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File:1639959087002.png (453.38 KB,608x872)


did /jp/ get their $0.50 burgs for national burg day?


white castle sliders! straight from the freezer aisle to my microwave wooo


burg is such a funny word
because originally it's from hamburg steak right so hamburg-er because it's from hamburg, like island -> island-er
but this doesn't have ham! why's it called a ham-burger, then? it's just a burger
or if you add cheese, that's a cheese-burger
but what's the point of having an -er there? clearly it's the same suffix as usual but it's not doing anything right now





File:[SubsPlus ] Helck - S01E10….jpg (234.71 KB,1920x1080)

What I don't understand is how I see so many more "hamburg steaks" in Japanese media than hamburgers. Burgers are so much more convenient, so what's the deal? Is it a weird thing that people do for tradition or are they somehow more popular than hamburgers over there? I have trouble believing it


Pretty simple - a hamburger is a sandwich, a hamburg steak can be eaten with rice.


I guess that makes sense. They should just add rice between the buns or something


File:bocchi the shock.webm (1.82 MB,1920x1080)

i didn't even know today was national burg day...


File:[CMS] Higurashi no Naku Ko….jpg (409.43 KB,1280x720)

Can you even say you love freedom if you forget about its favorite meal....


File:kirari-2.png (578.46 KB,1078x591)

only death can remove this stain upon my honor...
forgive me, freedom...!


File:1685514001199800.jpg (80.54 KB,488x717)

Don't really like burgs.


Gonna make >>61005 eat my sloppy joes


File:1605848948261.png (112.72 KB,221x304)



File:F6t4ULFbAAAjVqH.png (119.23 KB,800x800)

There was a national burg day? Isn't that every day?


File:107956113_p0.png (547.59 KB,848x1200)

Depends where you live.

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