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 File:1a962753f3e59f5cc7ab632604….jpg (632.95 KB,800x1132)

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lol'd to myself imagining jerking off a horse and aiming its dick so that it cums all over another horse


big fat old neighbour came out of his house shirtless and greeted me


penises are like cow udders when you think about it, you tug them and milk comes out


so this is what happens when ota goes down


haven't bathed in a while


Do people find loud blowjobs arousing for real?


I also smell


gonno stalk anonymous so i can go SLUUURRRRP on his smelly ween


Porn for the blind.


might sperm


what's it taste like


My korean neighbor that's cute invited me to her church


have to shave my hairy fat ass


feeling ambivalent about this thread


same neighbour came out his front door in his underwear to give me some more candy


dreamed i gave chino a nakadashi mating press


blew my load in the toilet bowl


toilet bukkake


This always feels NTR-y


NOTHING ntr about it
just need a place to empty my nutbladder


 File:24.jpg (1.58 MB,1813x2560)


 File:25.jpg (1.54 MB,1813x2560)

All me.


kemono friends with benefits


always cum on the toilet bowl so i don't have to clean anything


lewd thoughts about kuon


can't stop thinking about cunny


megumin's little sister


going to cum myself into a stupor


cummed stupid


want my chinchin to be squeezed out like a tube of toothpaste


thoughts of cunny are driving me mad


cant stop tardsperming


gonna open up the /qa/ milking farm
where all the kissuboys will have their "udders" milked 24/7 without rest


sperming wildly while hollering like a retard


time to let my sperm fly


eat my own cum


think my butter's going rancid


a very /megu/ GET


been churning up lots of butter in my chinchin
think it's time to let it all out


pigged out on cheese yesterday to the point where I had rank farts for hours
then had weird dreams about spraying piss everywhere including on my face because of pissing into inadequate facilities that could not hold my piss such as bathroom cabinets, blocked sinks


they don't know i'm jo'ing in the office


they don't know i'm boning my own sister


wouldn't mind boning my sister


what kind of guide can i follow to bone my sister


 File:95a3ba5dc5b1204e462b35504a….png (602.98 KB,1837x2293)

who else is looking forward to the hidamari stream


put your sister to the test


offer to brush your sister's teeth before bed
the rest will come naturally


wonder how much v hates me


 File:90225940_p2.png (2.8 MB,1620x2366)

I love slutwear but hate how often it's associated with NTR and race fetishism.


think there's three guys who he hates (me the most)
wonder what the third guy did


 File:126be757aaf5c390848961c3f….jpeg (4.38 MB,2480x3508)

Why does a board for porn have a blog thread?
You guys aren't even using sage, which means that you feel that your 5 word blog post is more important than people posting porn on the porn board

get it together!


could be moved to /secret/ i guess


Race fetishism in hentai is unclear a lot of the time, really.
I have seen a lot of artists talk about "black guys" while alluding to tanned ikemen


Soon those artists will be replaced by AI.


 File:ExpelledfromParadise-Movie….jpg (544.42 KB,800x800)

i do feel that my 5 word blog posts are more important than people posting porn on the porn board


Kissu are such assoholics


 File:FaCl8gQUUAAfWh5.jpg (201.15 KB,1164x1502)

I don't see any point in fapping whilst drunk. Alcohol numbs your body, so why waste your built up swimmers on a feelingless orgasm?


whiskey dick fixes quick shots


Being an artist that is known for a fetish must suck, because your fanbase complains when you try other ones


how gay am i if >>>/jp/51396 gave me a boner


Couldnt sperm for like 2 days


that does it, tomorrow I am shaving all of my ass hairs


Ready to fap to Ashley Graham for weeks


Squeezed out some pus out from under the side of my big toenail that I didn't even know I had


 File:8573202ef40983f9432a21587….jpeg (211.02 KB,985x1176)

People are already using AI to make real raceplay hentai.

You know, I think about NTR a lot


 File:32f62c3bc4bd03eba98ee13a05….jpg (288.8 KB,1000x1250)

But in like an armchair psychiatrist why. I dont understand why people find it both so hideous and fascinating when far more degenerate stuff elicits a weaker and much less polarized reaction, when it's very similar to vanilla if you don't read the text.
Also, aside from fan reaction, NTR that actually cares about the story tends to have an underpinning of misogyny that can become increasingly obvious depending on how far the author takes it, as well as playing on the insecurities of otaku who find herbivorous men relatable (amusingly, I think most of the hardcore readership of hentai would qualify as a NTR man compared to generic nice herbivore MC).


And that's not even talking about JAV NTR, which I cant watch too much of because of the squeaking being a turn-off


Also, as far as I can tell, Japanese raceplay doesn't seem to be a gateway drug for gay interracial sex the same way it is in the west


I wrote a long post about how NTR reflects the general undercurrent of uneasiness and anxiety in Japanese society, but analyzing porn like this usually falls to confirmation bias. Like whenever someone makes a societal conclusion about the popularity of a certain genre of pornography, more abstract genres like inflatable toys that are strangely popular are always ignored. Also the way people tend to compartmentalize sexuality makes it moot anyway


now I got razor burn all over my ass


what do dragon dildos mean


ate my own cum again


hope nobody at the j*b smells it


Kimo Blog is hooked up to Sageru


Connected in relay to Sageru #sex


let's have sex


what the FUCK


sex NOW




sex fuck



i'm cummer


my room reeks of semen,, it's quite disgusting


try putting your used cum rags in a sealed baggie it'll smell less!


I put mine in the mushroom box


mfw accidentally leave the bag open and mom makes a disgusted face when she opens the door


challenging myself to fill an entire shotglass with my semen in a single day, don't know if i can do it


that's only 2-3 sperms worth of cum...


Kissu-Chat Ver0.0 (!relay for info)




sex with my mom


can i sex her too


sex with my sister


can i sex her too


sex your own sister


i cant sex her


why not


mom will kill me


that makes it even better


forbidden romance


its not fun if i die immediately


become the modern successor to exiled-kun


I want to fuck my sister




I want to make love to my sister


how cute is your sister


we could swap sisters


she is extremely cute






how old?


older than me


mine is 17 :3


flippin teens


flippin teens... ////////////


flip off


other anonymous, describe your sister to me


my sister is 40 and looks really good for her age


can i have her?


is this still on


go away gay fantasies


 File:106942474_p0.png (713.39 KB,960x1080)

I can't fap to traps or shota anymore without being reminded of this normo meme.


Don't be silly, that's like saying FBI crap ruins loli. I never even made the connection when looking at either of those, since the meme's about regular grown-ass men.


love smelling my balls it's such a nice smell



 File:106863809_p0.png (855.63 KB,1920x1080)


Mock me all you want but that fly NTR series is about Koreans


i am absolutely not mocking you i agree that it's hard to tackle and sometimes it can get particularly ideological while other times it's very vague and hard to fit into anything


fucking foreigner coreans in my anime


gonna crank my hog to a mewkle


I have been sperming too much, I think I might drain all my bramaidenlessls




hasnt anyone ever said brain cells like that before


 File:43aefd757c09bac3b453218f8f….jpg (93.53 KB,724x1024)

ewwwwww kimo haha


does not seem like it


 File:[MTBB] Oshi no Ko - 01 [51….png (1.71 MB,1920x1080)

Tehe~ I'm not actually pregnant! I held a free and open meet 'n' fuck and got bloated up and pussy plugged up by two and a half thousand fat gross diabetic homeless old guys for over eight days without breaks!


The sperm bank in her tummy coalesced into twin soulless homunculi, that's how she able to catch the two's souls.


wanna crank my hog to a used goods single mom whore while developing a parasocial relationship with her


I just made my first cum bubble in my life and I wasn't even trying.


the cunnym@ster


rest in peace miura what a boss
cranking one out in his honor


reminder to read gigantomachia good rori pissssu minimanga


I seriously wish I could just watch a woman getting fucked by 2500 nasty motherfuckers all filling her up with their stinky cum.


what do you have to eat to make your come stinky and nasty? like the opposite of pineapple, a rotting fish or something




Never noticed it tasting worse after a choccy.


spermed to kuon butt


spermed to korone butt


the buttspermers


there's a teen copying my style and i don't like it find your own


my style IS copying other posters' styles


Whos hungry? I'm making spoogeghetti.


Also this was never answered
is Nemona a gyaru?


The original of that normo meme is one of those works like kusomiso or I'm the Sexiest where I cant imagine gay men or straight women being aroused by it


It reminded me of The Ultimate Orgy.


of ultimate destiny


 File:b335556d561da9951ec2cc049….jpeg (2.54 MB,2894x4093)

This is such a great thread and has lots of porn in it so I'm going to sticky it so it sits at the top of /megu/ 100% of the time instead of 99%. I hope I hit the right button


I wonder what a modern version of the Ultimate Orgy would look like.


 File:64c953ad5ff9ce70eae4a30121….jpg (106.14 KB,750x750)



I like every single on of you. All of you are cool, witty, funny guys who spend your free time with awesome activities such as "blogging", and of course, spending a wild time in the own zone. You are the greatness that lacks in the world. I think I'll name my son after you. Megu Smith, great ring.


dick hurts


Meg Gummin


hope the fartposter posts more farting japanese girls


Will do! I'm glad someone here appreciates the posting.


ate banana (with my lower mouth)


Shat my brains out


NTR is so lame nowadays


vomited everything in my stomach at four in the morning
not sure what caused it


still awake, vomited out my sleeping pill again


I badly want to get honey-trapped by Kim Yo-jong and be turned into a sex slave who is beaten and pegged often, only rarely gets her pussy and am verbally abused for being western. Am I weird/bad for wanting this


And also use referendums to humiliate me


like trying to feed a cat its pill





Dont know if I wanna be a virgin for life


kim yo-jo'ing


 File:965a3b58fe26a8cebb04614993….mp4 (Spoiler Image,15.58 MB,1280x720)

I hate the way japanese women squeak. I really liked the bj part, with the handholding but when they fucked it was ruined


 File:88130009_p4.jpg (2.2 MB,2082x1461)

always the same three schizos


me on the left


 File:Screenshot_20230522_155320.png (233.91 KB,580x496)

spermed to kereno again, i'm really not into the birthing fetish at all but everything leading up to it is fine. preggo xrays are KIMO


Anal sex is very good except when chocolate touches strawberry


eurgh, big cloudy fuzzy ball of mold strands the size of a boob was growing inside my rubbish bin and stinking it out


yeah that happens all the time
all you have to do is dump the bag like once a week


i already do that im not some bag non dumper and this was the first time i saw it
i think its because i cut some moldy bits off a block of cheese and put them in the bin


back when i only ate veggies it happened anyways
not boob sized but i thought mold of all kinds was normal
even sticks to the bin itself sometimes


hate mold


Miss this thread




the missers


 File:XxJCgm9Y2k7eQDIj.mp4 (678.29 KB,540x540)



spermed in bed while imagining this image using my foreskin to hold back the sperm


that shab sure likes that horse cock


hey, this isn't a blog! it's a non-blog!


hurt my cunny on niisan's dick


dick getting hard tempting me to fap when i really should be going to work


i need to replace my toilet
skibidi skibidi skibidi

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