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File:d465fad878518def5cf63af22e….png (319.17 KB,640x896)


Can you swim?
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The question "can you swim" is more adequately explained as "would you drown if you fell into a body of water".


Its pretty the much only physical activity im good at


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (148.65 KB,1280x720)

Nope. I've never been in a pond, lake or ocean. I guess I could visit a pool sometime, but I've never wanted to. Scuba diving in a tropical area sounds really cool, though, so I guess I'd have to learn before I do that, if I ever do that.


I'm not too sure. I used to be good at it when I was a kid, but the last time I tried I was so unfit that my coordination was terrible and that was already a few years ago. I'd probably get a cramp and drown after 100m if I tried today.


As Yuno would say I sink like a saw, So nope

File:[MiG_MuX] Pripara NCED - 1….png (2.39 MB,1920x1080)


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File:[naisho] PriPara - 08 [C0D….jpg (63.06 KB,1280x720)

As many as there are jellyfish in the sea



No fair! I've been jumping around IPs because I post from multiple locations...


File:[MiG_MuX] PriPara - 014 [B….png (1.25 MB,877x1080)

Having a static IP usually sucks, but I guess in this case it works out...


I pushuu~'d!!!



File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (292.87 KB,1920x1080)


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Why aren't you attaching Mewkledreamy captures to your posts?


Oh, there's 4 results for people not knowing I shared my season one screenshots. Here's the link to the post in the file sharing thread!
But you six people with bad taste? UNFORGIVABLE!

File:[Erai-raws] Araburu Kisets….png (352.42 KB,1280x720)


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How many monitors do you actively use with your computer?
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I had two monitors for a long time but I always focused on one so I downsized to one


2 monitors at home 3 at w___.


I was thinking of getting another computer instead of a monitor. A Windows machine and a Linux machine.


70 responses?... I refuse to believe some people haven't responded twice or something... there's no way...


File:[mottoj] Tsukuyomi Moon Ph….jpg (174.77 KB,576x576)

Kissu is inclining.

File:1451185187041.jpg (127.35 KB,1024x768)


No context
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God damn it I should have read this first, voted 5!



a classic returns


File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (161.13 KB,1280x720)

Now we just wait until tomorrow...


Well jokes on you, I voted 3!

File:675bd940dc65e03a1b0a56485a….jpg (279.91 KB,1280x722)


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pi + 1 - 0.999...


0.333... = 1/3
0.666... = 2/3

Then clearly
0.999... = 3/3 not 1


File:79884942_p0.png (312.6 KB,674x859)

"....It was fun to solve
mathematical problems, but in a deeper sense mathematics was boring
and empty because for me it had no purpose. If I had worked on applied
mathematics I would have contributed to the development of the
technological society that I hated, so I worked only on pure mathematics.
But pure mathematics was only a game. I did not understand then, and I
still do not understand, why mathematicians are content to fritter away their whole lives in a mere game. I myself was completely dissatisfied with such a life. "


Does lim(0.999...^n) = lim(1^n)?


0.999 repeating (I'm assuming that's what the post is referring to) is at a point where it has to be 1.

File:1494965903441.png (541.16 KB,850x1128)


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Be honest, this is a judgement free zone and there is certainly a lot of content out there
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File:fb2fe01f0e6bd1b67a53a84599….png (506.41 KB,557x1000)

No. Never. Of course not.


stop! pervert!! peeeeeeeervert!!!!!!!


Can't do it. Even if you flooded me to raunchy images, just can't do it.


shoebill's p*ssy


why did kaban-chan masturbate to kemono friends

File:91580569_p0_master1200.jpg (615.92 KB,1200x1094)


Are you a man of the left or a man of the right?
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/qa/ plumpers


the important part is that both are embarassed


File:91580569_p0.png (1.2 MB,1536x1400)

For shame!
I had to vote for soft, I think Koruri's influence is too great


Whore you quoting?


Left is way hotter.

File:20180118_150851.jpg (2.52 MB,3264x1836)


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I think if I went I'd be too overly self-conscious about standing out as a tourist and it'd make me really anxious.


File:94481840_p0.png (82.38 KB,532x805)

I want to go to Sapporo during the winter, but I don't know anyone who would be interested in coming along, and travelling abroad solo sounds a little scary. I would probably miss my flight home while trying to figure out how to get to the airport or something like that.


I was there about 2 or 3 months before covid started being a permanent fixture on the news. I'm going to try and move there this year or next.
You'll only stand out as a tourist if you go out of your way to do so, acting obnoxious and so on. You'd only passively stand out as a tourist if you went into a very rural village.


I'd like to attend a major con at least once. Or going to MOGRA. I have no interest in Japan as a country other than that.


Isn't mogra just a gaijin club at this point? I usually try to avoid tourist traps when I am abroad. Although I suppose most of Tokyo is just one big tourist trap.

File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (527.64 KB,1920x1080)


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You can vote as you watch, but you do need to select each option you've chosen, so either keep it in your head or write it down or something?
You need to have made at least one post on your IP to vote.
Vote shows that you want to keep, but remember that more shows mean a longer runtime each week.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


resolved issue. socring probably broken too

File:1605396331689.jpg (74.77 KB,696x650)


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File:eda71802fee73b133a7052c466….png (511.21 KB,796x800)

glad to see kissu has their priorities straight


Is this official art? That Satobutt seems too good for it to not be


File:6e05eae2d478dbc03b9c74c3f8….gif (529.46 KB,600x338)

I don't think so. Satoko butt is just too powerful.


File:1628808368115.png (1.34 MB,1017x1058)

Official Rika butt.


I want to bury my face in it and die.

File:zip.png (7.8 KB,128x128)


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Remade because of a poll issue

Decider Poll for the new archive thumbnail.
This is used on archive files such as .zip, .rar, .7z
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It's not entirely fair though and if others feel like an admin tiebreaker is better then I'll listen to those complaints.


File:111_InputForm.7z (605 B)

congrats to the creators of #1

I'll have to change the url on the kissu-ui to target this new image, but on original-ui it should show.


Um. That doesn't look like the nekobox one?...


oh, it didn't update.. looks like I have no rules for 7z



File:1638750143487.webp (23.96 KB,255x255)


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Decider Poll for the new NSFW thumbnail.
This is used on images which could be not safe for work.
Part 2 excludes less popular variants on the same idea.
This is the final submission set. People may make quality improvements on the contents herein, but no design changes.

If people who voted on >>1662 do not revote in this poll their votes will be moved into this thread when the poll has expired.

#4 and #5's line quality is too jagged so some sort of work will likely have to be put into cleaning them. #1 needs more work to be considered complete, but as an idea it could still be considered.
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could the nazi who posted the original upload the layers so I can remake #4 if it wins?


File:nsfw blue.png (126.26 KB,255x255)

I remade it myself instead if that's okay.

Ironically enough, the Neko Mimi Mode album cover was the original inspiration for the NSFWehrmacht ones. And I even used the same font.


Yeah, this looks good.


File:1638837925588.webp (Spoiler Image,23.96 KB,255x255)

Congrats to the creators of #4


Note that you might need to do a browser chache clear to see changes

File:1638748868613.png (79.9 KB,275x250)


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Decider Poll for the new spoiler thumbnail.
This is used on images which can spoiler stories.

Takes ideas from the previous thread.
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I actually did submit one....................


we could combine all mewkle votes and then vote on a winner out of that, but, well... the poll is pretty one-sided (I don't vote since I'm kissu staff or whatever)
I was going to make something but then I didn't


Gave you guys way too much time and asked for a third design which never manifested. There's so many mewkl variants that if you don't like any of the ones above then you wouldn't be happy with all the votes being combined together to go against Patchy.




File:1639544451322.png (Spoiler Image,65.06 KB,255x255)

congrats to the creators of #1

File:[SubsPlease] Gyakuten Seka….jpg (273.71 KB,1920x1080)


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I don't think there was much talk about any of the fall anime...


yeah it felt like there was posting about most show initially but then everything sort died out about halfway through and was just the occasional post or two when the show aired but even then that sort fell off too


Heike monogatari was the best anime of this season and it's ashame that it's not in the poll.


For some reason I completely forgot about its existence after a few episodes, and it slipped my mind while adding stuff that it wasn't a TV anime.


I kind of just drifted away from watching stuff for this season. There's some enjoyable shows and I watch them in the seasonal stream, but nothing drives me to make edits or threads about them.
The Senpai show is very, very cute and enjoyable. It's my healing show of the season I think.

Part of the reason I lost interest in this one is all the names and locations thrown to me that I couldn't keep track of, so I don't actually understand what's going on with the political intrigue. It'd also be more appealing if you understand the history of it, but it's not something I'm particularly interested in there, either. It was cool to see the warrior monks since I knew about them and I imagine that's how the audience is supposed to react to things, but it's all Greek to me.

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