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File:F0RcKyHaEAAGIyD.jpg (482.52 KB,1126x930)


How does genetics explain this?


they're not related


She's a gyaru, everything about her is FAKE


File:83701982_p0.jpg (352.91 KB,900x1327)

It's just art-style distortion, like how when characters go chibi for a scene it doesn't mean they actually get smaller in-universe, or how sometimes characters are drawn with blue hair yet in-universe it's referred to as being black.
Here's how Kaede is canonically supposed to look like.


wonder what paizuri with a pair of fake gyaru tits would feel like


File:Untitled.png (43 KB,874x744)

The big sister took all the bad genes so only the good ones were left for the little sister.


Depends on how good they are


I think its funny that onimai is very controversial for multiple reasons, but kissu's biggest problem is they made Kaede a titty monster


Feels like rubbing your ween between two basketballs.


File:flat.jpg (25.25 KB,397x288)


Thank you for enlightening /jp/ with Mendelian genetics and your Punnett square.


flip fat shabs


>I think its funny that onimai is very controversial for multiple reasons
I love onimai because it makes all sides of the stupid political spectrum sperg out. It's also one of the one usable threads that still exist on old/a/.
>kissu's biggest problem is Kaede titty monster
To be fair most everyone that has been reading the manga was put off by the change of this character. She's be changed in so many ways for a few cheap jokes.

My problem with onimai anime is the extreme lack of pantsu.


big boobie nice !!


I'm pretty sure kissu's biggest problem is the two-tone hair. Then the titties. Then the 3D hands.


Wait, 3D hands? Waddaya mean?


File:[Okay-Subs] Onii-chan wa O….jpg (166.21 KB,1920x1080)

That was mostly me. I disliked the use of 3D limbs because it was quite blatant at times. 3D hands and feet are increasingly ubiquitous in various shows so it's not like it means anything. It's just a new thing we have to accept and few people seem to hate it (or even notice it) as much as I do


File:FEET.png (2.43 MB,1920x1080)

Entire budget went to feet


File:[MiyosMiyos] Onii-chan wa ….jpg (194.48 KB,1920x1080)

I don't care that much about the hands and I'm not convinced they used 3D modeling for all those scenes. The scene where they're filling up a glass at the sink was pretty impressive. Lots of effort for something most people will ignore. I know some fuckery was happening with some scenes that had signs moving in backgrounds because they didn't do the best job of it on the first episode. But again not something most would notice.

What bothers me about Onimai is shit like pic related.


Did the BDs not fix this?


That screen shot is from the BD. Well the encode was sourced from the BD. The BD has a lot of stuff like that. They didn't "uncensor" anything assuming you didn't watch the censored western versions when it was airing. The only things they did on the BD was add socks and some other stuff to scenes where the characters were barefoot before.

Ironically, someone is running around crying censorship about that one change/scene. When the characters are barefoot only 30 seconds later. It makes sense they were wearing socks in the scene that was changed. Since it was only good manners.

Check out the first episode when Mahrio uses the bathroom for the first time. When he exits the room there is some really bad line art due to production errors. They didn't fix this for the BD for whatever reason.

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