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What's a better platform for an official discussion about organizations. Functioning for meetings, conferences and brainstorming as apposed to playing around, talking shit or making friends.

The goal of this is to determine some possibilities for a kissu channel functioning to allow users to quickly ping staff if there are issues.


I mean, IRC is the best.


IRC is a bad option as you can't see old conversations.

Steam... just seems wrong to me to use for non-gaming discussion.

Never used Slack so can't comment there.

Imageboards seem like a weird choice for official discussion since the image-based format doesn't seem necessary and anonymity would just be annoying for organized meetings (although IDs could be used to get around that). Talking specifically for Kissu though, I don't see much problem with it.

Discord got my vote given it has basically all the features you would need (archived posts, multiple channels, possibility to post images, possibility to livestream, roles, usernames but without needing any personal information, option to make the server private, etc.) and is easily accessible and widely used. My main issue with it is that servers are much less autonomous than with IRC and imageboards but unless privacy is a major concern, that isn't likely to be a problem. There may be better options out there though that I'm not familiar with.

As an aside though, in my experience Discord (and probably other comparable platforms too) can quickly turn into a drama-filled shitshow and forums with off-site semi-private cliques are doubly so a recipe for disaster. I'd be cautious about using any option like that except for expressly official purposes and notifications (such as as a means of contact if the site went down).


I like irc the most but it's not like there's any problem that absolutely needs to be fixed in less than 6h, to be fair the board is enough. it's more transparent too.


File:1370759743229.jpg (31.88 KB,225x350)

Also I refuse to install dickord.


File:slacknewdesign.0.jpg (97.48 KB,1200x800)

slack is less of a social media platform and more of an office block.

I would vote for this as a utility, but people need to learn how it works and get used to it which is a downside.


I would likely use alack for a mod team if kissu were ever to need to specialize in rolls between individual projects/boards, but currently all admin work is handled through a private Steam group.

I like that Steam doesn't require me to do a lot of setup in order to track everything that happens, but since this proposal(not a garunteed thing to happen, more of a discussion) community feedback is more important than my own interests.


I don't think any sort of chatroom would be good for this, they are horribly formatted. Even if the logs are available, it's one long wall of text.
I'd say a regular old forum, because imageboards are messy.


It's better for all activities to remain here on kissu as much as possible, and IRC only if the website is down.
Draining more activities away from here is the worst idea possible, especially if that platform supports images. If such thing must exist, it must be a highly specialized topic and must not pander to a general audience (like that translation project).


Just ping the staff? IRC would be the best as you can just hop on without even having to make an account, unlike something like discord. As for discussions just have them on kissu. I don't think they'll be fast paced so there's no advantage in having then in a chat room.


I'm not really sure what kind of urgent issue this would be useful for. Only thing I can think of is CP and other illegal content, in which case the best solution would be implementing a separate report button like 4chan has.


You can run it in your browser. It uses electron after all.


Ping staff is just a more specific situation of "a chatroom that allows for people to discuss kissu more readily with staff around to hear their complaints".

The thing is that, as apposed to kissu/b/, sageru is the place where people have the most feedback to give about the direction of kissu. However sageru is a wasteland and is also abysmal to moderate. I also do not want to program bots to be able to have any semblance of control over it. I would like to have a place where people can quickly tell call something about the site bad or stale and expect someone to be listening.
It's of my opinion that feedback is one of the most important things any org can have, but it needs to be vented in a way that allows it to be easy to do and far away from the people who don't give a shit about it.

That's just my thoughts on where I'm going with this. Give people more of a feel that their opinions matter and can shape the direction of things.
The origonal idea of moderation on this site that it would be an oligarchy of sageru#qa, but not all of #qa is interested in kissu and I don't like to spend time there because of persistence and how awful it is to moderate.


>as apposed to kissu/b/, sageru is the place where people have the most feedback to give about the direction of kissu
I wonder why that is. Is it that they're afraid of complaining in /b/? Or is it that the ones that have issues with kissu don't post here?
I don't see why people would give feedback more readily on irc as opposed to kissu.


A separate, anonymous platform causes less drama.


File:[SubsPlease] Non Non Biyor….jpg (301.81 KB,1280x720)

IRC. No contest.
-Discord is discord.
-Steam similarly doesn't need an explanation
-Slack has a price plan where the owner of a channel gets access to private conversations and there's other issues. Somehow a more insidious form of discord.
-Imageboard? Well, this is an imageboard? I don't understand this one


It's not a whole lot, but it does require more effort to navigate or post on an imageboard than to make a comment in IRC.


imageboard basically the status quo answer. Keep things as they are


Well it's not like anyone will know who you are when you're voicing your opinions in Sageru, and it keeps any meta drama off the board. There's also the bonus that it likely won't explode into a huge issue on there as well. And it's probably the place people feel most comfortable shittalking.


have a good idea for a bot to deal the persistence problem with IRC, but it's such a pain that I'd have to make a bot do this. Every IRC channel on Rizon should have this kind of functionality built in

User List:

A >line one
B has joined channel
(Bot stores B's join time)
A >line two
B >line three
B has left the channel
(Bot stores B's leave time)
A >line four
C has joined channel
(Bot stores B's join time)
C > #display chat
(Bot returns: no messages since you last visited)
C >line five
B has joined the chat
(Bot stores B's join time)
B > #display chat
(Bot returns line four and line five)

This bot holds a log of every conversation and keeps track of the join and part times of every user on the channel. When a user asks the bot for logs it returns every message sent since the user left.

I don't know what kind of server errors this might cause mind you, but such a thing would prevent reliance on bouncers in IRC


What do you think about allowing Tor posting on /b/? Could restrict it to text only no images if abuse is a problem.


i don't want to write more code than possibly a bot


Wouldn't that effectively just mean that users couldn't be banned from the board? Sounds like a bad idea since anyone who had a vendetta against the site for whatever reason could just spam it as much as they liked without any way to stop them (assuming they were dedicated enough to manually solve the captchas).


Maybe you could add a forced 30m+ timer for tor users. It's not like legit users post too fast anyway.


Nvm. That wouldn't work well at all.


You could have a limit of something like 12 messages in 6 hours. If someone started spamming, the only real damage they could do would be to deny Tor posting to others.


The official kissu idling channel is irc.rizon.net#kissu

There's a bit of background talk about embedding it into kissu somewhere, but we'll see.




I've never understood the point of having a communication platform for users of another communication platform. Just cut out the middleman and do everything in one place.

The only thing IRC really has going for it is that it's federated and doesn't need a specific client. Outside of that it's really clunky and dated.


>The only thing IRC really has going for it is that it's federated
Text-only is desirable for real-time discussion. Alternative federated solutions such as Matrix end up being at just another Discord quality in discussion because images are frequently used as a reaction device which reduces information density, encourages shitposting, and distracts users away from the actual discussion.


Different platforms lend themselves better or worse to certain types of discussion. The only main downside is that they can siphon away activity from the site in question.

For most people, I would think that messaging programs like IRC clients or Discord are easier to get into because there's less effort required. Loading up an imageboard or forum and going through threads is a lot bigger commitment than just jumping into a conversation.


you want a certain level of commitment. No barriers means no effort


But barriers also mean you won't hear certain stuff.


I don't see why the existence of an IRC would make /b/ defunct. Seems like something that'd be useful for bringing up stuff that's meta and people rather wouldn't say on the site itself, also could probably work for ban appeals.


Most importantly, I don't have ownership over Rizon so actions that happen on kissu are separate from actions that happen on #kissu


This poll is evolving in an unpredictable way


File:wbrm3gk.png (65.2 KB,863x256)

I'll use this thread to post about what I say on the IRC, since it's not being used for much right now.


Is the no bump limit an experimental thing or will it remain in place?


Everything is experimental. Kissu has no stability.


Okay, maybe the pro-forum talk has gotten out of hand.


I'm hoping that this won't be experimental though.


It's not a forum though. It's an imageboard.

There's actually absolutely no reason for long discussions to be cut off and every told to go somewhere else simply because they enjoy using the thread so much. It's like shooting your core audience in the face because they're using your site.


and under this philosophy, threads need to have pages otherwise it will crash people's computers. Why this hasn't been done before is beyond me


why a site like ota has 1000 threads yet no catalog pages is above me.


Mind you, this is specifically for boards that focus on discussions and not ones that are more sponteneous


Imagine still using IRC in 2021. Don't worry, though. Your generation is dying off, boomers.


someone really gaming for discord


File:f67c6eb8d30119752c1bb8187b….jpg (482.93 KB,1080x1000)

They're all terrible.
I use Telegram and have all my stickers there


File:team_chat.png (43.15 KB,700x299)



Nonresponse bias isn't something you want to deliberately evoke.


That's what IRC bouncers are for. Rizon has one: https://wiki.rizon.net/index.php?title=RizonBNC_FAQ
or you can install ZNC on your VPS.


How can I force everyone in my IRC to get a bouncer?


Just tell them to? Set it on the topic.

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