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This poll has barrier of 3 posts on site.
It covers the discussion of how to handle threads that generate creative content that eventually go to archive. In general the topic of boosting interest in creating original content/culture.

- Cool wants to have old threads that still have value maintain presence on the site in some sort of way.
- I'd be fine with adding more archive functionality since it currently is just a cosmetic item with not purpose. Have votes to resurect and readd them
- At the same time my current interest is cutting back on vichan features and bloat rather than adding to it. .

If there are any more possibilities to the question of "How do we encourage more creative content", then leave them bellow and I'll consider them

I'm giving it 7 days since after that I'm releasing the next big update to Kissu.


Mistakes were made


Poll moved to >>145

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oh dear, white isn't the best color for this


what are brothless noodles
is that like sketty?


File:999999-89686170726.jpg (84.46 KB,800x800)

Mi Goreng was what I had in mind. I don't know the popular term

basically, boil in water but strain and eat alone with seasoning

File:1584151260134.jpg (321.16 KB,772x1080)



oh it worked
I tried to post this like 8 times last night....




The kissu hive mind at work.

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File:ifunny watermark.jpg (39.85 KB,500x447)

You really don't need to delete it, but some people definitely seem to have a habit of only checking the first page so you should probably make a new one


I only mention deleting the thread because I really wouldn't want to take up two threads on the catalog for the same topic. If I were to delete the thread, I would make an archive of the page and then post a link to the previous thread in the OP of the new thread.

Sorry about the watermark... I downloaded that image from somewhere else and only noticed it after posting this poll. At any rate, it wouldn't have been worth it to delete two posts over something so insignificant.


I'll tie break it by putting it onto archive.org and deleting. This asuming it's 4-4


in effect me deleting it will mean it's on trans for the next year anyways


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Which nerds selected Canada

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That story was pretty boring desu~...


peare shaped bodiez


File:IMG_20200301_120204.jpg (70.75 KB,955x588)

I let random.org choose one of my 2 preferences.


Hehehe, refined taste on kissu

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Before you start on your journey, take one of these rare Pokémon


File:happy_charmander.gif (255.31 KB,250x188)


File:d7fbb74f9884859a65e3a7371e….jpg (388.07 KB,900x700)

I prefer fire types and love all of Charmander's evolutions but Squirtle is one of the best pokemon in general. I can't decide!


File:400.png (153.3 KB,400x300)

>Having to think a moment and make a post between Charmander and Squirtle


Bulbasaur is the best of those but Charizard > all so if you plan ahead it needs to be Charmander.

honestly charmander kinda sucks on his own. charmeleons kinda dumb too but mothefuckin CHARIZARD

blastoise is cool too. can't even remember big bulbasaur's name

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wet the face then apply cream


i don't shave


I shave as I shower.


how do you live with yourself


>shaves with soap

File:482_7aXqvBFo.jpg (57.25 KB,300x250)



pssh, too easy


57.25KB of pure image

File:1512512690035.jpg (22.75 KB,454x325)



it's decisive


File:enen.mkv_snapshot_19.30_[2….jpg (114.9 KB,1280x720)

huh, you guys need to speak up before this! I didn't know everyone wanted it gone!


File:15835.jpg (58.17 KB,1000x1000)

everyone is too shy

File:enen.mkv_snapshot_13.23_[2….jpg (152.88 KB,1280x720)


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that poor girl’s back....


those are some huge /poll/s


shut up faggot



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