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File:9d743edf6a22bef51581ffce8.jpg (62.31 KB,319x319)


Guys, Kobeni went to a concert and no one recognized the band on her shirt and now she is upset so surely /jp/ would know it and say something nice about it! Right?


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (499.82 KB,1920x1080)

Uhh... Nirvana? They have some nice songs, yeah


Nuuu don't cri ( 。゚Д゚。)


I'm surprised Kobeni went to a crowded place and DIDN'T get raped


She doesn't seem the type to listen to noise.


She was promised alcohol and the noise helps her drown out the thoughts!


Was Kobeni there when Yamantaka Eye destroyed that venue with a bulldozer?


Yes! It caused her to babble incoherently and everyone thought she was scatting with the band.




File:Untitled____.png (25.04 KB,476x509)

the kobe


I don't even know who Kobeni is


File:R-1684994297959.mp4 (279.29 KB,720x724)



Perpetual rape victim


Stop portraying Makima as a shotacon
Start portraying Kobeni as a shotacon


Makima is a shotacon in the sense that she breaks babies like these on a daily basis


You see it in fanart


i want to rape the kobe

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