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File:[SubsPlease] Seiyuu Radio ….jpg (98.82 KB,1280x720)


Idols have an obligation to act out the fantasy they sell at all times. Admitting you're a hag, a gyaru, or a non-virgin is a betrayal and should be punishable by public stoning.


File:1483769847681.png (492.09 KB,614x578)

And if my fantasy is a mega gyaru seiyuu?


What about a gyaru hag non-virgin?


I WANT my idols to be massive slutes.


What if you had your disgusting fantasy seiyuu who was 31, rocked gyaru fashion and tons of makeup, and was always talking about the plethora of men she conquered, but then one day she told you she was actually 13, just dressed that way for work because the agency thought it would sell, and was a huge virgin? Would you be okay with that?


aging that bad she might just die at 15


some of my favorite seiyuu are over 30


File:1475187548096.png (331.85 KB,1280x1245)

ony of my favourites got arrested for drug possession


Or so you think.


File:6024d7e5ff2a62adfe15f607bb….png (180.27 KB,800x800)

druggy ninja's VA was also a druggy in real life, that's dedication


what does that mean...


What if that's not the real them? What if they're just playing the role of someone over 30?


File:1518173580975.jpg (105.61 KB,1280x720)

I would be ok with that, they already pretend not to have boyfriends


I want an idol to nonchalantly go on stage with a big preggo belly


I just... nevermind, it was someone else

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