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File:2023_11_19_20-36__Ill.png (1.29 MB,1278x869)



saw this on the front page of steam and the cover artstyle looked so close to perfect that i had to double check it was western initially. it's really well done. also didn't realize that steam was putting these on the featured list now


hmmmm doesn't look bad at all neat


File:ss_1a25669cce7bd7124d6d99f….jpg (114.98 KB,960x540)


damn there's a whole bunch of eroge on here now
even one of my favorite touhou ero animation artists has one on there


The creator is a /v/ user which may not be surprising. It does seem pretty nice


probably mostly /aco/ since a lot of western eroge devs discuss their stuff there, then use other places to promote


File:112774809_p2.jpg (839.81 KB,636x1000)

Yeah, that's pretty cool. Always nice to see some imageboard users making a top seller rather than some huge corporate group.


File:C-1700446071888.png (24.09 KB,307x256)

va11halla dev too
who else would have a loli sexbot as a main character


wonder what it is above imageboard devs that let them make the best indie games, probably the more casual and relaxed nature of them compared to other forum types


imageboards give users more ownership over the content posted than other formats. But forums are the main places that translation works on hgames get discussed, so it's not as if it's some hard rule


File:[SubsPlease] 16bit Sensati….jpg (196.13 KB,1920x1080)

I'm not sure if that's true, but I'd say imageboards probably give people more honest feedback due to the culture. Of course you also need to navigate people that are just throwing insults at you and trolling, but honesty does go a long way.
Places like forums (well discords now) can be quite cliquey and hierarchical and lead to 'yes men' that either are too nice or too afraid to criticize.
Well, and forums like f95 are inundated with the most horrendous absolute shovelware asset flipping garbage that gives western erotic games a deservedly horrendous reputation. (Although many/most of them are made outside of the first world where poor sales can still generate enough money to be worth it)


File:1478467020179.jpg (1.37 MB,985x1400)

I liked the idea of a bartender VN but the artstyle and the writing felt too "not-japanese" which put me off.


I'd probably be harsher on a game that tries too hard to be Japanese when it's not than one that goes for its own thing knowing its strengths.


Wonder how /v/ devs feel about their work being tagged LGBTQ+. From the description that seems like a complete mistag and ends up getting the game filtered by a lot of /v/ users. Guess that's the downside to user tags.

Anyway, it seems pretty inspired by the good Shantae so maybe I'll find an unofficial demo to try once they get the bugs sorted out.



I never got into h-games cuz I cant fap sitting up at a computer


With stuff like this you just get aroused over the course of the gameplay and then when you go for a game over or in the gallery you rub one off.


i play h-games/look at porn on my laptop while lying in my bed on my stomach and just rub up against the bed


File:Watamote - How To Give You….mp4 (16.55 MB,1280x720)

>lying in my bed on my stomach


she's LITERALLY me!
(i actually do end up giving my self erotic daydreams a lot, if only i could do that while i'm actually asleep)


>I never got into h-games cuz I cant fap sitting up at a computer
because i fap at a computer all the time i got into porn about girls straddling sitting/laying-down men and taking the active role
truly one man's modus ponens is another's modus tollens


gonna FLIP that witch


File:Reisen Interspecies Cave.png (681.7 KB,1424x874)

into the rabbit hole!


File:cfb20920aee4d9775c85f376c8….jpg (243.24 KB,1448x2048)

Amazing meathu wasted on an insect game.


My steam is filtered pretty heavily and I forgot they sold those games. There's so much garbage to wade through and unless you're getting Yuzusoft VNs or other popular eroges it's not worth the hassle. Lurking on boards and relying on word of mouth gets me better results than steam ever could, and they're often free and not attached to any account.


File:5c59ccb046499c316df210878d….gif (Spoiler Image,177.94 KB,644x533)

Amazing meathu wisely used for an insect game, attached art courtesy of teh boobhu pixel artist.


File:C-1700527189307.png (2.63 MB,2804x1340)



Really don't understand how people can like rape


I do not like it either. If it's not lovey-dovey, I do not want it.


it's a plot device
hearts pupils and so on and so forth


It is gross is what it is. Also heart pupils is completely unrelated.


there are some series i actually can't watch because of the rape


I usually don't care for it, but sometimes they're asking for it. Or they're the self-insert character.


File:1440134720277.jpg (185.31 KB,780x765)

Doesn't even have to be lovey-dovey, the girl just needs to be into it.


whatever you do, anti-rape anons, do not look up the works of Whisp


It depends on the girl, some are very rape-able like Kobeni


File:1495075739516.jpg (15.11 KB,247x196)

Only 10/350 works by Whisp are rape (one of which is a compilation of previous works)... The vast, overwhelming majority of their stuff is super lovey-dovey and healing.



How can you even tell if h-audio is rape if you cant understand? The caterwauling?


surprisingly i've gotten pretty good at listening to japanese. sometimes there's an audio piece with a good description so I try to listen to it and piece together words to understand it, and sometimes start up my anki deck again


also, those tracks are pretty clearly violent


File:1599122803054.png (996.96 KB,912x556)

I could never get into ASMR for some reason.


Your fortune: Very Bad Luck


Ah... I think most people should be able to understand crying and repeated calls like "だめ... やめて" ("Dame... Yamete"), right? I think even people who've only watched a little bit of anime should be able to pick up on phrases like those, or have heard them used in anime discussion.


The mouth noises are very love-it or leave-it


Not all of them have ear-licking and ear-picking. I'm not really a fan of it either, but there's plenty of ASMR out there without it.


it's a tricky thing. Sometimes ear licking brings about unimaginable anger and sometimes I don't care


File:1591551465511.gif (1.1 MB,480x360)

Any good steam eroge on sale?


Nothing major unless the smaller circles are releasing thing


i wonder if BBQ is updating his game. It was kind of incomplete but Dec2023 release would imply he's doing work on it right?


both the bug and the gorl are literally me


can you enumerate them

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