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What OS do kissuers use/prefer to use?
I am thinking of cleaning out my SSD and starting from zero installing all the software I need, OS included. Can't decide if I should go with windows or a Linux distro. Will make the decision based on the poll results and the replies.


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Windows. It just werkz


I'm not a programmer or anything and I like games so I just stick with Windows


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does my preference matter when you only gave 2 choices? clearly you have no interest about what os we use because you only care about yourself and want us to make the decision for you
all while telling nothing about your preference
kuso poll


going to see about lubuntu for some dev things


i use arch linux because debian didnt support my laptop when it came out!
but debian is my favorite


Fair point.

>and I like games
The only game I play can be played on both windows or linux so that's not really a problem. Also, I think most visual novels can be played via wine? Since I was able to play "Yagai Gakushuu" which is a pretty obscure VN/Eroge, I believe.

>When you only game 2 choices?
What other choices are there? There's no point in listing OSX since I don't think you can install it on non-apple hardware.
>telling nothing about your preference
I don't really have any specific preferences since anything I do can be done on any OS, I believe. I just wanted to try something new (or not, based on the results) since I will be installing a new OS on my PC.


I kind of want to switch to Arch, but some things that are simple to do in Windows take too much research to figure out how to do in Linux and I just don't care enough to put in the effort.
It is nice to have a Linux installation on-hand for when in case Windows shits itself


>in case Windows shits itself
I feel like Windows shits itself after every Windows update. Are there similar cases with Linux distros?


linux distros just shit themselves whenever you try to do anything without knowing what you're doing


Thats one of my biggest fears of using a Linux distro. One mistake and I could just brick my PC. Though I don't think that will be a problem if I don't "try to do anything without knowing what you're doing". But that's a hard thing to try not to do since that's the fun of using a Linux distro.


>I don't think you can install it on non-apple hardware.
this is blatantly false because hackintosh
>I don't really have any specific preferences
and in the same post you're not sure if obscure vn will run via wine
if you're not sure if linux works for you, and i think windows worked for you previously, why not just install windows and shut up?


There's no need to be rude... OP just wants to hear opinions and potentially experiment for themselves.


It's pretty recoverable unless you do sudo rm / -r
I've done sudo chmod -R 777 / without thinking which bricked the system but was recoverable


Oh yeah forgot about that, though I doubt anyone uses it? Do you?
>and in the same post you're not sure if obscure vn will run via wine
In the same line I said the only game I play can be played on both. The VN line was just a "Hey you can play games on Linux too!" kind of thing.
Where is all this hostility coming from?


i don't use hackintosh, but some others use it because they like macos user interface
see, everyone has different use case so you need to tell us everything you need to run and what hardware you have so that we can give you constructive opinions
instead you give no details and expect us to give opinions that are useless because these are not based on your use case


I dual boot W7 + Debian, using Debian 90% of the time. Pretty much everything works with linux nowadays, including gaymes thanks to Proton.
Install windows first, making sure to leave space for the later linux install. Make create a BootDiskRepair live image on a USB drive just in case anything goes FUBAR you can always fix it, then install linux.


one day win7 will become so disfunctional that I will have to use some sort of distro


Really, my use case is very general: download and watch anime and anime porn, and playing one game that works on windows and Linux. Other than that, all/most of the software I use are freeware available on Linux, in fact I got them by specifically searching for Linux software that worked on windows.
Of course, this is all on the assumption that software compatibility will be the only problem I will have when switching to Linux.
Dual booting huh... I don't think I'll have enough space for that since I only have a 256GB SSD. Its either one or the other for me.


I personally use Debian (the "testing" release). Haven't really explored many distros, so I can't compare them much. I did switch desktop environments from Gnome to LXDE because Gnome was a resource hog. I don't play VNs much; most I've tried work fine, but some have issues. The risk of bricking your machine isn't really that great; the most annoying noob mistake I can recall making was accidentally uninstalling X. But that's not hard to recover from, and easily preventable by actually reading what it says when it prompts you while installing/uninstalling stuff. As for dual booting on a 256GB SSD, that's about the same size as my internal hard drive, and I've had a Windows XP partition sitting around for years unused now; on the other hand, I'm kind of low on space, and when I get around to it, I'm planning on moving the data from the Windows partition to some other storage. I don't know how much more space Windows XP takes up.


well, i'm sure that the windows file manager and taskbar doesn't work on linux, and you never mentioned if you've ever used their equivalents
>this is all on the assumption that software compatibility will be the only problem I will have when switching to Linux.
i pointed it out in my previous post and you still refuse to mention that, usually when you give out more details, chances are you have more reason to not use linux because of hardware issues


I'm gentoo. My install is half broken though and I haven't updated in half a year. I'm gonna change soon for arch, fedora, nix, or guix; I don't know yet.


>chances are you have more reason to not use linux because of hardware issues
I see. Well I have an ryzen 2700, RTX 2060 and 16GB DDR4 RAM.


To be frank, there are more hardware issues if you use Windows7.


Linux isn't as scary as I thought. Despite my near complete tech illiteracy I managed to install Arch btw earlier this year by following their wiki guide and some youtube videos. The problems that appeared later had easily available solutions on their forums. Being able to fix problems yourself plus the triviality-turned-necessity of having the choice whether you want to update or not has given me a really bright impression on Linux after the 5 years of suffering through Microsoft's bullshit.

Foobar through wine isn't as comfy as I hoped it would be and the graphical tablet I bought two years ago will continue collecting dust since it doesn't have drivers for Linux, but luckily all the other software I constantly use are either available on Linux or have passable analogs. 2000's doujin vidya actually work better on Linux than they did on win10. Toho 6 for instance takes zero effort to play in wine than on win10.

It's been somewhat of a bumpy start but guess I'll be sticking with it.


>RTX 2060
there we go, now i can finally give an advice
stay on windows and forget about linux
only if you have new hardware, which would be powerful enough to run newer versions of windows anyways
i have no issue with windows 10 ltsc though, just need to disable auto update and use openshell for start menu
>having the choice whether you want to update or not
it's astonishing seeing that lots of people complaining about windows not knowing that lots of the problems can be easily fixed, they really don't know about windows enough to do so


>stay on windows and forget about linux
Wait why?


I tried the suggested quirks for disabling auto updates on win10 only for them to reset upon the occasional reboot. For all the effort it takes me to ground myself away from Microsoft forcing updates on me and sending screenshots of my desktop to their database I would much rather use something else altogether.


nvidia gpu never works properly on linux
- nouveau driver has very bad performance it's unusable
- official driver has no real wayland support and is very buggy on x11
if you want to try linux, buy an amd gpu and use that instead
apparently you're not using the same thing that i use which works perfectly
it's not like linux is easy to set up either, there are always some hardware problems, mostly gpu related, that bothered me and solutions found online rarely work


What do you suggest? Editing the registry apparently isn't a long-term solution.


you're already on linux and happy about it, so i suggest you to stay on linux
it's not like anything can bring windows to the linux level of control


Well I’ve used Linux for the better half of a decade now but I’ve been getting more and more impatient as the years went by and now the smallest thing that doesn’t work the way I want just snaps a nerve in me and I just went back to Windows on a whim a month ago, more or less. It has its problems, forced updates is certainly not one of those, but I’ve been getting used to it again and so far I’m pretty happy with it. Tracking and telemetry is unfortunate, but certainly wasting my time is too.


The issue isn't updates but whether you want your OS to be your personal fortress or just a "service" as MS has been putting it these past few years.


>I’ve been getting more and more impatient as the years went by and now the smallest thing that doesn’t work the way I want just snaps a nerve in me
dunno how you can bear sifting through inane posts written by indian soccermoms when you try to troubleshoot anything going wrong with windows


I've found that it's easier and less time consuming to reinstall Windows than troubleshoot it to be honest. Same with any other OS really. If something's going wrong with it, I'm starting from scratch.


File:Tech Support.mp4 (7.63 MB,854x480)


Don't know what unusable means, but I used Linux with an Nvidia card for a while and it was fine for my purposes most of the time. I do recall having some issues where running mpv with the wrong settings locked up the graphics card until reboot, though. Probably would have been worse for me if I played games often.


Windows 7 works for me.


well this happened, idk if it's fixed yet and it wouldn't matter on non-bleeding-edge distros but when I saw it it made me glad I chose AMD


The linked bug report says it was fixed by the end of the month:


The old, discrete graphics card in my laptop is no longer supported by AMD, and it's old drivers cause issues with browsers, especially with hardware acceleration so I have to turn it off and use Intel's integrated graphics instead, which still gets regular driver updates after almost 10 years. I never had issues with it on any Linux distro either.

I don't think I'll have an immediate need for a new computer any time soon, but I'll make a conscious choice to buy Intel over AMD when the time comes.

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