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Tried to vote "yes", but it seems that I already did...


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I'm not exclusive & don't mind standard loli
But giant mature big boobers are more appealing 2bh


voted on my own poll again


depends on whos askin


man who ISN'T?!



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Thread for the seasonal stream voting. You need to post at least once before you can vote


not multiple choice


fixed poll, be sure to vote when you've finished watching, or not at all if you're ok with people deciding for you


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Vote now you nerds!


i'm glad we have such enthusiasm for Sekai no Denchi Shoujo

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what are you gonna do with this information


use social engineering to hack into your kissu accounts


maybe these opinion polls should have a time limit and be bumplocked eventually.

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Favorite boards!
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/b/oring heh


That's why it's multiple choice.


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Good to see /megu/ in one of the top positions where it belongs


File:1591893371748.png (101.13 KB,521x456)

/megu/ used to rule the world...


/megu/ used to rule the world
kissu would sperm when she said the word
now she posts alone
cleans the board she used to own

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Being sick sucks


Drop? I just get 100% OJ and chug it down.


I really have no idea. Uhh... am I picking the flavor here?
I guess cherry is good


Well, technically yeah. It's not really true, but people say vitamin C drops (throat lozenges) help when you've got a cold, so I take them sometimes. The vitamin part may or may not do anything, but it does help for sore throats and coughs I think.


I think real honey with a bit of lemon is best in tea.

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What does Kissu mainly use to listen to things?
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earbuds suck


Speakers or (Over Ear) Headphones in my home
Buds on the go


sony mdr7506 currently


i don't want bother someone and I hiki poor so earbud


interesting picture

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This season is pretty long, and the stream is pretty long as well, also some anime have taken a bit of a turn from what they were originally so this is a poll to decide on which of those and the new shows to keep.

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Is Kissu's organization chaotic in your opinion?

By chaotic I mean it's unclear where to place things on boards,
the board topics are too loosely defined and it creates issues with posting and making threads.
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Oh, but I'll say that people may want to make slower, more serious threads on /qa/ and not /jp/. It's just that /jp/ can have threads like 'reimu poop poop lol' that will push slower threads down so you may not want to put them there, but it's up to people if they want them there



i always use the overboard so i dont even take notice of what boards the posts i see are actually on...

is that wrong? should i be cognizant of the board i'm posting on because of different 'requirements' of behavior for each board?


I'm not sure I'd really say it's chaotic, but I wouldn't particularly call it organized either. It just sort of is the way it is.

The one thing I would prefer some clarification on is when a thread is worthy of neither /qa/ or /jp/ and instead gets shuffled off to /sum/. In the grand scheme of things, it probably doesn't matter if most people use /all/, but I do not.


From what I've read the main confusion is the boundry that's put up between what's /jp/ and what's /qa/ so I think it's best to demonstrate the differences by example and move things around. It's difficult to explain, but I'd like to get away from the idea that things on /qa/ are high effort and things on /jp/ are low effort...

It's more that /qa/ is designed to be verbose and /jp/ is designed to be concise. A thread on /qa/ is designed to last a long time. It's the only board with 20 pages and a stronger emphasis on lifespan /qa/ and /b/ are the only boards with permanent level threads. /jp/ though is for something that you think is valuable, but should be forgotten after page 1 or 2.

A board like /sum/ is sort of the in between of a board that's designed to have anything, yet be worth little. I originally intended for it to be used to place the blog thread, but moving it seemed too disruptive. Eventually dumping the political style content that was not ill nature yet shouldn't be on /qa/ into somewhere else

From what I interpret of the layout, /sum/ is supposesd to be the blog thread put into board form... the blog thread is kind of like an IRC channel so the season boards are the closest kissu has to a true random still following the standards of quality that Cool and I established the site with.
So if you were to post something dumb onto the IRC, then it would be nice to put it on /sum/ as well.

I had this exact concern a few days back when discussing things with staff.

Not really, /all/ is the only board and the rest are simply tags that people who don't want to use /all/ can focus on.


not chaotic enough TBH

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I prefer the new UI because of how much denser it is. I never really noticed it until I started using the new UI, but the classic vichan interface has a ton of empty space.


have no reason to switch from old


why do people switch between them? Is it because of the cookie issue?


Kind of used to hate the new you I am mobile but after using it a bit it's actually a lot better than I had previously thought.


only because I worked to make it better.

File:71578477_p5.png (422.27 KB,707x1000)


does this work?

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File:[SubsPlease] Seirei Gensou….jpg (385.51 KB,1280x720)

Finished Seirei Gensou
Now starting Hamefura S2 and then after that it's continuations. Feel free to vote now.


Voted. Forgot to link the poll earlier in the stream...
Well, hopefully there's still a pattern


since we're approaching kissu dead hours, i'll just stick this to the top of /all/ for a bit and remind people to voice their opinion through to process of ticking boxes and pressing submit


Four people have spoken!
The new shows for this season are:

Kanojo mo Kanojo >>1518
Tantei wa Mou Shindeiru >>1522
Meikyuu Black Company >>1526
Peach Boy Riverside >>1533
Cheat Kusuri Drug Store Isekai >>1534

Maid Dragon S2 will be added as there will be a marathon this week (probably)

Returning stuff:
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finally I know what I can watch on my own

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What's a better platform for an official discussion about organizations. Functioning for meetings, conferences and brainstorming as apposed to playing around, talking shit or making friends.

The goal of this is to determine some possibilities for a kissu channel functioning to allow users to quickly ping staff if there are issues.
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File:team_chat.png (43.15 KB,700x299)



Nonresponse bias isn't something you want to deliberately evoke.


That's what IRC bouncers are for. Rizon has one: https://wiki.rizon.net/index.php?title=RizonBNC_FAQ
or you can install ZNC on your VPS.


How can I force everyone in my IRC to get a bouncer?


Just tell them to? Set it on the topic.

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File:[MoeDesuDesu] Kaguya-sama ….jpg (224.53 KB,1920x1080)

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What boards does kissu hide from /all/?


just /cry/ because im still only halfway through it


no none option


I don't hide anything that's not hidden by default. This post made me realize /ec/ was hidden, unhid it.


can't believe I was missing this!! >>>/ec/4092

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