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File:[SubsPlus ] Gushing Over M….jpg (217.35 KB,1920x1080)


There's been many a time where I've stumbled upon a character and ironically stated, "Yup, that's me". Pretending or even lying to myself that I'm that character. But that's not the case here, this is me. I am literally Magia Baiser, Baiser is me. The mangaka wrote the story and I was who it was based on. You could not possibly craft a character that was more me than this. That's because if you were to change anything it would not be me, since it's me.


File:1706205651131714.jpg (197.67 KB,900x1350)

This isn't me, but I wish it were.


File:Undead.Unluck.S01E14.1080p….jpg (270.56 KB,1920x1080)

I don't like her very much at all. This time it's me for to be the odd one out on kissu and say that I'm not a huge fan of the show itself, although it's cool to see how far they go with the nudity and such


sperming over magical girls


File:37e3bf51a087f80a820665e4f7….jpg (261.77 KB,1920x1080)

I feel you, anon. It's fucking magical how well they managed to capture the entire mindset behind it all.

She gets us, and we get her. Cherish that feeling.


File:16154612415621415151.png (162.4 KB,1125x1600)

>Individuals under the age of 18 must not view, use or post on Kissu

I've been trying to catch you in the act for so long. And now you have finally confessed.


holy fuck this site is full of


yeah i'm a 14 year old girl
what of it


File:intro03.png (318.43 KB,1732x1940)

Hey, kid. Wanna become a NEET?


File:R-1706279929883.jpg (21.32 KB,178x188)

Young and fresh pissteens...


Utena is way too young to dress like an old women!


The clothes are her closet (or her shackles, if you will).
She herself is a bundle of sexual aggression and fetishes. If not for these clothes, she would not be able to have a civilian life.


File:stares at you for 30 secon….jpg (808.94 KB,1920x1080)

I thought they were JKs. What the h*ck.


this anime is hella pasted


Mahou shoujo can't be JKs. How the fuck is a JK a shoujo? Nobody wants to watch mahou hags.


File:__cirno_kaname_madoka_yasa….jpg (267.23 KB,806x1200)

>Nobody wants to watch mahou hags.
You sure about that? There is definitely a market for cute hags.


The anime probably won't show her, but this story has a 20-year-old magical girl.


File:1593375705706.png (565.16 KB,585x480)

>cute hags


i dropped the hag version of precure because i was hoping they would transform into adult magical girls. they did not.


What, seriously? How do they fight the evil guys then?


File:Magical Jill.png (400.18 KB,1000x706)

a hag mahou would be fun i think




they transform into the kid versions of themselves




File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (435.45 KB,1920x1080)

Frieren also speaks to me.


pleased to meat you Frieren


they sure do enjoy making the food comical in this series


seems the be a recent theme with elves and eating


the announcement of the fat elf anime opened the psychic floodgates


Hope frieren brings back skinny girls


Looks like she's in a runescape PoH


File:1626150775867.jpg (1.91 MB,2105x1488)

Oh, you've got guts saying that 'round here


She wants to be skinny too. That's why she's eating an orange and tea


File:Gabriel.webm (314.67 KB,434x540)

No hags allowed




love it when characters are literally me


So, are you watching It's Time For Torture, Princess?


File:[SubsPlus ] Gushing Over M….jpg (254 KB,1920x1080)

The struggle is the entire point, you dumb mahou bitch.


File:[SubsPlus ] Gushing Over ….webm (Spoiler Image,10.86 MB,1920x1080)

I like how this episode really cemented that Utena admires mahou shoujo over simply S&M. She doesn't want her idols to be ruined, but she wants to make them suffer and be forced to overcome hardship to achieve victory in the end. Also Utena's seiyuu was top-notch, hard to believe she's really a newbie.


Sadism has many motives beyond just pain, though. It could be because you want to see everything your lover can offer, positive and negative alike. It could be to help them overcome pain and grow from it as a person. It could be to instill a sort of dependence on you so you can protect them. I'd say in Utena's case it's a bit of all three.


The chaotic good character


File:f337a9be49a688ab18e3ae7e35….png (1.49 MB,1059x1500)

la bruja correctora


File:Futoku no Guild - S01E12.m….jpg (340.98 KB,1920x1080)

Man, I just don't get it. People are really excited about this show, but I just don't see it. It's interesting to see what they're able to get away with, but it just doesn't draw me into it at all. Why is this like 10x more popular than Immoral Guild?


Because they have a lezdom fetish. Same with every hentai series


Also cuz immortal guild had inappropriate comedy in the titillating parts


Futoku was the better show, but the ecchi was mostly boring monster stuff with old hags. Only perverts are actually aroused by that, normal people just think it's weird or funny. JCs being corrupted into sex-crazed sluts speaks to people on a primal level even if nothing around it is worthy of note.


you know mangafags are really upset at the adaptation they're saying it's lots of filler with chapters shuffled around


File:Futoku no Guild - S01E04.m….jpg (747.29 KB,1920x1080)

But there were two... well, yeah it was definitely more humorous. This mahou one is extremely sexual and doesn't relent and I can see the appeal in that


Remember when people said the Olympics were gonna neuter anime's sexuality


dodged that bullet thanks to covid


Should she rape old utena


File:1674765458840184.webm (3.81 MB,960x540)

Toxic is a hag. A sexy hag, but a hag nonetheless. Only Maidena is a sex-crazed JC and she only got one decent ecchi scene that only showed up on the BDs. I guess there was the titty face girl too, but she also lacked action.

Anyway, the point is that tentacle bondage and slime dissolving clothing is pantyshot-tier fanservice and that two humans engaging in lewd acts with purpose is infinitely more ecchi.


File:[SubsPlus ] Gushing Over M….jpg (325.77 KB,1920x1080)

I am a creature of sexual desire, yes. But that doesn't mean that I automatically perk up and lose my mind each time there's a pair of tits on the screen. I need more than that to titillate me. Further, to actually gain my appreciation an anime needs to go above and beyond in excelling at character and passion to endear me to it. Futoku no Guild was fun, and had some nice ecchi and comedy to it, but that's most of what it was. Laid back and nice. It never allowed me to quiver in excitement or lose myself to the screen. Something that MahoAko does constantly.

Utena's passion for magical girls doesn't lie in her want to corrupt them, but rather a twisted desire born from her admiration of them (Hence 'Akogarete' in the title that the tard localizers tl'd to "gushing over" in its english version). >>69932 probably put it best in that Utena's sadism is in part a way for her to acquire a greater understanding of the totality of those magical girls she's cheered on. She wants to see them suffer and struggle, beaten to the last ounce of strength, and then she wants them to stand up with pride that overcomes and defeats her deviant attacks. Of course, there's also the sexual aspect to her acts that she gets off on, enjoying the pleasure and pain she's forcing on the girls. But that fantastical roleplaying element is first and foremost. This is shown best in the latest episode where she loses interest and instead shows disgust when Azul shows signs of succumbing to pleasure. She may be horny and sadistic as all hell but she has principles. Which I respect and see her as more of an actual character for rather than ecchi convenience device. This anime and its main character don't just objectify magical girls for cheap sexual gratification, they genuinely love them.

In my specific case as well, I'm somewhat of a sadist myself so I thoroughly enjoy the ecchi put forth by the anime. It's done extremely well in a way that ticks all my boxes for enjoyment. Including a divergence between myself and Utena where I more enjoy the breaking down of Azul's will, but at the same time in my AI stories as soon as that's done I'm also done with the character since there's nothing more to play with so in my own way I find her continuing the struggle against that pleasure hotter. There's probably also some subtlety's in the way the scenes are directed that make them more eyecandy to me than stuff in Futoku no Guild as well, but that's harder to really articulate since it's not my brain doing the thinking in that case. Add on top of all of this that the seiyuu cast is absolutely phenomenal (despite having a fair bit of rookies including Utena for whom it's her first real role!) and it just makes every single scene that much better. I have to think that my enjoyment may only have been 2/3rds of what it currently is if not for this god-tier cast and the effort they put into the roles.

When it comes to the rest of the cast I can't help but love them as well. Venerita's unabashed and comical propensity towards evil gives me a chuckle every time. Alice is extremely cute, though we haven't seen too much of her. I like how her power reverses the roles others normally would assume over her as a sleepy and shy loli with the implication of her being truly open and honest inside of her playhouse. Kiwi's a bit bratty but I like her one-sided possessiveness of Utena and hot blooded nature. Then speaking of hot blooded that brings me to Sulphur who's probably my favorite outside of Utena right now. Her accent combined with her Yankee mentality and absurd strength make for a sight to behold and stare in awe at as she tears off the kiddie gloves when not in the public eye. Magenta more than the rest is the perfect mold of what a proper typical pink is: pure-hearted, empathetic and outgoing, a firm believer in justice, and a bit of a baka. Azure is a fat cow that struggles against her instinctual animal heat and I love watching her mind slowly break through discovering her M side. Vatz acting as more of an idol manager than magical girl mascot is pretty funny as well. In addition to the charms of each character, the anime knows how to utilize them for interactions with each other well, and some of the developing character dynamics like between Baiser and Kiwi or Magenta and Alice give me great pleasure.

The story too is just the right mix of serious and silly, where most of the Tres Magia vs Enormita is treated as more of a playful bout, even by the team leads Vatz and Venerita, while there does seem to be a reason in the grander picture for why the magical girls even exist.


I think 'gushing over' was supposed to be a lewd pun more than an over localization, really


I guess that could make sense


The censorship of dialogue was new to me and really really dumb.


As someone who knows mahou shoujo fans, this analysis is true for a lot of real magical girl fans, who tend to be much more fetishistic than most other "sub-fanbases"(?) of the anime fandom.

Tags for precure can get quite /d/ for example, and the volume of this content is surprising considering how niche this genre is among adults


File:Futoku no Guild - S01E02.m….jpg (540.75 KB,1920x1080)

Thank you for the thorough response. I guess that was another thing I was going to mention; I don't like how mean it is. Immoral Guild is happy, although there is a bit of bullying that ends up not affecting the characters at all. It's a "Kyaaah~ kimo!" instead of mentally breaking them. They're still happy girls enjoying life.

Yeah, after googling it it says that it means "yearning" so it doesn't seem some bastardization to me. I'm pretty sure I saw someone mention this on nyaa in the first upload. 'Gushing' seems like a witty double entendre to me, but it's true that it's not a direct translation.


They should've had the fat dog get fully /ss/'d. That would've saved it in peoples minds I think


File:1706475340591286.jpg (2.14 MB,2480x3508)

lol this dudes gotta read an essay to get a boner


>This anime ... don't just objectify magical girls for cheap sexual gratification
It absolutely does. They have about as much depth as the average hentai mahou shoujo. The most significant relationship building they've done so far is people wanting to befriend the girl who doesn't talk because they have Alice Syndrome.


File:[SubsPlus ] Gushing Over M….jpg (248.27 KB,1920x1080)

Sulphur has been built up a fair bit for not being part of the main villain troupe. She's been shown to be more than capable on her own and takes a slight issue with the PR side of being a Mahou Shoujo. Not to mention her rivalry with Kiwi that's in both IRL and while under magical disguise.


File:whip.jpg (140.83 KB,850x1032)

> >>69932 probably put it best in that Utena's sadism is in part a way for her to acquire a greater understanding of the totality of those magical girls she's cheered on.

I'm mostly just projecting examples my own sadistic motives there, given Utena so far has been basically an accidental self-insert.
That being said, seeing Azure's mind slowly melting with lust is where the two of us diverge. I loved seeing her fall apart and would have playfully teased and blue-balled her about being the miserable slut she is. Utena was genuinely disgusted by her though, which is understandable if you consider she has a much bigger history and more expectations towards Tres Magia compared to me just wanting to push every button of every girl (especially Sulphur).


The other big difference, of course, is that she is a 14 year old girl who is only just exploring her sexuality for the first time - there's nothing abnormal about her having particular expectations, boundaries, and disgust responses to sexual situations that someone more experienced would lack.
Who knows how much of a degenerate she'll be when she gets to your age?


I can't speak for others (obviously), but when I read the manga of Immoral Guild, I just found it meaningless.
They head out into the woods and get molested. By accident.
Then they go home.
The cycle repeats and repeats. Because there is no intelligent belligerent force, the molestation is not a temporary falling-behind in a prolonged struggle (against that antagonist), but rather a personal failure. Like a clumsy person might stumble and fall on her face.
But then it happens again and again and again.
It's frustrating. You read of the misadventures of a band of buffoons who lack the faculties to fix their lives.
There's also a boy with them who keeps getting blueballed when his teammates are getting up to sexy stuff around him whereas he is never getting any.

From every perspective, the story was just endlessly frustrating.


File:Gushing Over Magical Girls….jpg (4.56 MB,2701x3840)

they absolutely have way more of a personality than any stock and/or gimmick characters
but honestly it's utena that carries the hardest
the cycle of tard

Anyways, I went and read the manga up to volume 9, and can say last episode with Azur's recruitment flashback and breaking point was indeed delayed and actually takes place after right Alice's introduction, it's episode 10 in vol 2 and would've been like, episode 4 rather than 6. After that there's some long plot development that'll kick off next week. Some of the things we were shown like Magenta and Alice playing together or Kaoruko's flashback take place way later, in volumes 6/7.
Anyways, I enjoyed it a fair bit. The mindbreak will continue until morale improves.


Two anyways..... that's what happens when I write out stuff separately

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