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File:GMveAtKXAAAj3pD.jpg (147.61 KB,768x1344)


So I was going on a date with what I thought was a /qa/ boy. Everything was going fine at first, but while sharing dinner together we were going through our likes and dislikes and he asked me a question about favorites concerning the m-word. I was taken aback, did this motherfucker just dare utter that word in my presence? I pressed him to explain what he meant. Why possibly possessed him to use that general cancerous term as a blanket for every single type of internet joke or behavior. Did he mean image macro? Funny video? Copypasta? Thread ritual? I explained to him that term could have meant anything under the sun and instead of acting like a subhuman in my presence and ruining the atmosphere of this upstanding establishment maybe he should go sit on the sidewalk outside and post on [s4s], /bant/, or some other board that's more his speed.

After that I was trying to enjoy the rest of my meal on my own, but left to my seldom I had an itch to check what was going on in /qa/ so I opened up /secret/ and was confronted with a thread containing both buzzwords and improperly used language in the opener. Fury nearly overtook me as I was forced to make a conscious effort as so I did not disrupt the tranquility of the atmosphere around me. Not wanting to be a dirty phoneposter I went up to the main desk and requested the check so I could get out of there and back onto my computer so I could berate the imbecile defiling my board and chastise vermin for his reckless softness. On my way out I spotted the pipsqueak who'd been accompanying me on his phone. I nearly walked away ignoring him before I noticed the avatar in the video he was watching was that of a vtuber! I'd had enough of his nonsense and the idea of someone of his likeness associating with my /qa/ was too much so I took him into the alley and proceeded to beat him dead. That relieved enough stress for me as I was able to return home and sit down at my computer to stare at 4stats for a while before taking a nap.

To conclude, fuck Vermin.


> Vermin
> Soft
Top kek


File:nepdeadin.jpg (36.87 KB,240x290)

Almost makes you wish for another board freeze.


>fresh memes
>on /jp/


File:C-1715725708768.png (1.86 MB,1920x1080)

Did you want some too?


File:1558271278683.png (20.72 KB,348x205)

When I was a non-NEET one of my cow*rkers showed me one of his "spicy memes" (image macro) during lunch. Needless to say it was not funny in the slightest and I just replied with an apathetic "yeah very cool".

By the way I first read the thread subject as "bad odour encounters" and wondered how that related to vermin.


I remember back when I knew someone that'd scream out in public that they lost the game...


i really like this expression


>reckless softness
I like the reckless softness in the pic


File:1701322877742.jpg (324.27 KB,1920x1080)

i wanna go on a date with a /qa/ boy


I wanna become a magical girl and hold hands with another /qa/ boy that has also become a magical girl through circumstances beyond out control.


I would prefer a more rackless softness.


I wanna go on a date with a /qa/ girl and trigger her semantics autism so that she drives me away with her passive aggressive ranting and ends up spending the night alone with her cats yet again.


did she really drive you away if you planned it out
am i doing it right surprise


You assume that you would have no instinctive response to somebody shouting at you like you are the asshole who coughed and started the bubonic plague, especially if that somebody climbed onto a chair and is standing on her toes to be at eye level with you.


File:__ogawa_sumireko_kaii_to_o….jpg (185.49 KB,1141x3483)

Speaking of /qa/ girls, a new episode just dropped.


File:shijima question.png (80.78 KB,442x326)

If she's a /qa/ girl why was her bad show kicked out of the stream?


File:96841066_p2.jpg (210.89 KB,900x1200)

Must've been the work of Big Loli trying to prevent more anons from converting to hagdom.


that's not what usually happens...
giantesses and fatties are also working against shota


File:1708463815127.png (872.46 KB,960x946)



/qa/ girls don't have the confidence to shout at anybody. They wouldn't even be able to maintain eye contact when pretending like they don't know exactly what your 4chanspeak meant.


/qa/ girls have high confidence as a result of their huge cocks

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