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File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (260.14 KB,1920x1080)


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How many people here browse with a resolution other than 1080p? I'm looking at some CSS stuff so this is helpful to know.


How do I check?


File:ApplicationFrameHost_vcwZG….png (35.43 KB,1109x754)

I have no idea what you do on a smartphone or Linux, but on Windows you can uhh, right click an empty space on desktop and there should be something like "Display Settings" or "Change Display Properties" and you can look for something mentioning Resolution.
<-- Here I am on Windows 10, I scrolled down a little and it shows mine.


1080p I am then.


I view Kissu at 1080p but I use custom CSS to scale the font size up 30%.


Over 720p is the name plate of the brothel of graphics whores.


File:b3ecdd0106e12d477085028592….jpg (130.69 KB,1400x992)

not a very thought out poll
i view it at several resolutions, including below, at, and above 1080p
also resolution-based web design is generally a bad idea


File:86447321_p0.jpg (100.44 KB,654x1200)

probably 720p but not more than 1080p in any case
best girl




stop this meme


I'm using a 1650 x 1050 (sorry)


I browse kissu.moe at:


1440x3040 (408x861, 412x869 actual viewport because browsers have a different internal resolution from screen)


my monitor is 1200x900 I guess


That seems like a pretty rare resolution.

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