page 2?


>I dun geddit. Say thread A is at the end of the first page and has a value of 1/2, and then thread B in page 2 is bumped. If all other threads in page 1 are normal and have a value of 1, would thread A stay in place and would instead the thread above it be moved down to page 2?

If the time elapsed since the thread above A was last bumped is more than half the time elapsed since thread A was last bumped, then yes. Otherwise thread A will be moved down to page 2.


Ah! I get it now, thanks.
Then, how would the value be assigned? Would the staff do it or do you envision an automatic system? Or something else.


I was thinking it would be the staff, but many variants are possible.


That sounds really complicated! I think the assigning of value would be difficult and also lead to people maybe feeling insulted if their thread didn't receive the treatment.
With my original idea the cost of admission would be the thread dying so there wouldn't be room for anyone to doubt that the thread died of natural causes

I think dead-dead is the ideal. It's a thread that lived and was pushed off


Most certainly, there's a lot to try.
In that case I advocate for having an extra board/permanent archive through which users can vote on the preservation of a thread currently present in another board or a temporal archive. There may be issues with users not being very active in the preservation board itself, but in that scenario a "guise lets archive dis" or two in the to-be-archived thread should become acceptable.

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