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File:[SubsPlease] Mahou Shoujo ….jpg (229.3 KB,1920x1080)


How does /jp/ feel about the sidemouth? It's such a weird thing to look at in isolation, with lips there in the profile and yet the mouth is not there


It looks uncanny


Has anyone seen a serious explanation as to why it exists? Personally, I don't find it weird, it makes sense as a way to show the mouth's full breadth of expressions from the side, but it does look kinda jank especially when it's disonnected from the lips.


I'd assume because of the first point you made to how you can ignore it. Also as a cost cutting and skill compensating measure that doesn't require good animation of a full side profile.


It'd probably look weird if the characters were drawn more accurately, but because anime art tends to be very loose, IMO it usually works.

From a practical standpoint, it saves a ton of time and money. An actual accurate profile mouth would require redrawing a decent chunk of the head for each mouth position, especially on cels, which is what they would've been using back when they first came up with the technique.

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