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well it is and does have the flaw of attracting political attention from the people who take identity language seriously. Bigots are going to come because a site is "woke on calling out the jews" or be repelled by it because it demeans blacks. It slippery slopes a site to becoming political


People can have all the flowery language they want and not invite politics as long as people don't see the place as an opportunity to push their slacktavist agendas. Without more serious discussion to invite in those parasites they'll be unable to take root. As well I disagree on the idea that the anonymous system is catering to individual identity. Sure there may be a general identity which grows to surround a site or board, however for the individual it matters not what their background is or whatever their beliefs may be. What matters in the end is the text in posts said person makes


What's more to add to it the atmosphere which imageboards promote is more of a gathering of "friends" or "comrades" or something along those lines. People who can be inconsiderate or rude towards others without feeling the need to hold back as much as it would be were they complete strangers. Not to say that the sole benefit is encouraging others to act as jackasses. It also helps to bring out those that may be shy into expressing opinions on things they otherwise may not be as comfortable talking about in front of complete strangers. For someone to get too caught up in their own self and be unable to adapt to the atmosphere by maybe shooting back at whoever offended them may be a sign that they aren't too fit to participate in the friendly chats which go on. Maybe in the case the site delved too deep into politics to start trying to force beliefs onto others it would drive others away, but mere choice of words for insults shouldn't be too much of a deciding factor.


Not enough posts my ass. Ban politics outright


Odd that it'd show that message, the issue is that the poll expired a week after it was made.

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very important poll please give opinions
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how about no backlinks :>


useful tool for lurkers


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prefer bottom if inline expansion is planned


I think it makes more sense for them to be on the bottom, but it's ingrained into my psyche that they're at the top so it would take some getting used to

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┴┬┴┤( ° ʖ├┬┴┬
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I'd really prefer not to see that violent stuff, and porn already has its own board unless you mean 3D stuff which definitely shouldn't be on kissu


Just use /trans/


mods dont delete links on /trans/

its a v& waiting to happen


It's not that, it's that I forget. It's hard to get used to the idea of a delete button just moving threads instead of deleting them. I need to edit the post to remove the link before or after moving it


I think he. meant that using it would be a problem, but it's easy to fix as soon as it becomes problem

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I've thought of adding a +1 counter exclusively and only to /megu/ or any other imagedump boards that come up in the future.
-These are the kinds of boards are hard to get feedback on.
-Image focused boards have low risk for misuse.
-Low effort way to gauge response will make it easier for people to post what others want.

If no majority won't do it.
If yes majority might do it in like 3 months or less.
Replies from people are also evaluated into the perception of majority.
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The white color makes it pretty obtrusive on dark themes when almost everything else around it is dark.


well, i set it for blue. I guess I'll use a dark gradient as well


/megu/ needs more than a +1 counter to be a functional pr0n browser compared to boorus
eh if only those weren't infected with homos...


Sorting by score maybe and more gay porn to scare off the norms.

I've put boorus in mind for software 2.0. I haven't activily try to copy things, but I think it should give off a booru vibe


why not implement an option to sort >>/megu/ based on score but leave the default sorting to be default

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just post everything on /qa/, the purpose of /jp/ is more for things that you wouldn't post on /qa/ yourself
/jp/ isn't #jp



I like that on /jp/ you don't have to worry about your thread being good


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right now I'm barely keeping up with /qa/
going from last page to first at best I'll end at 4th before I have to take a break so I can't handle another board at this point


File:1494742673490.png (96.67 KB,744x748)

Looks like you don't need to worry about keeping up now

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"preceded by its quotation is false" preceded by its quotation is false
"preceded by its quotation is unprovable" preceded by its quotation is unprovable
"preceded by its quotation implies I am the Messiah" preceded by its quotation implies I am the Messiah


"hgsfjgkl;sjflksgjdfg" is not 0, so it must be true.


if its true then its false but if its false then its true


That is a true statement, because the statement is declaring that it is false, ergo it would be a true statement due to the fact that it declared itself to be false.

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think it may be buggy for replying


idk what you mean by that, but it has to be an empty message


File:113419c247.png (31.59 KB,567x257)

here's what I mean




that should be the standard on every board

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An interesting Question


it's true, you shouldn't be able to open images without opening a new tab/window either


I'd rather go the opposite direction: We have images, sound, and videos; what's the next interesting kind of file that could work well on imageboards?


update the board software to support teledildonics


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When was the last time otamin updated his site?


File:1421365804025.webm (2.91 MB,1440x1088)

WEBM are just another basic form of media and I'm sure imageboards would have included them from the beginning if the technology was there to support them.
I think it's one of the strengths of imageboards that media can so easily be shared and enjoyed

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In retrospect, was vermin right?
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>I'm not even sure it's made /qa/ slower
Very incomplete, and broad data from the end of December.


manual count shows that it's reduced speed a bit. /qa/ threads are more focused in my opinion and people who want to post simple one day threads have a place to do it without slower ideas having to compete.


I don't think that /qa/ has really reduced speed as a result of /jp/ but instead has just slowed as it's a slow period. Comparing /qa/ alone to ota shows that the two are relatively close in activity and ota has slowed down quite a bit as well too. So this would normally be a period in which kissu would be getting around 100 posts a day, but with the use of other boards it's regularly still hitting 200+


This is the problem of counting activity by post numbers. They don't really mean anything and are subject to season and time more than anything that site owners have control over.

Even if /qa/ were slower, this is what some people have been asking for, and from what I counted the overall board speed is still expected and acceptable.


Improvements to /all/ were requested by two people and done quickly so I don't think it had any impact in the end of the day.

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Q is my choice. It's quite nice.
Although it is today tied to questionable politics, it remains a quality letter.


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Discuss your ideas/opinions on splitting up /qa/ to find a place for threads that are "not/qa/" but still may hold interest to some people. poll probably won't matter much compared to the actual arguments presented withing the thread. This thread is an extension of the discussion that began with >>>/qa/33191
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thank you for replying more seriously


All in all I'm not really expecting you to do anything specific based on what I said aside from separating the concept of anonymity from politics, if you even do that. Most of what I said was just my thoughts on the matter of how anonymity on spinoffs may be perceived by newer posters, and how that may affect whether they decide to post or not. So in a way, it was something I'd rather you just keep in mind in case you figure out a way to act on it somehow since you do seem intent on growing kissu. And to those ends I think that allowing visitors to feel as though what they post will not come under scrutiny of moderation based on who they are, but rather that any scrutiny that befalls them will be by the community based on the content of their post, will allow you more easily to accomplish that goal. Not to say that growth is your primary focus, but it is nice, isn't it?

Aside from that I think you're doing a pretty good job, and seeing how /jp/ has turned out so far is making me reconsider a bit of what I've said before in this thread. So I think however you want to approach what I brought up in this post would be nice (though probably you should still discuss whatever you come up with, if anything, with people here or on /b/, since your initial ideas tend to be a bit radical at first)


it's turning out to be decent because of that. I wouldn't have thought of trying to imitate a text board without some issues being brought up beforehand.


forces people to make new threads more often and gives the OP more power over the replies(drives things to be more on topic). Allowing other boards to be regular means that /qa/ won't be effected and /jp/ can enhance what already exists


in theory anyways. The software's not tuned very well for this.

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How much do you love Ranka?


oh dang I got the title and the question mixed up


File:[HorribleSubs] Murenase! S….jpg (408.02 KB,1280x720)


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Showers, then baths. As it should be.

Bathing in your filth is just disgusting


I'd bathe instead of shower if I had a nice big bath, especially one of those fancy ones with jets for moving water and stuff

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Had to re-add because I set time as hours when meant days

This poll has barrier of 3 posts on site.
It covers the discussion of how to handle threads that generate creative content that eventually go to archive. In general the topic of boosting interest in creating original content/culture.

- Cool wants to have old threads that still have value maintain presence on the site in some sort of way.
- I'd be fine with adding more archive functionality since it currently is just a cosmetic item with not purpose. Have votes to resurect and readd them
- At the same time my current interest is cutting back on vichan features and bloat rather than adding to it. .
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>I dun geddit. Say thread A is at the end of the first page and has a value of 1/2, and then thread B in page 2 is bumped. If all other threads in page 1 are normal and have a value of 1, would thread A stay in place and would instead the thread above it be moved down to page 2?

If the time elapsed since the thread above A was last bumped is more than half the time elapsed since thread A was last bumped, then yes. Otherwise thread A will be moved down to page 2.


Ah! I get it now, thanks.
Then, how would the value be assigned? Would the staff do it or do you envision an automatic system? Or something else.


I was thinking it would be the staff, but many variants are possible.


That sounds really complicated! I think the assigning of value would be difficult and also lead to people maybe feeling insulted if their thread didn't receive the treatment.
With my original idea the cost of admission would be the thread dying so there wouldn't be room for anyone to doubt that the thread died of natural causes

I think dead-dead is the ideal. It's a thread that lived and was pushed off


Most certainly, there's a lot to try.
In that case I advocate for having an extra board/permanent archive through which users can vote on the preservation of a thread currently present in another board or a temporal archive. There may be issues with users not being very active in the preservation board itself, but in that scenario a "guise lets archive dis" or two in the to-be-archived thread should become acceptable.

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