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Quite simple really


I don't mind the blog thread


That should probably count as a positive vote for it then


what if I only like my posts in the blog thread


then probably vote for it too
just seeing if i should continue to make them


It's an awkward thing that travels around the index without really contributing to kissu. The fear is always there that people will condense their activity solely there and it begans to subtract from the board itself. But, people are still posting a lot outside of it so I can't complain too much for now.


the type of posts I put in the blog thread are posts I wouldn't have even made otherwise
save the blog thread from being demolished! bombard the kissu headquarters!!


carpet bomb quebec and wherever cool's at!


Well, for the time that it's being bumped, it does detract a little from the speed of the board.Once it's in autosage, however, it stops being an issue. At least, its speed is markedly higher when it's able to be bumped.


File:1494895143627.png (2.69 MB,1920x1080)


File:__kuraue_hinata_yama_no_su….jpg (256.5 KB,706x917)

is there some analysis which can check posting speed when its autosageing or not
really kissu likes theory crafting about imageobards so much that it really needs some kind of high tech analytics tool to help look into the data


the hima thread


uuhhhh I made the ¨tired of this blog just die already¨ post in the blog thread because i wanted a new one dunno if this is relevant


It's pretty obvious looking at it right now. In the nearly 2 days the current blog thread has been up, it has garnered 16 posts. The previous blog thread in autosage took about 5 days to received the same number of posts.


But does a higher speed for the blog thread mean a lower speed for the rest of the board?


Yesterday pushed 300 posts and the blog thread wasn't really all that much a percentage of it. Starting to think the claims it steals activity are unfounded

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