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I don't think that I've ever needed to close the QR box while writing a reply, and it's annoying when I link something close the box and later find something else I want to reply to but I need to clean the numbers linked by my prior click.


Instead of a "yes vs no" poll I'm going to add the alternative option that it prompts you to confirm if you want to delete all information in a QR before closing so that posters are given a chance to consider the outcome of their action.

This is already being done in the QR form for post queues when deleting a post with contents.



I'm supposing this thread is about the UI on the current beta


It's far easier to remove text than to replace sentences and paragraphs that you've accidentally thrown away by closing a window


modified new ui to do this


looking a bit odd, there's a null in the qr box and it's doublespacing quote links


yes, it's not finished


Double spacing quote links is what you want it to do though


no, no it isn't


oh well, I made it a bit more complicated so it adds a new line, but doesn't stack them

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