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File:Kanehito_Yamada.webp (4.21 KB,180x180)


Artist caricatures can be neat


File:C-1707668517784.webp (8.77 KB,180x180)



File:C-1707668542919.jpeg (86.29 KB,1280x1041)



File:RAPE AND DESTROY.jpg (66.1 KB,621x856)

Oh I like these


The Hidamari author got her own character songs.


File:C-1707670024531.png (609.92 KB,850x478)

The strongest author.


File:71056261_p0.jpg (261.49 KB,1000x1000)

Ooh, yeah I do like these. But... I can't really think of any that I can remember.
I guess I can think of something that's kind of similar... maybe? Matataku has a white cat, usually standing on its hind legs, making a shocked expression in a lot of his stuff which is sort of like a second signature.
Would that be considered a caricature? My assumption is that it is or was a cat of his.


File:that's what a pervert woul….png (280.3 KB,1662x1200)

There are only two places where you'd run across them: in the afterwords of the manga (if there are any) and connected to random twitter-like comments like with WSJ. So, I don't really know a lot of them either.
I like the afterwords that Kaoru Mori writes. Pic related is one of her more famous moments (from Emma).


artist blog

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