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9/11 GET lmao

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File:Re-Stage! Dream Days - S01….png (2.47 MB,1600x900)

only finished restage and granbelm that season and restage was my favourite. I remember people posting tejina sempai and symphogear a lot though


Man, this one is too hard because it's such a strong season. Even the Accel spin-off which I didn't think would be very good happened to be pretty good.
But, ultimately, it's the /qa/nime and not my anime and for that I have to go with the voice of /qa/.
I told myself I'd go back and watch Machikado and take screenshots since I watched it with the stream, but I never did...


File:1566742458479.jpg (454.79 KB,1280x720)

It was easy to figure out which show was going to win and I really liked it too but I can't let the Mii:Stage! dream end without trying.


File:1564594491714.png (1.83 MB,1920x1080)

At least it's a strong second among everything else that could've been a choice.


File:1569254853235.jpg (138.3 KB,1280x720)

Doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Ah well.

File:69215797_p0.jpg (946.91 KB,922x1806)


Instate freedom time
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File:1920px-Date_format_by_coun….png (229.42 KB,1920x974)

In America's hubris, though they've managed to increase the usage of the 12 hour clock, they completely forgot to export their date format!


File:1583720510248.jpg (248.29 KB,960x684)

the usa is NOT a free country


People complaining about how, "Japan isn't some 'promised land!' It's a corporate bureaucratic Hell!" always amuses me. The US works more hours per year, has a productivity 50% higher than Japan, and has just about none of the social programs that Japan has.


People mostly say that to get obnoxious weebs to shut up. If you've been told that, it means you're being annoying and they're trying to get you to cool off about japan.


Just do it like the Polish or most of pre WWI Europe and write the month in Roman Numerals

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poll transfer error


I'm hoping to fix in tuesday or Wednesday


something surely epic

File:1522838283116.gif (243.01 KB,420x544)



make it opt-in, not opt-out


File:1461127912937.jpg (59.74 KB,563x800)

Already have it enabled through 4chanX, although I guess not everybody has it installed.


yeah i don't use 4chanx


In Vichan this option as you describe it exists. However I'm trying to escape vichan so the opt out feature would need to be designed when I'm in a good position with that. you should know that this permanently modifies the thumbnail so that people who are not running javascript will have no way to undo it. This means that everything I program will have to be done with the assumption that all gifs autoplay. This also means that thumbnails for gifs are 8x larger. A concern to consider.

Vichan, when you say you don't want it, grabs a frame from the autoplay gif and creates a new display element for it. I assume that 4chanX is loading the full gif on every single image(hence the concerns about lazy loading).
It would be low priority if wanted.

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For non-Americans to vote.
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whats dct


delicious cow tits


I thought it'd be chest tumors


disgusting chest tumors does fit the acronym


File:[SubsPlease] Enen no Shoub….jpg (129.8 KB,1280x720)

boobs make me happy

File:1589452359543.gif (372.71 KB,360x360)


enable gif autoplay on /jp/

File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (301.41 KB,1920x1080)




That's a fairly conclusive result I'd say


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (169.13 KB,1920x1080)


File:81006506_p0.png (12.79 MB,2894x3811)


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What shows to keep? You can vote for multiple shows, but uhh I don't think you can change your votes afterwards so wait until you watch everything I guess?


forgot Higurashi...
well there's no way we're not watching that one of course


Put "Options" below subject in expanded post form
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Because I feel real stupid when I shift tab twice and type sage just to have it show up in the subject instead of saging a thread as it normally does...


Hmm, not sure. How often do people use subject for a reply?


That's not what they're trying to say... The options field jumps up a space when the "View Hidden Options" is enabled. In it's place, the subject field moves to where the options field normally is.


Yeah that makes sense.


I made it that way because it would be like it is on other vichan sites when expanded, but it makes no difference to me if Tab usability is priprotized or similarity.

I can more easily alter the tab order so that certain fields are selected before others


Thread related

File:chickn burg.jpg (211 KB,1140x720)


Is a burg a burg if the burg is not actually a burg?
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Truburg needs a burg, but I would say a sandwich can be a semi-burg if it has burg bread.


File:Ranald MacDonald.jpg (552.15 KB,1125x1500)

When Ranald McDonald defied sakoku to open a fast food restaurant in Japan, he had yet to perfect the burg by adding the buns and toppings. The ground-up beef he served to the nips is the heart of the burg.


File:t-mcdonalds-McChicken.jpg (7.66 KB,300x171)

For me, it's the McChicken


can I put a patty on bread or a bagel instead of a bun?


give just about anything for a nice spicy chicken burg samwich right about now

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both have been very active lately for some reason


yes....for "some raison".....lole.....


why did you think that?


I'm not sure if I'm thinking about the right channel, but if it's #qa on rizon iirc the last time I checked it wasn't in the list. it was a while ago though, like two years ago


If you meant by using the /list command, the channel was set to private for quite a long time for a while. This was because there were some spammers who would come in to any channel that showed up there with a certain amount of users.

File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (385.17 KB,1920x1080)



File:HAGI HAGI 4 LYFE.PNG (237.66 KB,489x342)

the pole results are equal becuz they r both goode


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (287.58 KB,1920x1080)

Hmm, yes. These are some wise words. The world needs both tsugi and hagi, all things in balance.

File:__cirno_touhou_drawn_by_ok….png (172.12 KB,424x600)


Seeing that there's a thread about it on here, I was wondering how many people actually know the the /qa/ IRCs? The ircs being:



yeah but i dont really ever lurk in them. does fun stuff happen in there?


Rizon's not really that active outside of trivia
Sageru occassionally has fun conversations

If you want to lurk one, but are scared to do so, I'd suggest sageru since it's anonymous

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