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File:FIEtq6VaAAASLoq.jpg (107.07 KB,1357x2048)


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Do you want the glasses on or off?
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File:1605095520570.jpg (197.82 KB,850x1201)

I like 2D, but only girls.




I like 2D, but not adults.


I like turtles


I like tummies regardless of what's down there.

File:breast side.jpg (52.38 KB,1280x720)


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Presented for your consideration.
(multiple choice)
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top-heavy anti-top-heavy votes


File:[Isekai] Futoku no Guild -….jpg (276.26 KB,1920x1080)

(G)etting Big


File:f28ec31056dc2bd572e7033b25….jpg (6.66 MB,3450x5058)

Uhhhm, pardon me for my intrusion, but could there be something amiss with your nomenclature?


(H)azuki? Well, she still has time to grow...

File:[SubsPlease] Tensei Kizoku….png (6.27 MB,1920x3240)


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The most important decision in /qa/ history is upon us! Choose wisely.
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wakaranai lol


File:[SubsPlease] Tensei Kizoku….jpg (275.09 KB,1920x1080)

If you don't know then you should definitely vote for Silk.


ended up voting for the catgirl because she has the best pic


There really isn't enough information to go on here, but the catgirl seems really nice. But, the green-haired somewhat mature-looking schoolgirl seems the most interesting to me at first glance


File:[SubsPlease] Tensei Kizoku….jpg (255.28 KB,1920x1080)

Actually that's Tifana. She's the captain of the King's Guard and 3rd girl formally engaged to Caim.

File:Mahiro_and_Mihari.jpg (1.11 MB,1920x1080)


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What's your opinion on related characters in a series having similar names (whether thematically or just sounding similar)?
On the one hand, it can be a 'clever' way to link them, but on the other, it results in me constantly getting their names mixed up.
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I think it breathes some realism into the setting. It may just be but in my experience siblings often have complimentary names. It doesn't happen in every family but it happens enough that it's noticeable. My aunts/uncles on one side all share the same initials. There was a girl I knew in school, Faith, that had a younger sister named Hope. They were the youngest of 7 and everyone of them had some name like Faith or Hope; only remember theirs because they were in the same grade and a grade below me, respectively.
Maybe authors give their sibling character similar names to symbolize how close the characters are?


I like it because it's easier to remember names and relationships when there's a base pattern or theme to them.


what i actually keep mixing up are mahiro from onimai and mashiro from hirogaru sky precure


File:[anon] The Idolmaster Cind….jpg (299.15 KB,1920x1080)

It's not something that bothers me too much. I can't remember names of characters in shows 99% of the time so it doesn't matter. In theory I'd want names to be very different and distinct, but that just doesn't help unless I feel very invested (like I can remember some video game rosters from 20 years ago)


It's funny you post that image because I get Risa mixed up with Rika, but have never gotten Rika mixed up with Mika. Is it just that the change is in a less prominent syllable or is it easier to differentiate when there's an established relationship between them like being family?

File:__amami_haruka_idolmaster_….jpg (108.71 KB,527x659)


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Just for fun
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always the same three schizos


It's called a "core community", thank you very much.


my three schizo older sisters always beat me up every day


I don't think you understand the "Lawful" part of Lawful Evil.


i understand it to be about working within the system and keeping consistent protocols in general in contrast to tearing things up and doing whatever you feel like doing at the moment
it's that a lot of lawful answers don't feel very devilish to me

File:[MoyaiSubs] Reiwa no Di Gi….jpg (243.68 KB,1920x1080)


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please someone give ousama just one more vote


my deepest thanks to the silent heroes who did so


File:[SubsPlease] Ousama Rankin….jpg (227.73 KB,1920x1080)

It was going to be in anyway back when it was at 6, it would just be near the end. The threshhold will either be 5 or 6 this time, I think


File:1681958900157.jpg (141.03 KB,1920x1715)

¥tied for second with Destroyers
Little by little, day by day, the congregation grows, expands, becomes stronger. Our Miraculous Lady of Infinite Wisdom and Heavenly Salvation Mitama-sama, Great and Exalted Goddess of the Eternal Land shall defeat the unholy empire, and together with the aid of Her Most Enlightened Messenger Urabe Yukito we will establish the Kingdom of God.


Cute toes.

File:674f5581f9b5f884966d4a9166….jpg (733.78 KB,1061x1051)


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maybe she's just set it on blow mode and she's enjoying how it flaps her tail around
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Nice trips, however, I looked up the artist and can now confirm she does not have a ween. I'm sorry, Anonymous.
The aberrer.


File:[Azure-Subs] The Idolmaste….jpg (148.25 KB,1280x720)

I'll turn your asshole into an aberration if you don't shut up.


Why do they do that? Add abberation to things?


File:[SubsPlease] Kaminaki Seka….jpg (261.78 KB,1920x1080)

I'm going with 'not lewd'. There's a perverted way to look at the image, and it's probably intended, but it's not really lewd in actuality. It looks like she's trying to pick it up or something?


the two guys who voted lewd should marry each other

File:Scarlet Sisters.jpg (391.58 KB,1398x992)



no kimo option?


I like Remi's pose a lot more, honestly. Flan's feels kinda plain.


That's what pushed me to vote Remi

File:[MoyaiSubs] Reiwa no Di Gi….jpg (225.29 KB,1920x1080)


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as long as new stuff goes first


uh wait. does that mean no muscle fantasy show?


File:[MoyaiSubs] Reiwa no Di Gi….png (1.99 MB,1920x1080)

Mashle? Yeah, I'm looking at this stuff. I'm trying to figure out a way to incorporate things because we're looking at an equivalent of like 21 episodes in a stream


wow streaming is hard... no wonder youtubers are paid so well and have tons of employees


if elf passes all the voting i will do pushups

File:R-1681091077684.webp (103.24 KB,600x854)


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How do you want your OJ?
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When I was a kid I spit out OJ all over the floor of a diner because it had pulp in it.


A family member of mine was on this for a while, but the side effects and needing to be on a medication was concerning them. Nowadays they just have to avoid certain foods and drink water with benefiber added in and that seems to help them.


Due to acid reflux issues I quit drinking the juice.
However, if I take real oranges and juice them then I can handle it well enough; must be the preservatives in or something in storebought stuff.
My juice is always pulpy now.


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (274.27 KB,1920x1080)

Huh, benefiber helps? That's interesting. I guess the free-standing (or however you would say it) fibers could soak up the acid? Is that it works?


sorry for breaking your sphincter

File:1449236729554.jpg (257.51 KB,536x800)


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Is gayness correlated with an inclination towards flat chests?
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File:95603766_p0.jpg (1.97 MB,1200x1697)

I'm gay for Youmu


wait i answereed before reading the thread


me too... noticed the question after the image and the poll....



further research into this field is needed

File:instant-pot-brown-basmati-….jpg (101.16 KB,1662x1200)


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I love Sara Lee whole wheat bread. I love whole wheat spaghetti. I love Frosted Mini Wheats. Carbs make me feel good in the mouth and fiber makes me feel good in my other mouth.


File:f5a4ca0a406d4279c94e8bf9f9….png (1.49 MB,2047x1447)

brown cat, white rice


what's this carbs thing everyone keeps talking about


i know, i'm much more excited about protein


I think brown rice is supposed to be higher in heavy metal contamination than white rice. both bio-accumulate arsenic from the soil IIRC.

File:276e3671840f77371cf7e2b5b6….png (3.85 MB,1631x2039)


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Though I would love to do an option ranked poll where you give each a ranking, for this data-mining operation, which do you see as most valuable in your own philosophical understanding of life?
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What if I don't want to benefit humanity, create a fair world, or satisfy humans? What if I want to create as much strife and suffering as possible? Are your rankings still the same for that?


Then you'd be a wojack poster(or worse) and I think we all know what happens to those people online and where they end up in reality.


You forgot to add hedonism.


I refuse to vote.


The hedonist is the one that cares about any of these and not devoting their life towards god.

File:c53a2d6f69f15b63d69dec713….jpeg (10.06 MB,6530x2894)


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I really wonder, how many people are there on kissu that are not into loli at all?
While we're at it, might as well make a general survey on attraction to lolis.
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File:d84ad1da073fb265c22dd53270….jpg (876.11 KB,1637x1158)

fat lolis...


has science gone too far?


has science gone too fat?


File:257595ca972693ec3c47643f7f….jpg (81.94 KB,579x814)

SALIVATING over lolis


>Haet it
Explain yourselves.

File:a1434c7a7e7af80dc1e210fab6….jpg (54.64 KB,472x472)


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File:khqbqupdb5g91.jpg (3.44 MB,2508x3541)


they drew purines as purins (puddings) in cells at work 2


File:3c15ff040bfd6bf8cd2d4c7640….gif (1.39 MB,250x350)

hop in dude


File:R-1677473862860.jpg (259.35 KB,1802x2048)

First I'd need to know what flan tastes like. Is it like chicken?


File:e023039b32364bcd9fa6a50a64….png (2.77 KB,384x384)

just ate a flan i bought from grocery
it was in a small glass bottle and caramel was at the bottom for some reason

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