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File:f8497bd156c8fd709874daf0db….jpg (325.46 KB,1472x2048)


I remember when traps were still good and we didn't have to deal with pig tits constantly waving in our faces every damn second...


File:__nio_revenger_drawn_by_ya….png (8.79 MB,2232x2704)





I don't understand. Pigs have 10-18 teats, what girls this season have 10-18 teats?


File:[SubsPlease] Kyokou Suiri ….jpg (295.06 KB,1920x1080)

A bit of a spoiler, but next arc is the Mystery of the 12-Breasted Woman


File:NioOfficial.png (1.78 MB,1920x922)

Official website uses "ryouseiguyuu no shounen" (androgynous boy) in his description.
>Member of the Odd Jobs Shop who uses a crow-type kite to attack targets. An androgynous boy who looks as gentle as an angel, but contrary to appearance has no sense of human morality or good and evil, and is a cruel person who doesn't even blink an eye when killing. Normally acts appropriate for a child of that age, but can be quite calculating, and uses malicious cunning to deceive people.




I remember when the first time was the previous version of the word's name then follows the prefix giving the information that is visiting from where you need to...



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