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Now that the other thread has gotten some replies how about a more comprehensive poll on how to deal with the quality of threads on /qa/. (For real this time)



By all intents and purposes, what truly makes threads like >>>/qa/61113 awful is that the OP does not interact. There's some replies there that could potentially branch it into something nice, but for all intents and purposes the OP might as well have been some piece of shit from another board (I can think of many!) who decided kissu was the best place to dump his inane shit today, posted and left (I don't want confirmation of any of this. Ultimately, what matters is what comes across, not whether or not the OP being an outstanding citizen who slipped this one time). It is an empty thread with no meaning at best and a dog whistle at worst. Frankly, I'd make some kind of rule about discussion of mental issues as I'm sure "coffee makes me sleepy" would pass as a much more harmless thread, but then I wonder how genuine members of this community would fare if they truly needed a good pat in the back but got a ban instead.


Delete them until the posters finally start posting in the right board.


File:c3995b33fcbbe0ccba2ab9e037….jpg (550.1 KB,1080x1080)

I think that's probably something that, if the threads aren't to be kept on /qa/, would be taken into consideration before a thread is deemed irredeemable.
(Also I messed up twice and had to delete it, oops~)


You can't talk about quality without setting a standard first.


File:1485831605339.jpg (116.49 KB,1280x720)

Sure, but how do you set such an arbitrary standard in written form, since that seems to be what you're suggesting. What kind of rule would keep out >>>/qa/61113, but not also effect threads of a similar nature that aren't as terrible.


If you don't expect to get replies, i.e. a throwaway thread, it should not be in /qa/. That's where I would set the bar.


File:77249154_p0.png (1.53 MB,1200x1600)

These are extremely important subjects that need a great amount of consideration.

I shall read this and the other thread carefully and meditate on this subject for the next 16 hours. I will attempt to have my answer for it by then.



Old thread is now here. No reason for it to still be up since the question it's asking is obsolete, but it does serve a purpose in that it can allow people to still see the conversation that lead up to this thread.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (278.72 KB,1920x1080)

After thinking about it for a bit...
I don't like the blog thread and I thought it fell off weeks ago, so I don't think it should be encouraged by thread moves into it.
I think a basic agreement like "If you must talk about something in your life, create your thread with something of interest to strangers" would be a good place to start. If enough people feel that a thread violates this (via comments or reports?) it could get deleted


File:dsads.jpg (13.46 KB,310x163)

Wateheck, I was about to reply to Shion.
Precisely, there is no measurable standard. In most cases it boils down to enforcing personal preference. I don't care about that one thread because it's just one thread and this is a massive overreaction.
This I can agree with. I would say it was already an unspoken rule, but spelling it out is alright.


i dont get whats making people so worked up about this. if i see a thread i dont like i usually just ignore it and keep scrolling. sometimes they turn into interesting discussion and i end up actually posting in the thread a couple days later

i also think using "abhorrent" to describe the threads youre talking about isnt correct. i would reserve that type of description for frogs or wojaks, and yes those belong in /trans/. But something that might be of lower quality than whatever bar you have set in your mind isn't on the same level as those and shouldnt be moved to the trashcan.


Treat it another way... the thread that's being referenced here is made by a pretty abysmal poster, but I think banning someone for being abysmal is different than banning for being cancerous...

So the question is less "How do we deal with posts that don't break the rules but are bad quality" is more like "How do we deal with posters who aren't very good but not bad enough to be banned"


My idea is that /qa/ is the more "quality" board on kissu, and therefore there should be some kind of standard for what goes on it, while /jp/ was created as more the board for threads that people don't feel warrant being posted on /qa/. I know there are some people that want to go the no moderation ever route, but I think that as the site grows and the types that make such shitty threads also increases such stances become infeasible. Right now it doesn't seem an issue, but I'd rather nip it in the bud before it becomes one.


>"How do we deal with posters who aren't very good but not bad enough to be banned"
We don't, because that would go against anonymity.


And also taking in >>1193's concern the other option of dealing with it on a per-poster basis isn't really an option seen in such a favorable light. So problems would only serve to become more exacerbated as time goes on.


File:1605656360422.gif (47.72 KB,480x270)

not enough posts post


Your analysis of who's a quality poster and who's not is built on patterns that people follow in posts, and you don't provide any metric of quality or way for people to know what you like and don't like.

Favorable light or not is irrelevant because the judgement of this poster is based on knowledge about who the person is.


cute miku


I mean, I don't really see a problem with anything on the site right now, so it's more just me trying to understand if there's a system that could be potentially better... so I can't put words into your mouth other than how I think and moderate.. namely by disregarding anonymity and making analysis based on how people are responding to them


Every 20 minutes on kissu some boring low quality post will cause a 7 day long struggle session with 400 replies.... it's so tiring
Moderator sees one post that offends them, this warrants developing systems and processes and theory about how posts like this should be handled. when really it feels like the mod just wants an excuse to delete this one thread
this is the sign of a small undeveloped (fragile) community, when this is caused by one single post

really i only wrote that so i could have a post and vote in the poll. this entire post is sarcasm.


I understand, but it doesn't need to be so strongly enforced. Not even talking about no moderation, I mean moving it at most.
In fact, I could flip the argument and say that because activity is exponential, flipping out about blogging would be severely damaging to the site. It's silly.
Every sixty seconds... a minute passes in Africa.


'ate making decision
luv meta
simple as


>Every 20 minutes on kissu some boring low quality post will cause a 7 day long struggle session with 400 replies
Quick! Everybody start making terrible posts! By my calculations, the ensuing meta apocalypse should mean Kissu will surpass several thousand posts in a single day!


posts full of whine should be moved inside OP


Here I'm about to make a decision that will destroy kissu.


regex word filter all characters to "desu"


File:[Chyuu] Kuma Miko - Girl M….jpg (329.15 KB,1280x720)

When are you going to learn to make your sarcasm clearly recognizable from your serious posts.


Around the same time you make a decision on what to moderate.


also this creates a feeling of urgency, that if you happen to miss one of these congressional committees on kissus future and dont submit enough butthurt screaming paragraphs about how the board shouldn't suddenly wrenched in one direction or another that youll come back one day to something totally different



Well sure, looking at the responses to the poll it all seems to be split on what to do with it, but the wide majority is in favor of removing it from /qa/. If it stays like this, I'll probably just go with the least offensive option of moving it to /jp/, which would be fitting the "at most" limitation.


I already did it.


i don't see the problem with the thread
in just under 2 hours it generated over 50 posts about how shit it is


Kissu is basically revolutionary Russia. We're not ready for democracy yet.


File:Swearing-Oath-Ratification….jpg (449.69 KB,1600x1224)

¥when somebody posts shit on kissu


It's so pointless. My staff wants the community to write the rules for them and not commit to setting any standards or acting as leaders... Then again I suppose it's my job to actually write the rules.

Yeah, alright... here's my rule: That thread is fine, I don't really care about a shit poster, but something that blogs about their real life should be placed in lower quality areas of kissu than /quality anime/, they're doing less harm to my sanity than the lolicon spam.


Where to put it(/jp/, blog, /trans/) is up to the decision of the person moderating.


Just prevent kissu from spiralling into /what/ please.


you have to be more clear than this. I know what's on /what/ is gayposting or schizospam.


Failed norman blogspam.


File:Council-of-Nicaea-fresco-B….jpg (732.47 KB,1600x1106)

¥when somebody posts shit in response to shit on kissu


Love the Council of Nicaea.


File:Simon-Evans-TLB-Unpublish….webp (92.88 KB,750x934)

It's super ecumenical, ripper!


File:Kissu Meta threads in a nu….jpg (1.02 MB,1600x900)

More like this.


Very nice.


please don't make a hell board, containment boards are shit


Is it better for Andy to rage on /jp/?


no new permanent boards will be added until kissu has like double the population maybe


Fuck you.


I disagree even with that. If you'd mean to add another random board that is, two (one somewhat serious, one not) is fine.


You don't need to agree. This is what's decided. I don't want more boards at this time.


Uh read it again, I'm not disagreeing with that part of your post.

Posts like this are why we can't let you have your [Read More]...


You can keep dwelling on something that people have already gotten over like a child if you want.
There are no plans for a new permanent boards being added.


Well that's good, and things should stay that way even if the current population were to double.


The idea that new boards could be added if post rates on any one board get too high to maintain quality isn't off the table, but it's not dismissing that there are other options.


File:45349783_p0.png (590.73 KB,659x1188)

I said I would have an answer ready, but many other pressing matters have occupied my thoughts. I apologize for making you all wait for me to give you all the solution. Wait a little longer, if you may.

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