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File:IMG_20230122_175659.jpg (580.69 KB,1850x2277)


Bro wanted me to photograph all his pokemon cards so he could sell them... Sigh...


File:IMG_20230122_175118.jpg (831.36 KB,3967x1784)

About 100 cards to go through and find my better photos of.. then put them into a .PDF


File:IMG_20230122_174243.jpg (1.04 MB,3967x1819)

Not going to post them all right now(if ever)
but there are some nice designs


post a cat


File:IMG_20230122_174321.jpg (1 MB,3968x1915)

Isn't eevee a cat


i dont think so its got a mane


most of his stylish cards are horses
oh no


dun dun dunnnn


File:IMG_20230122_173507.jpg (1.15 MB,3628x2153)

You can tell he's more into cool designs than cute ones. Can't really find many adorable designs outside of the Eevee.


Friend design in pokemon peaked with Marnie


I disagree. I dislike her design.


I agree. I like her ign.


Also by the end she actually felt like an affectionate friend/potential GF rather than intentionally distancing herself like Lillie or Serena.
The only one close was the skinny twintails one from Kalos who people joke is supposed to be Arab


File:IMG_20230122_175419.jpg (801.65 KB,3930x1783)

Shauna I guess. He doesn't have that.


You're bro could make some decent bank on those.
I only have a very few sought after cards; most of my stuff is just personal faves.


yeah. His collection is pretty good. I think he sends in some cards for appraisals.


He seems to be an English only hunter too now that I look at it.


He gets cards by hunting out family and friend's decks. Has lots of socialness and in the right age to find people who bought lots of packs but just kept them under their bed. I think he buys a few modern decks, but that's where he's gotten a lot of his 'early investment' into the trading aspect


File:love Erika.jpg (1.51 MB,1700x2338)

Hey OP now that I think about it, have you ever considered a scanner?


I used some umbrella lighting because I don't have one. It's fine... maybe my brother should get one, but he said they turned out nice so I'll lend him my photography kit


also those scanner cards look like they don't have character. Photography adds something a bit special... some depth and realism to the cards themselves... just a personal thing


File:247c0a9111a6ee64c1ae0b407e….png (18.05 KB,438x513)

I still have my box and booklet for Red somewhere in a box, but I can't figure out where the cartridge itself went. Apart from that I've got a whole bunch of toys from when Burger King (or was it McdDonald's) did one of its last great toy promotions and there was a LOT of cool toys. My mom got excited about it and we went around town checking which stores had which toys and it was really fun. I'll have to dig them out sometime, but I don't trust my cat to not bite or tear them apart


it was Burger King that did their own Pokemon cards.


File:ven7nUu.jpg (698.98 KB,2764x1843)

Yeah, they had these golden ones, but I don't think they were meant for any game, they were to thick.
Anyway, this is what the toys looked like. Some of them were really nice, like Pikachu talked when you squeezed him and Raichu had a switch to light up his tail. Most of them, though, were pretty basic


>I don't trust my cat to not bite or tear them apart
pls post pic of the cat attacking sometihng


I'd need to keep the camera on him for weeks since cats are very random, like Meowth


sounds like a kissu project

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