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File:76a6a009cab1604729c4c43ba4….jpg (1.04 MB,1133x1599)


Is there anything really morally condemnable about incest? Most arguments against it seem to come from a genetics standpoint, and yet the chance of birth defects from sibling love is roughly the same as having 40 year old parents. Despite this, being old and having kids isn't treated at all with the same moral panic society has towards incestuous relations. It's a clear inconsistency that most certainly only exists because people were taught it was wrong instead of coming to the conclusion themselves.


But nobody scorned her for getting pregnant at 40 did they? The entire point of bringing up genetics isn't to say that it's fine, but rather that the societal outrage towards two similar risk factors is in no way comparable.


That my sister isnt attractive


Oh, actually not a miscarriage, it was stillbirth.
That's true, nobody did, yet it's incorrect to assert that there is nothing worth condemning genetically speaking when, afaik, there is. You can say it's hypocrisy, but in that aspect you can argue that both are bad much more easily than both being good.
However, if I may, I would like to enquire whether there is some nyaa nyaa going on in here.


File:146435262353.png (628.57 KB,1280x720)

Alas, the greatest deterrent against fantasy is oftentimes reality. Kiririn exists in our hearts, but cannot bless us all with perfect imoutos.


Even if the first generation is healthy, the following generations of incestuous couples will run into issues and if you allow one generation then you must allow the following generations. But you could ban them from procreating altogether which would not be that hard with modern science.

However, then you run into more issues as if incest is allowed but procreation from incest is banned you will end up with large numbers of couples not procreating. Sure homosexuality has this dynamic to it as well but you could argue that homosexuals were less likely to procreate anyway whereas incestuous couples are straight so under normals circumstances would.


Arguably with the advancements in genetic engineering and human engineered wombs to grow kids in, there'll be less of a necessity for natural childbirth as we progress into the future. With that as a given the genetic issues of incest probably won't even render as a risk anymore. So then all that would be holding its acceptance back would be traditionalist values that say it's wrong with no logical backing.

Even then those same traditionalists would probably be opposed to anything outside of the norm for childbirth as well. Citing it being unnatural or 'not the way things should be' as if that makes any sense. In essence, we need to get rid of traditionalists.


File:1489919873730.jpg (50.7 KB,460x391)

how i deal with hypocrites


I think traditionalists aren't the crowd opposed to incest. The power dynamics are similar to that of age gap stuff.
Also, genetic editing isnt cheap and incest seems like a frivolous reason of wanting it, when people who have genetic and chromosonal defects (but then you get the neurodiversity crowd upset) and endangered species who need it far more


Even if you rip them out of a human and place them in a vat, you're not gonna be able replicate the microbiological environment of a womb anytime soon. If people still run into life-threatening issues with something as simple as transplant rejection, the exponentially more complicated process of artificial fetal development remains impossible.
Yeah, if anything it's true traditionalists that are into incest the most.


Also there are cultures where its accepted. Nobody is stopping you from moving to Pakistan for example.


Dagestan is another region where its fine


Why should it be accepted that a nation where human rights violations are rampant grants more social freedom in this way than a fully developed and 'free' country?




Because the people intolerant of human rights abuses are also intolerant of incest. Its just how it is


It's important to respect others and understand that some things are just not acceptable in society. It's better to focus on positive aspects of otaku culture, such as heartwarming stories, thrilling adventures, and inspiring characters. (#`Д´)

So let's enjoy our favorite anime, manga, games, doujins and hentai while still respecting boundaries and showing kindness towards one another! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶


File:ki015.png (534.01 KB,800x600)

Please look at this image of Kirino struggling to lift a desk.


File:6d180f4cf7bb327285fa2c269….jpeg (53.15 KB,655x608)

If both parties are legally allowed to consent and share a mutual bond with one another who's right is it to barge in and break it up due to perceived 'power differentials'.


she really needs more exercise if lifting desks it this hard for her


File:1471013181938.jpg (2.67 MB,2145x3000)

You'd think she gets enough with all the working out she does with Onii-chan.


What's frivolous is the notion of a "power dyanmic". It's a slippery slope that eventually leads to Victorian propriety where only people of the same social standing are allowed to be together. There's no widely agreed upon basis for what is or isn't a "power dynamic". Should a barista and a lawyer not be allowed to be together because there's a power gap? What about an employer and employee?


File:1366073073412.jpg (19.94 KB,480x360)



Incest has been condemned in western society since long before we developed an understanding of genetics. The (misused) genetic argument is an ex post facto justification. It's an argument for a system of eugenics that overrides personal freedoms and wouldn't stand up in the current social environment if attached to anything that isn't already an established taboo.

Legality in a democracy is ultimately based on majority opinion. If enough people believe it is their right to barge in and break it up, your legal allowance for consent can and will be revoked. If the law said brothers and sisters can't consent, would you admit that it's wrong?

It might be a bit fuzzy at times, but I think there's a clear difference between social standing and positions of power. A barista is free to tell a lawyer to fuck off if she doesn't want his money and prestige. An employee will always face the threat of potential retaliation for displeasing his employer and that naturally extends to romantic relationships. That's why it's fine for a lawyer to hit on a barista, but not for a boss to solicit subordinates.


File:347a11106e0f01b278ba5e98d2….png (2.39 MB,2100x2000)

Sisters should love sisters.


She loves to dodge questions, it seems.
>only people of the same social standing are allowed to be together
The interesting thing is that it's still the case, it's just very informal. People who share the same spaces, same culture, and have jobs that are close to each other are the ones that end up becoming couples, so it really is unheard of for a barista and a lawyer to be together. And were they together, the lawyer's career would be considered much important than that of the barista, which often gives the lawyer leverage to justify making the two attend events together, change lifestyles, or even move homes.


It's probably more common than you think
Like Neymar is obviously fucking his sister


File:[SubsPlease] Mahou Shoujo ….jpg (261.77 KB,1920x1080)

>If the law said


>traditionalist values that say it's wrong with no logical backing.
>Even then those same traditionalists would probably be opposed to anything outside of the norm for childbirth as well. Citing it being unnatural or 'not the way things should be' as if that makes any sense. In essence, we need to get rid of traditionalists.
You'll understand when you're older.


File:[HorribleSubs] Kono Subara….jpg (80.82 KB,696x720)

The older I get the more I've grown to hate those people...


She's such a bitch that I dropped her anime.


SPH image alert!!!!


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Sph is one of my favorite kissu meme, I just hope it didnt bully that guy off the site


I thought he never left...


File:1497906211776.png (726.38 KB,840x980)

You wouldn't get it...


Oh no, don't throw me into that briar patch


>I think there's a clear difference between social standing and positions of power.
The point is that even if a "power dynamic" exists, so what? One could easily make the argument that male-female relationships have an inherent power dynamic because males are often physically stronger and could therefore more easily coerce the female. If that aspect isn't a factor, then so what? "Power dynamics" don't matter, what matters is abuse or blackmail, none of which hinges on the common ideas that people point to about "power dynamics". Ugh. Stupid concept.


Honestly, if they don't have kids I don't think anyone should care, but people already treat having children as their god-given right and not a duty to future generations. Look at how many mothers permanently handicap their children just so they can have a few drinks while pregnant. I don't trust society to handle incest with the care it needs. If it's legalized or the taboo broken, there WILL be a lot of genetically handicapped incest-babies and society is too limp-wristed to prevent it.


Just because genetics as a science was not understood does not mean that people back then did not have an idea about genetics in general. I think they probably did and could have observed it just by noticing livestock and other animals.

It's not just the west either, in the Nihon Shoki(written 720 AD) there is a part where the emperor of Japan's soup gets cold and it's found out that this was because his son the prince was in a relationship with his sister and so the whole house was being punished and the emperor had to separate them(I forget if the Emperor punished the son or not).


File:Touhou Mononobe no Futo 01….png (671.65 KB,1000x1037)

Okay so I found the part of the Nihongi(also called Nihon Shoki) that I was thinking about.

23rd year, Spring, 3rd month, 7th day.(434 AD)
The Imperial prince Kinashi Karu was made heir to the throne. He was fair to look upon, and those who saw him spontaneously loved him.
His sister by the same mother, the imperial princess Karu no Oho-iratsume, was also beautiful. The Heir Apparent's thoughts were constantly bent on becoming united to the Imperial Princess Oho-iratsume, but he dreaded the guilt, and was silent. But his passion had become so violent that he was well-nigh on the point of death. Hereupon he thought to himself, "I will not die for nothing. It may be a crime, but how can I endure?" at last he became secretly united to her, and so his desperate passion became somewhat abated.
Accordingly he made a song saying

On the foot-dragging mountain,
Rice-fields are made;
So high is the mountain,
The water pipes run beneath-
Like them the hidden tears
That I wept for my spouse,
The unshed tears
That I wept for my spouse,
But to-day, this very day,
Freely our bodies touch.

24th year, Summer, 6th Month.(435 AD)

The soup for the Emperor's meal froze, and became ice. The emperor wondered, and had divination made in order to learn the meaning of it. The diviner said "there is much domestic disorder, perhaps the illicit intercourse of near relations with one another."
Then someone said "The Heir Apparent, Kinashi Karu, has seduced his younger sister by the same mother, the Imperial Princess Karu no Iratsume."
So examination was made, and it was found these words were true. The Heir apparent being the successor to the Throne, it was impossible to punish him, so the imperial Princess Karu no Iratsume was banished to Iyo.
AT this time the Heir apparent a song saying

I, the great Lord,
To an Island am Banished:
Remaining behind in the ship,
I will certainly come back again.
Let my bed be respected-
(in my words indeed I shall call it my bed)
Let my spouse be respected.

Again he made a song, saying

The maiden of Karu
(The heaven-soaring),
If she wept violently,
Men would know of it-
Like the Doves of Mount Hasa,
She weeps with a suppressed weeping.


There is some more to this but I'm not going to write it verbatim, this took long enough...

The translator of my copy mentions that in the Kojiki(a slightly earlier book) the Imperial prince is the one that is banished to Iyo and he says this makes more sense because in Japan women are usually punished less than men and particularly in this case that makes more sense because of the nature of the crime.

Also not long after the parts I posted the Emperor dies and the ministers refuse to follow the Crown Prince because of his crimes so another prince takes the thrown and the Crown Prince kills himself(or is banished to Iyo again in the Kojiki).


Thoughts on parent and child incest? I really wanted to have sex with my own mother while growing up and wished more than anything that I was "molested" and "taken advantage of".


is she still hot


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Incest is considered bad because it's synonymous with manipulation and grooming.


How do you determine abuse in those situations? If your boss asks you to put your virgin ween in her, you turn her down, then a few weeks later you get laid off, how do you know that isn't retaliation? Even if you go along with it and everything seems to be working out, there's always that implied threat influencing your decisions. The "so what" is that people in positions of authority shouldn't be free to force their desires on the people under their care. It needs to be safe to say "no."

You can say that the terminology is too vague for your taste, but don't act like all of the examples you've given are the same thing.


File:1604009356846.png (762.16 KB,840x980)

Kiririn with natural brown hair is good too.


Unless you're in a dystopian country that doesn't care about economics and science...
Legal/intelligence and social/emotional power are stronger in all cases than physical and women tend to statistically outperform in those areas.

And besides, it's not like a young boy has any advantage over a woman.


I think it's fine if it's son and mother but not father daughter. Son/mother is much more equal and the son has to be sexually attracted to have sex anyway.


The barista knows full well what she is getting into and is most likely seeking it as it provides her with wealth and status beyond what she would normally get. Also she does have a lot of power, she can divorce and take half his assets, if she divorces with kids she can get an income stream until that kid is an adult.

The Barista actually stands to benefit far more from the relationship than the lawyer does.


I don't think you understand what I'm trying to say. The potential for abuse in and of itself should not be a disqualifying factor. If abuse is at hand and someone is legitimately being abuse or taken advantage of, that is what should be a concern not this vague concept of power dynamics. If a teacher and student are together and said teacher is coercing the student into doing things by wielding their authority, then it is the blackmail involved that should be of concern, not that a teacher and student are together.


Trying to explain this as "power dynamics," and that power dynamics are the issue is a vague abstraction that when taken to its conclusions is too broad to be a useful concept; it leads to situations like people saying, "A 40 year old and a 22 year old shouldn't be together because of their age gap. A 22 year old has far less life experience than a 40 year old and could be taken advantage of." If people consent to a relationship, then that should be the end of it. If there is abuse or blackmail, we already have legal mechanisms in place to address those issues, meanwhile "power dynamics" add in a sort of pop wisdom that is neither helpful nor meaningful by itself.


Basically, you don't need to have a "power dynamic" to have abuse, coercion, or blackmail. Likewise, a relationship where one person is of higher status than another is not one that will inherently lead to abuse. If both of these are true, then the concept is meaningless because it can be more accurately be described by more precise terminology. "A teacher coerced a student into sexual acts by leveraging the students grades" is not the same as "A teacher was found to be in a relationship with a student."


File:1432936680946.jpg (53.32 KB,620x706)

It is only natural.


Incest in cases of nobility is part of an aranged marriage system


You have completely failed to answer the question. How do you determine whether a student's decisions are being influenced by the potential of his teacher to determine his grades? How does a patient trust that the doctor really does need to stick his fingers up their butt to check their health and isn't just getting his rocks off?

You grouping positions of authority that require a certain level of public trust to function effectively and situations where there is any sort of social disparity between two people under the same umbrella term doesn't mean that the former doesn't really exist.


could the autism itt be due to inbreeding i wonder


Yeah, I probably need to apologize to your mother for not telling her I'm her father before fucking her and leading to your birth.


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Mine is due to my parents being 40 years old when they had me, which as we know from the OP is just as bad.


Found the song I was looking for


Deleted post.


Posted post.


File:1656075885002.png (95.18 KB,223x223)

Hahahahaha NERD


Yeah. She has more of a MILF aspect to her than Elvira did.


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File:efbb375d51b643c1f52da996b5….jpg (1.13 MB,2334x2517)

Incest is unnatural and creepy, and society will reject you for it. You won't even be able to get married. Siblings who have romantic feelings for each other should stop being weird and go back to having a normal relationship.


File:1512953975432.png (454.11 KB,652x332)

Forever jelly (and fat).


File:[Chihiro] Watashi no Yuri ….jpg (324.58 KB,1920x1080)

Wait... sisters aren't supposed to fuck?


Sometimes I forget and then remember that me and my brother used to suck each other, jerk each other, and fuck each other on late nights in middle school to "experiment" with each other.


Hope you remembered to say "no homo."


Nope but we don't have anything to do with each other now. Everything has been awkward with us since he got married and had kids.


File:[SubsPlease] Isekai One T….webm (517.38 KB,1920x1080)

Name a stronger natural bond than the one siblings share, it's impossible, thus incest should be natural


Meh. I hate my sister


A shame it turned out that way.


I wish my siblings would have bonded with me. I also wish more than anything I could have fucked my older and younger sisters.


can i have her


File:d946f44af0c140d17b6a6ff623….jpg (298.18 KB,769x1024)

More than made legal, sisters should have full legal possession of their brother's cock.


File:1684506358920.mp4 (1.19 MB,1280x720)

It's the other way around.


real question
how do you get a kirinogf


Brothers should have full legal possession of their sister's cock?


File:e5ac5941494700a4ba70e2b019….jpg (Spoiler Image,142.24 KB,1024x1004)

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