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File:ifunny watermark.jpg (39.85 KB,500x447)

You really don't need to delete it, but some people definitely seem to have a habit of only checking the first page so you should probably make a new one


I only mention deleting the thread because I really wouldn't want to take up two threads on the catalog for the same topic. If I were to delete the thread, I would make an archive of the page and then post a link to the previous thread in the OP of the new thread.

Sorry about the watermark... I downloaded that image from somewhere else and only noticed it after posting this poll. At any rate, it wouldn't have been worth it to delete two posts over something so insignificant.


I'll tie break it by putting it onto archive.org and deleting. This asuming it's 4-4


in effect me deleting it will mean it's on trans for the next year anyways


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