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File:Screenshot from 2023-01-04….png (420.09 KB,655x520)

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love me some of that 2000s VN art with that particular style of soft shading and detailed hair and the GROSS POINTY TRIANGULAR FOOT WITH LONG TOES EUGH


That's the same shape as my foot...


File:wordless_kimo.webm (59.5 KB,400x600)


Bayonetta 3 hair


File:01 - The Uninvited.mkv_sna….jpg (222.05 KB,1280x720)

Looks pretty normal, or I guess that's the problem? I guess you could say they look more like adult feet


File:[kuon (utawarerumono) kuon….png (1.55 MB,1945x1119)

I did some research since this is an artist I know quite well and I had the stuff on my drive already. My first thought was that since they are animal people maybe the Utawareromono girls have feet different from ours, but it seems to be the case that Amaduya/Amazuyu draws all feet that way. I don't really have an opinion, although if Kuon has them then they must be good. I've made posts and even a thread asking what foot fetishists like and I still can't claim to understand it, sadly, although I think I can understand how finger-like toes would be a bad thing.


I feel like kuon's ass has been posted an abnormal amount lately


> I've made posts and even a thread asking what foot fetishists like and I still can't claim to understand it, sadly, although I think I can understand how finger-like toes would be a bad thing.


File:010.jpg (888.54 KB,1410x2000)

Anime ended
Rear end

I know! I have some of those pics saved and have tried to find patterns before, but it's difficult. For instance >>>/ec/8741 does not seem different to me from the feet in OP's pic, apart from higher quality since wasn't drawn when digital art was new technology. My assumption is that the feet in this thread are "bad" because they're long and thin, instead of short and bulbous.
Well, now that I think about it Aruruu's large toe probably needs to be wider. It's vitally important for keeping balance while upright and was one of our latest evolutionary changes as humans. Kuon has it, so I guess his style did update there. Really, though, I wonder how many people even looked at the feet and thought any of it. They still look fine to me.


>finger-like toes would be a bad thing
I like 'em


I just read-ended Kuon's dumptruck.




was a bit surprised by a bit in the beginning when Mutikapa-sama goes on a rampage but once Hakuoru discovers his weakness everyone's on board with a plan to kill him. I mean wasn't he some deeply respected nature spirit? now they're just treating him like a pest. Also I'm waiting for Mukkur to grow the same uncuttable carbon nanotube hair or w/e




File:00304-1439780310-1girl, so….png (1.08 MB,1024x768)

I think it's more that they respected it as a force of nature, like a severe storm. It was probably like a god in the way it was untouchable, but the veil was lifted.
I did find it a bit strange, too, but I think it kind of makes sense in its own way


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-05….png (482.28 KB,660x526)

BIG ears!!!!!
I must be still in act 1 of the game, I havent even had a single ero scene yet.


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-05….png (484.79 KB,657x520)

spoke too soon


it makes sense that he'd do it while drunk and eruru is talking to him late at night but it kind of just came out of nowhere... bikkurishita...


I've played a fair bit of eroge from the era, it just coming out of nowhere is kind of how it used to go down.


There's something weird about the Utawarerumono ear placement in official art. It's like they're almost going into their spine at the back of their neck or something. Maybe just an optical illusion because they always seem to have some hair hiding the connection point, or maybe it didn't look right at all and they're deliberately using the hair to cover it.

You can see in >>47246 that the AI really wants to move the ears up higher and more to the front of the face, but then it picks up some weird artifacts on the lower side. The higher, more forward placement is pretty common in fanart as well.


File:03 - Violet And Amber.mkv_….jpg (161.69 KB,1280x720)

Well, I don't think it's too complicated. If you want them to have as much visibility as possible they need to be in the front, right? It's most obvious with male characters with short hair on their sides, although some animal people have ears that are completely hidden.


yuzuha talks so slow she sounds tarded


i do like the voice acting overall
there was some awkwardness early on with mukkur's lines just sounding like a guy making cub roaring sounds


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-06….png (446.07 KB,653x519)

absolutely love eruru's accompanying pout noises


how did they enslave karura when she's capable of lifting and swinging a huge heavy sword that five men could barely carry


same way people enslave elephants/lions


by enslaving them from babyhood so that they believe the chain around their leg can never be broken? but she wasn't enslaved from childhood, she had a reputation as a fearsome warrior.


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-04….png (441.01 KB,662x522)

love these boober shabs


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-04….png (380.13 KB,663x527)

I also admit that I got trapped by these two


File:03 - Violet And Amber.mkv_….jpg (145.17 KB,1280x720)

VERY rude!

Yes! They all have good, fitting voices. From Aruruu's cuteness to Touka's serious-yet-silliness. I really like Karura/Karalau*'s a lot, too, which might fly under the radar of some people as other characters kind of steal the show.
On the male side I really like Oboro's, but I looked it up and he's barely in anything else, mostly relegated to side characters in the 90s and early 00s, although with a main role in Oboro Ouran Koukou Host Club at least girls will remember him.

*Most of these names have conflicting translations and it depends which one you read and when. Danbooru sometimes has its own interpretation, too, like "Eruruw"


One complaint I have about the voicing is that sometimes there are long pauses that make me think the talking is over but it isn't. And it doesn't always match the TLed text so I can't use the text as a guide for how much speaking there is left (not a fault of the VA specifically, it's just another consideration)


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-06….png (318.52 KB,649x518)

oh yeah, another thing is that this girl's hoop earrings look really good on her. She has a nicely shaped round face that go well with the change in silhouette caused by the big earrings. Head accessories that change the silhouette of the head are just really great... It's the same reason high-up twintails or pigtails are good


gonna harvest some karura honey


Ohhh yeah, I do remember that happening to me. Yeah, it's a bit strange since you don't have movement (or the lack of it) to signal to you that something is coming. I remember replaying some lines because I liked to hear them and the pauses were definitely a thing I remember


how do you replay voice lines


File:C-1673043268492.png (439.32 KB,1200x1200)



I don't know, maybe it's only in the remake. I played both


eruruw always rebuffed that childhood friend who says "temeera" a lot by saying that she was happy with the country girl life but she sure adjusted to imperial life with hakuoro quickly enough


I bet me saying ora would get her




dya mean a weakass ora or do you mean a propah ORRRRRRA


ore-sama no ora


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-07….png (Spoiler Image,330.01 KB,651x517)

she has no vagina


Looking forward to when it gets revealed in the story that the setting is post-apocalyptic after the end of some society with futuristic technology (I spoiled myself attending some of the streams in recent weeks). I'll find out what the deal is with most people having animal ears of all sorts of shapes, my current theory is botched genetic engineering. But no spoilers please...


>no spoilers please
then im just gonna reply and leave it at that


Ah, it's not much of a spoiler all things considered. It doesn't really play much of a role in why Utawarerumo is so good. As the other said I can't really say anything.
I love Kuon.


Kuon's overrated. She doesn't even appear in the first game.


au contraire, kuon raises ratings


I heard the first game is an erogame but the later two aren't so if anything she lowers the rating...


That rating is superfluous and you know it.


I'm around the point where there's a slave rebellion in Na Tunk, it's going badly for the slaves, and Karura has asked Hakuoro to help and has just made the contract about it.

outstanding mysteries at this point
- Why did Mutikapa-sama have uncuttable hair and is Mukkur going to be like that too?
- The way gods and magic in the setting work
- The alternate POV on Witsarnemeia from that girl ouro with the hoop earrings as well as her peoples' magic
- Kamuy's vampirism that nobody knows about, not even Kamuy
- The unknown party who shot a poison needle into Hakuoro's brother in law's neck
- Hakuoro's past, almost too obvious to bring it up. Hinted at when he talked about chemical elements to fertilize that kuso field in the starting village
- Why do they have animal ears and tails. There are still ordinary humans. Hakuoro is one, I think Benawi is one too

I don't think this is meant to be a plot mystery but confused about how/why Eruru's childhood friend got picked up by the nobles of the country that was there before Tuskur was founded. He's a bastard son of that afro ouro? I think I missed a scene.
I also forgot what power bloc Kamuy and her onee-san with the big boobs are from. It's the church of Witsarnemeia but I forgot what particular country they're based on. Wish I could get a personal overview of the political scene from Benawi.
Yuzuha's also due for another seizure but the tension about that is largely alleviated by the fact that the extremely expensive purple medicine that Tuskur-obaachan kept in a jar around her neck is probably not that difficult to obtain when you have the resources of an entire country behind you.


(not a spoiler) Benawi is like the others, but it's covered by his hair.


thank you to my kissu friends for being polite about my no spoilers request


need some surprise boxes to cover up the surprises


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-07….png (491.46 KB,652x521)

thats a lot of shabs


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-07….png (544.02 KB,656x530)

confusing when they reuse background images for completely different locations


I really loved those comments when the girls were all together like that. Really nice relaxing SoL-like moments that were really endearing


Any particular reason why you're not playing the remake? I understand they both have their pros and cons, but I think the voice acting gives the remake a massive upper edge.


Went by chronological release order on animebytes. I am playing it with voices though, the torrent had a voice pack to apply alongside the English translation and it worked without a hitch


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-07….png (488.05 KB,669x537)

oh my god is it...?


Fumiruir there.
Fumirul in the 2 and 3 VN translations. (possibly in the first VN remaster too?)
Fumiriru in the DDY fansubs of the anime.
Fumiruiru on danbooru.
That part in the VN right there is relegated to an OVA of the first series so I'd need to check what THAT one uses.
What a headache.




File:Screenshot from 2023-01-07….png (433 KB,657x520)

if I go to Touka's room I return here after the scene and the Bedchamber one disappears. and its the other way around if I do the Bedchamber one. Annoying... 99% of the time the VN doesn't have permanently missable content like this but I rack up saves for the remaining 1%


not to mention the Passage one is apparently also missable wtf
are these things raising hidden meters for ero scenes depending on what you pick?


that ouro who just wants to fight is due to appear any moment now... (the guy who sent 6000 soldiers and was defeated by Hakuoro thinking up a clever scheme with explosives)


There aren't any missable ero scenes I'm pretty sure. I'm not sure there are any missing scenes at all now that I think about it, but it's been too long. I think they'll appear on other days, but I could be wrong.


I recall an early scene in the starter village being missable which is when I twigged on to the fact that it can happen. It's about Eruru hanging some washing up to dry with Hakuoro helping until he asks about a certain piece of clothing that Eruru gets quite embarrassed about.


Touka's utmost seriousness, big stupid ears, and minor character status puts her squarely into comic relief territory. But putting that aside, she is so sweet and has such a good heart.


really love how he gets the shabs to serve him teas all the time


are you using the snipping tool to take screencaps?


I'm playing it in a virtual machine and using the host's snipping tool to take screencaps. Seemed like the most BS-free option.


File:fullscreentest.png (624.36 KB,800x600)

figured that's the reason why all of your caps have a slightly different resolution
alt + prtsc and pasting it into any image editor is the preferable choice
or you can just paste it straight to kissu


pasted screencap


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-11….png (481.34 KB,647x516)



File:Screenshot from 2023-01-11….png (371.27 KB,651x531)

new shab get


ahhh I really love her voice
she's really good in the anime, too


I'll say again that the voice acting in this VN is lovely


It's basically one of the best voice casts for anything ever.


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-11….png (374.37 KB,659x530)

I've never played those nakige VNs that are about sick childhood best friends, I assume they're basically this subplot times a hundred. Am I on the mark?


I suppose so. I generally avoid the genre, but something like Kana Imouto exemplifies the experience. Ugghh....


cunny imouto


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (372.88 KB,1920x1080)


she needs some toe spacers to fix those pointy feet of hers


yuck, then there'll be toe gaps


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-12….png (Spoiler Image,333.18 KB,660x525)

(actual plot spoilers)
reminds me of lavos in chrono trigger


is that skull mask upside down relative to how hakuoro wears it...


I'm half convinced the intro movie gets more and more scenes spliced into it as you progress through the story


fuck's sake
just hit ctrl and accidentally fastforwarded through 100 scenes


Huh, yeah I guess it is. Interesting.

Ooh, that sucks. Must be why newer VNs have a "only skip seen" or whatever option where it would block you from doing that


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-13….png (Spoiler Image,337.58 KB,655x530)

Oh shit... its that thing I saw get broken in the anime isnt it


finished it
gonna post about it later


File:uta epilogue.mp4 (Spoiler Image,3.23 MB,640x480)


Nice! Marathoning VNs like that is the ideal way to do it. Ideally, I completely forget about the outside world so I wouldn't even be able to comment while reading through them, but I'm glad you didn't do that since it's fun to see people talk about their experiences. I really enjoy this thread.

Since OP has finished it I can make a comment without worrying about curiosity causing a click of this VN clip of the epilogue.
Now OP knows that she is in fact in the VN. However, she is not in the first anime's adaptation. Although I wouldn't have expected sequels to an eroge to come out a decade later, either, so I don't blame them.


File:044_AMADUYU_TATSUKI_ART_WO….jpg (2.07 MB,4877x6950)

Are you going to take a break or head straight into Utawarerumono 2? The stories are related, but so not so specific that you need to recall specific scenes. The beginning of 3 even has a summary of events.


hey look this guy loves kuon too


File:00523-2540247629-1girl, so….png (891.62 KB,864x864)

Kuon and Utawarerumono deserve to be more popular and I suppose that means youtubers need to talk about it to reach most people. A "Top 10" youtuber guy is not something I'd watch myself, but I hope it leads to more people buying the VNs and Mobiusand Aquaplus seeing more Western interest which will lead to more translations


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-20….png (526.88 KB,655x525)

>Since OP has finished it I can make a comment without worrying about curiosity causing a click of this VN clip of the epilogue.
Huh, she's Yuzuha's baby with Hakuoro? I don't remember what I saw from the few anime episodes I watched but I thought Kuon's adult self is contemporaneous with the other shabs. It'll be fun to figure out the timeline later. When I watched Last Exile, I went to the wiki and spoiled myself on all the setting details that I didn't figure out, but there were a lot of them and I would have preferred to uncover those things myself on rewatches.

A break.

Ok, as promised I am posting my thoughts. I would need to play it again at least once more to understand the background plot. I don't know if I'll do that or just watch the anime, but in either case I'll take a break from it for some time before returning. By the way, I never unlocked those last two images in Art Appreciation. Do I need to play it in hard mode?

My understanding of the background details/timeline is this:

The setting is the far future of Earth and the story takes place in Japan. Differences that extend to the past are that magic exists and some unexplained lifeform with a mask >>47484 is responsible for apes evolving into humans. I think that lifeform is Witsarnemitea but they look different so I am not confident in that. (On the other hand if you shucked all the bony bits off of Witsarnemitea and flayed its skin I could see it looking like that pictured thing.)

In the far future, humans have achieved mastery over biotechnology and made themselves immortal. But this came at the price of being unable to survive in the wild because they are fragile and have no immune systems, so they must live in sequestered underground environments and use biomechanical suits (the Av Kamiy things) to venture outside. The surface world is wild, unspoiled nature. Animals have evolved so you have things like Woptars and Kimomaus.

One day, a distant evolutionary ancestor (Hakuoro/Iceman) of these future humans is found preserved in ice. Or so they think. He's actually that unexplained lifeform with a mask (I think) in human form. Could be just some random human who stumbled upon the lifeform and got possessed like Diy. In any case, Iceman's biology is that of a human that can survive out in the world so the future humans study him. In their experiments, they genetically engineer and bring to life the various animal eared, winged, and tailed people of Utawarerumono who like Iceman are capable of surviving in the outside world. They're based on Iceman's DNA so in a sense they're all his children. They're used as servants while the future humans quarantine themselves away and communicate through holograms. Iceman himself is also brought back to life from his cryopreservation into the lab with that one shab as a helper. Because Iceman is actually that godlike lifeform, he is capable of manifesting people from his own thoughts (Experiment 69). Iceman is wearing the mask the whole time and the lab director constructs a copy of it. It boosts the director biologically but it is not as good as the actual mask.

The director eventually has a change of heart about all the human experimentation and lets Iceman and the animal people go free, giving Iceman the ring-shaped master key to the lab. They escape to the surface and Iceman has a baby with that one shab. Later the director's heart hardens like he was afraid of and decides to continue the experimenting on Iceman. So he captures Iceman and his family and brings him back. When Iceman learns that his wife and kid have been killed and dissected, Witsarnemitea/the unexplained lifeform within him comes loose, destroying the lab and turning the future humans into undying red slime. Then he passes out/is sealed for at least a few hundred years. I forgot what happened to Experiment 69 but it was probably important.

In the meantime, the animal people spread throughout Japan into a hundred little kingdoms. The Onkamiyamukai nobility consist of the animal people who maintained knowledge of their origins. I guess Experiment 69 ended up with them and reincarnates in the bloodline or something like that. Kamyu as the most direct descendant is possessed by her, and when Mutsumi takes control, Kamyu is one of the many voices from that bloodline that Mutsumi can percieve. Witsarnemitea is sleeping/sealed but as a godlike being of unknown capabilities he is worshipped and is still capable of forming contracts with people.

Shortly before the beginning of the VN, an earthquake appears and uncovers the location where Witsarnemitea sleeps. Diy stumbles in and awakens Witsarnemitea, becoming possessed by him. (Witsarnemitea splits in two at this point for some reason.) This also awakens Iceman, who is heavily injured after the lab was destroyed. Iceman makes his way to a forest where Eruruw finds him and heals him but he has lost his memories. Diy on the other hand remembers everything and begins to foment war, manipulating rulers of the kingdoms and supplying Kuuya's country with Av Kamiy suits.

Some details I am still confused about or ignorant of are:
>What happened to that master key from the lab? I thought it would have come back with the shab wife and kid, but Eruruw eventually inherits it.
>What happened to that second mask the director made?
>That scene from >>47484, where does it actually fit in to the background story?
>What was Genjimaru's backstory? He knew some things and he was under contracts.
>How do Urto and Karura know each other?
>What exactly is Experiment 69?
>How does magic work anyway?
>Where does Witsarnemitea come from?
>WHY was Mutikapa's hair made out of carbon nanotubes or whatever the fuck? That's NEVER explained.

With Gacatar I was totally predicting that there'd be some drama, like Yuzuha becomes deathly ill and Oboro makes the call to kill it, saving her life but causing her to hate him forever. But then nothing happened, subplot just fizzled out.

I realised a few days after finishing it that Karura knew the score with Witsarnemitea all along. She's very close with Urtoriy, who is revealed to know pretty much everything in the end, and there's a scene where she makes a contract with Hakuoro in the name of Witsarnemitea. She's unconcerned with gods because she has a sense of what they are.

It's really tragic how Kuuya ends the game as a traumatised permatard. She lost everything.

My favourite song is White Emperor - Haku Oro.


Oh, and my take on the core conflict of the story is this: If Witsarnemitea can be said to want anything, it wants its children to become stronger. When it splits into two, Hakuoro and Diy represent two contradictory ways of realising this end. Hakuoro nurtures his descendants and lets them grow, represented by Hakuoro the human's attitude towards his subjects. He is a kind ruler who makes life better for them. Diy's side of Witsarnemitea expresses the social Darwinist view of the matter. Turn peace to war and may the strongest survive. Hakuoro wants to kill Diy for obvious reasons---Diy caused those close to Hakuoro to die by the time Diy's revealed to Hakuoro (and the player). Diy equally can't abide Hakuoro for wanting to stop the wars, which he sees as subverting the selection for being the best at waging war.


>How do Urto and Karura know each other?
I don't think it's ever mentioned, but I always just assumed that they met through diplomatic relations when Karura was the princess of her nation.


That makes sense.


File:Utawarerumono.S02E07.False….jpg (242.95 KB,1920x1080)

Dang, I'll be sure to read this later. I'll give a long reply, too.


That's how I felt about writing it.


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-21….png (1.05 MB,1307x778)

I lied... I got curious about how the second one started and now I'm getting into it.
All the animal people are all really strong now for some reason but they can't do math or engineering. Reminds me of that one beastwoman from Mushoku Tensei who was described as having another bicep where her brain should be.


File:016.jpg (852.58 KB,1410x2000)

>Huh, she's Yuzuha's baby with Hakuoro?
Yes! It probably seemed like a safe omission from the anime 16 years ago, huh.

>Do I need to play it in hard mode?
Hmm, I doubt it. I'd have to look up what those are.

I'll just reply to the stuff that isn't correct or is so abstract that no one really knows, possibly even the writers, or it's something involving Utawarerumono 2 and 3.

>One day, a distant evolutionary ancestor (Hakuoro/Iceman) of these future humans is found preserved in ice. Or so they think. He's actually that unexplained lifeform with a mask (I think) in human form.
He was a regular human archaeologist that stumbled upon the god-like thing. This happened around our current time. During this screenshot >>47484 the being that became known as Iceman/Hakuowlo was just a regular human who got shot in the back and then made a wish/bargain to survive with the seemingly dormant god when his blood splashed onto it. The dormant god that directed humanity and evolution that did this before the "merge", although it's left up to the imagination as to what that was like. HakuGod had seemingly been doing that before the events of the game with the animal people, though.

> with that one shab as a helper.
Her name is Mikoto! How dare you!

> Because Iceman is actually that godlike lifeform, he is capable of manifesting people from his own thoughts (Experiment 69).
Nope. That's a common misconception, but that was another living experiment created from Iceman's DNA that could communicate psychically with him. She's known as Mutsumi and she is a special kind of existence that can manifest in certain winged individuals like Camyu, but I think back then it was her original body. I don't think she knows the DNA thing, but considers him her dad because he spent so much time "with" her when she was otherwise isolated physically in a test tube. This whole part of the game is so depressing. Humans deserved to die.

>Later the director's heart hardens like he was afraid of and decides to continue the experimenting on Iceman.
Nope, the guy that freed them was fired, at best, or killed. He wasn't an all-powerful guy, just a scientist in some position of local authority on his team.

>I forgot what happened to Experiment 69 but it was probably important.
It's Mutsumi, yeah. She tried to kill Hakowlo since he pleaded for it and she "heard" it, but couldn't manage it. She founded the kingdom of the winged people.

To be continued...



Ahem... now to continue answering...


File:009.jpg (633.85 KB,759x1145)

>(Witsarnemitea splits in two at this point for some reason.)
This actually happened way back at the time when Hakuowlo went berserk and turned humanity into slimes. The rage and guilt caused him to split into two separate entities. I don't know if this was assisted by Mutsumi's attempt to kill him or not, like maybe he was physically blasted into two with perfect timing? You're correct about Dii getting possessed, though.

>What happened to that master key from the lab? I thought it would have come back with the shab wife and kid, but Eruruw eventually inherits it.
I'm not entirely sure on this one. It is, however, something passed down through that family. There seems to be a bit of a theme of reincarnation and fate involved as well.

>What happened to that second mask the director made?
Doesn't really matter, the humans are blobs without faces or intelligence. They were all wiped out shortly after that scene.

>That scene from >>47484, where does it actually fit in to the background story?
I think I explained that above. It's when human Hakuowlo and the god make a contract and fuse

>What was Genjimaru's backstory? He knew some things and he was under contracts.
Kuuya's country made a contract with the dark god (Dii) for power and he was privy to it. Part of its price was absolute loyalty and Genjimaru raising his sword against him meant he got obliterated for violating it.

>How do Urto and Karura know each other?
I don't thnk this is elaborated upon other than they knew each other as kids. The winged people are traveling diplomats so they'd definitely have chances to meet.

>How does magic work anyway?
>Where does Witsarnemitea come from?

It's kind of left as a mystery. It doesn't seem like humans ever had it, though, so maybe it was genetically engineered

>WHY was Mutikapa's hair made out of carbon nanotubes or whatever the fuck? That's NEVER explained.
It's a little strange, but I think it could just be explained away by the harsh environment that everything was in by that point, leading to stronger creatures. They were just dumb villagers with simple farming tools.

>With Gacatar I was totally predicting that there'd be some drama, like Yuzuha becomes deathly ill and Oboro makes the call to kill it, saving her life but causing her to hate him forever. But then nothing happened, subplot just fizzled out.
Well, it did resolve, just not in a happy way. Yuzuha didn't want it to be killed so she could live, and, well... yeah. I was expecting that, too.


File:001.jpg (1005.49 KB,1410x2000)

I think the overall message that while Hakuowlo wanted to do good, he did ultimately magnify the suffering multiple times when it would have resolved itself with much less bloodshed, although with a worse personal cost at the time.
His actions brought the village to ruin. He created explosives to kill on a greater scale. He went to war with everyone on the continent. Although, as the player's stand-in you pretty much agree with everything he did at the time since he was protecting those dear to him. This is the reason why he chose to be sealed at the end, so he wouldn't create more destruction and suffering.


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-22….png (1.13 MB,1301x772)

the kuon tub


kuon's so fat
that's a tub of lard


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-22….png (1.32 MB,1295x766)

this guy's so ridiculous but he grew on me


Hate this gay. Goddamn annoying.


Thank you for your response.
Considering that I'm indifferent to Ainu aesthetics and not really into Edo period Japan (I find it dreary and bleak) I'm weirdly into this series. It's probably a short lived but intense sort of obsession.


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-22….png (1.41 MB,1301x774)

hmm... this bandit wh*re appears to have Evenkurga ears


actually I take that back. Evenkurga ears have white undersides, see >>47247
guess its just a new type of ear


I don't like you


File:00055.jpg (312.66 KB,1356x1920)

Yes, I think you're supposed to be annoyed by him, at least for a while. He means well, but yes, he's quite eccentric. He'll grow on you, or at least he did for me.

I don't think you need any knowledge or appreciation of Ainu stuff. I can't say I had/have any. It's Ainu stuff with animal themes, like Rulutieh is a squirrel


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-22….png (218.86 KB,376x311)

cute little butt sway battle anim


don't get the bird's attacks. either you attack one target for 28 damage or you attack that target for more damage and the 3 other squares around you. that's not even a tradeoff. why would you ever use the single target attack


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-22….png (1.36 MB,1312x782)

omg maybe thats the mask the lab director made and >>48081 was trying to be nice and not spoil me


its possible the weaker bird attack sets you back less far in the turn order, its what final fantasy x does, but i havent paid attention to it in this game


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-22….png (1015.29 KB,1317x777)

roofers must have the most dangerous job in utawarerumono


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-22….png (1.29 MB,1314x784)

kuon making the dreamworks face


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-22….png (1.17 MB,1309x772)

they really love this "everyone else misunderstands the protagonist to be more morally upstanding than he actually is" joke


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-22….png (1.33 MB,1307x779)

piss off the loli


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-22….png (1.09 MB,1302x770)

cant let the shabservice go by without pointing it out


File:00201.jpg (767.02 KB,1356x1920)

My vita died (kinda) so I can't really go look at it, but there's usually a reason for different attacks. Sometimes they can't be countered, or they generate more Zeal bar or they can give status effects or change position.


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-22….png (1.19 MB,1294x765)

embarrass the cute little loli :3
fair enough. I've not been paying much attention to combat because the freaking VM runs slow as hell in combat scenes, feels like it gets half or one third the framerate. I hate doing them like that. and turning 3D acceleration stops the game from working


when was the last time Kuon wet the bed


nekone is a really cute name


censoring nipples is silly, what puritan came up with that idea


kuon's dark pregnancy nipples on breasts that doubled in size....


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-22….png (1.25 MB,1320x789)

she looks like a Henreader loli... unexpectedly erotic to show up here


want to get wrestled to the ground by a naked, unreasonably strong utawarerushab such as kuon or this one >>48174


love it when games have lots of shabs


File:utawarerushab capital.png (2.65 MB,1280x1440)

Le Corbusier


how come this location wasnt in the first utawarerumono if it was build hundreds of years ago


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-23….png (1.38 MB,1305x774)

honestly cant for the life of me figure out where this is meant to go on a map of japan


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-23….png (722.13 KB,1309x771)

TARD!!! I wanted to hear some of those legends.


its odd how he can't read writing. thought this game was just ignoring linguistic drift after untold numbers of years just for the sake of convenience in being able to talk to people to have the plot unfold but all of a sudden it actually matters? why are they taking language barriers seriously now? i guess that, too, is for the sake of the plot. the game was about to end with him finding a boring corpo job and never seeing kuon again


File:Utawarerumono.S02E01.False….jpg (206 KB,1920x1080)

It will make sense soon enough, that's all I can say




yeah there was that opening sequence with a computery voice saying the awakening was going badly but couldn't be aborted and then haku wakes up


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-23….png (1.04 MB,1297x775)

what is this, the school club part of utawarerumono


maroro doesnt seem like the sort of guy whod ever kill anyone


damn kuon giving him ancient literature to teach him to read... id give kuon some polynomials to solve if it was me there


Yamato is in China


File:1659151799296.png (291.83 KB,478x452)

Ahh, look at Kuon's kind smile there. When I was doing tagging for AI training I wasn't sure if I was supposed to label it as "smile" or "light smile". Danbooru says a light smile is "like the Mona Lisa" in that it's not immediately recognizable, but in tagging practice it seems like it's just a minor smile so something like that is a 'light smile'.

This was posted on /qa/ like 7 months ago




File:Screenshot from 2023-01-24….png (1.17 MB,1300x771)



File:Screenshot from 2023-01-24….png (1.18 MB,1303x778)

meant to post this pic


starting to understand shotacons a bit better


when nekone complains about haku i wonder if she's doing so to allow herself to complain about the things she dislikes about her older brother without having to acknowledge that her older brother's imperfections
she accuses haku of wanting to day-drink when haku is in the food market and she explicitly says it's what her brother would do in that situation
and the way she always calls haku a hentai is out of left field because she has no basis for those accusations. as I understand it she was never there for and has never even heard of those occasions where haku could be misconstrued as being perverted


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-24….png (1.32 MB,1301x774)



File:Screenshot from 2023-01-24….png (862.78 KB,1317x789)

oh COME on. i BEAT him!!! stop making random things happen just because the plot needs it


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-24….png (904.07 KB,1313x780)

sigh time to vent my frustrations


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-24….png (1.35 MB,1302x772)

battles are really easy now even though im playing on hard mode


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-24….png (889.29 KB,1305x777)

I wonder what someone who hasn't played the first VN would be thinking


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-25….png (1.12 MB,1300x770)



How can you not want to give up everything you're doing to help her when you see this face...


do the choices in the first game (remake) matter?
i see that this time it only let me pick two and the other two were skipped


When she talked about the bitter medicine that could cause even a beautiful woman to make an ugly face, I wanted Haku to suggest that she try some.


cant believe i hit the bump limit >_<


File:05 - Daughter Of The Fores….jpg (222.31 KB,1280x720)


Choices? Uhh, I can't remember choices apart from choosing which rooms to go into. What kind of choices are you talking about?



thick country girl necks


>choosing which rooms to go into
that's what i meant


naked kuon i choose you


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-25….png (1.38 MB,1304x770)

rulutieh is the one I'd like to take as a wife the most based on her temperament.
But she has no gigantic boobers... sigh, choices


maybe the thread stopped being bumped not because it hit the bump limit, but because KUON parked her FUCKING FAT ASS on it. Does she do ANYTHING other than gorge on food and displace all the hot water from tubs?


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-26….png (1.14 MB,1308x775)

her clumsiness and voice remind me of touka


was really good when atuy got 'eaned by the way


all this utawarerumono is making me want to day drink =)


all the characters from uta 1 are 40 year old used goods


what about the tardspermer


tard milf


okay hold up post proofs


that other guy said she gave birth to kuon....


anonymous, i.....


daydrinking is fun....


spending my day off w*rk playing a VN is the best


saikou dakara


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-26….png (1.09 MB,1299x765)



File:Utawarerumono.S02E06.False….jpg (225.88 KB,1920x1080)

Ahh make a new thread! We need Utawarerumono to be at the top! You still have a LOT to go through, and then the third game


I am enjoying it a lot but I don't think it's singularly good like you seem to. Surely I'd get into a lot of other VNs as much as I am into this one.


Like isnt Muv Luv a scifi franchise as well... and Higurashi was enough of a big deal to have a dedicated board here


File:Utawarerumono.S02E06.False….jpg (211.34 KB,1920x1080)

Season 2 and 3 of the anime rushed through many things and completely omitted others and it was still 53 episodes. You're on the equivalent of episode 5 and 6 right now. I think it's a bit premature to cast judgement


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-26….png (1.16 MB,1303x774)

uh oh kimo


the first one had 26 episodes did it not?
cute touka btw
looks like the anime simplified her uniform a lot where's the pattern and head dress


god id be pulling and sniffing their shab ears and tails all the time if i was in that universe


File:[Drag] Utawarerumono OVA -….jpg (314.26 KB,1920x1080)

25 episodes + the mini fan service ova that was on a BD that bridges the trilogy together a bit more with little Kuon in Tuskuru, but has spoilers for 2 and 3 so you shouldn't watch it completely until finishing them. (I made an edited version though)


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-26….png (326.8 KB,437x626)

chibikko brat pose


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-26….png (1.1 MB,1295x766)

yeah take that


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-26….png (706.06 KB,1299x771)

slowly dripping out the backstory


File:VNs.png (644.92 KB,1000x1040)



File:Screenshot from 2023-01-26….png (1.22 MB,1300x781)



File:Screenshot from 2023-01-26….png (1.18 MB,1290x775)

toe sockers


I cannot fucking believe it, I got screen burn-in from playing Utawarerumono. How shit must my monitor be for that to happen


did they get an actual loli brat to do nekone's lines


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-26….png (1.07 MB,1312x779)

shabs eh


Kuon is so cute...


File:__kijin_seija_touhou_drawn….jpg (514.88 KB,1030x1500)

I thought you were a drawfag and got really excited but then I saucenao'd the picture.


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-27….png (1.19 MB,1301x771)

new day new utawarerumono


sorry dude my OC is made in GIMP


this freakin' translation really takes liberties sometimes


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-27….png (983.14 KB,1303x773)



File:Screenshot from 2023-01-27….png (1.13 MB,1315x796)

FAT Kuon.


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-27….png (1.09 MB,1292x776)

They're brothers but they have really different ears. And yet their attendants' similarity was explained by their merely being from the same clan, let alone being related.


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-27….png (1.21 MB,1304x776)

just noticed they have normal ears


I guess Hakuoro's situation in the first game with respect to the hi-tech society was its own self contained thing while Haku's situation in the second game has stronger ties to a lot of things that went on and are going on in the world. Haku was a genius hacker who almost exfiltrates some government data in one early scene. Some guy (his brother? I forgot) wanted to hire him for a job. The narration mentions experiments that happened in the surface world. Haku had a sister and a kid, the sister looks like Honoka the high priestess. Those two girls Uruuru and Saraana were apparently made for him. The Mikado seems to know who he really is and there's a myth that he's lived for many hundreds of years.


Oh bloody hell. It was right there in plain sight all along.
his usual pose as seen in >>48517 even shows that he has the same clipped ear


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-27….png (1.06 MB,1305x775)



File:Screenshot from 2023-01-27….png (1.14 MB,1300x777)

bunch of bloodthirsty shabs


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-28….png (757.45 KB,1316x775)

uh oh


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-28….png (1.14 MB,1293x765)

I'd want to be an archaeologist too if I was in these girls' shoes


kuon is probably wearing eruruu's master key thing as a scrunchie at the base of her ponytail
pretty sure I remember something like that from the few episodes of the anime I saw in streams


those stalactites and stalagmites suggest the ruins are 10000s to 100000s of years old, kinda surprised they're in as good condition as they are


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-28….png (1.19 MB,1309x776)

uh oh is he gonna immediately die from all the diseases that are harmless to utawarerushabs but deadly to past humans before he can give any exposition


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-28….png (1.2 MB,1311x783)



wonder if a tatari will try to manifest a human face and speak like it did in the very beginning


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-28….png (864.48 KB,1317x808)

Fuck off, this battle is fucking unfun from a gameplay perspective. Watching 10 enemies make their boring ass turns and those horrible noises


hmmm you get a different scene if you just attrit the 999 hp big one to death


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-28….png (1.01 MB,1297x767)

spill the beans already you travelling bitch


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-28….png (997.45 KB,1308x788)

kuon's bloated sausage fingers


trim your disgusting nails filthy with clay and composting herbs


why do they keep saying tuskur is to the west of yamato its to the south...


the moaner


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-28….png (1.01 MB,1314x772)

the stinker


this whole segment is so fanservicey


File:Screenshot from 2023-01-28….png (1.29 MB,1311x776)

guess I'm in the last third or quarter of the game now
when I look at the glossary there are only five remaining entries under "People" and one remaining entry under "Location"

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